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  1. Crr1968

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    Kell has won 10 straight since losing opening week to Weddington. I’m not sure they can handle MP’s passing game, but they have some good playmakers on offense. It would be very interesting.
  2. Crr1968

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    They would certainly earn the title game spot if that happens. The potential third round matchup against MP is very intriguing. I know RC would have revenge from last year on their minds.
  3. Crr1968

    3A West Bracket Discussion

    This could be the most competitive bracket for all divisions. I can 7 different teams making it to the west final.
  4. Crr1968

    3AA West Bracket Discussion

    I’d surprised if NWC lost to Marvin Ridge. I gotta believe they are smarting from losing to Cox Mill.
  5. Crr1968

    3AA West Bracket Discussion

    It’d be interesting if Northwest Cabarrus and Cox Mill met for a third time. The potential matchup of Dudley and Mt. Tabor is interesting. Watauga was #1 seed last year. Are they better this year? I don’t know.
  6. Crr1968

    JV Scores

    Weddington 25 Cuthbertson 7
  7. Crr1968

    Anson Out

    It sucks, no matter how you slice it. 3 teams fighting and only one gets disqualified.
  8. Crr1968

    Anson Out

    Rumor has it the AD new of a meeting between the NCHSAA and both coaches. However, the Anson coach was not informed of the meeting. Maybe it’s just a rumor, but that’s what I was told.
  9. Watauga? Looks like their passing game is vastly improved from last year.
  10. Crr1968

    ADMs are out

    What are the cutoff numbers that determine A or AA for each class?
  11. Agreed. But you stated that they lost to a three loss team, which seems to indicate that Anson is weak because of those losses. Anson and Clinton will be threats as well
  12. Statesville and Northwest Cabarrus have interesting matchups. I think the rest of the undefeated teams should win relatively easy.
  13. Would that be the same for Dudley, Mt. Tabor, and Parkland?
  14. Don’t let those three losses by Anson fool you. They lost to 3A Monroe, 3A powerhouse Lee County by 7, and 4A super powerhouse Richmond County. They also beat 3A playoff team Cuthbertson by 29. Anson will be a force in playoffs.