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  1. Brooks County is a smaller school that has played well recently. It borders Lowndes and Colquitt. They were in the championship for their class this weekend but lost.
  2. I lived there as a young boy and still have family there. Football is king there.
  3. Trey Alsbrooks LB, Weddington, Elon Ian Williams K Weddington, NC State
  4. Gotta think Tommy Knotts will inquire about it
  5. You’ve seen a lot more HS football than I have. I can only go back to 2014 or so as far as being heavily interested in HS ball. That 2017 Charlotte Catholic team was a machine as well. Didn’t Northern Guilford have TJ Logan in 2012?
  6. This is the most dominant 3A team I’ve ever seen. Here’s why: 16-0 26 wins in a row Gave up <20 every game 704 points scored 104 points against +20 point differential 14 straight games Incredibly, trailed for 11 seconds the whole year. Domination
  7. Crr1968

    All Decade

    These are some guys I think are great and they come from the SCC 3A conference in no particular order: Will Shipley Alec Mock Malik McGowan Sam Howell Keith Duncan The DL and DEs from 2018 CC Albert Funderburke Gavin Blackwell Malik Mustspha
  8. I’m not so sure. Southern Nash runs a similar offense to CC. Both coaches expect to run a lot and expect a fast paced game
  9. It will be interesting as the back 7 is the strength of this great defense. Saturday can’t get here fast enough.
  10. It’s hard to imagine LC scoring that many points. But it could happen
  11. It may appear that Lee County D1 players are getting overlooked, but trust me, they are not. But what is getting overlooked is Weddington’s defense which has 5 D1 recruits itself. But it’s not about individuals, it’s about team. I’ll take that defense every time
  12. Are you going to the game Wrigley?