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  1. I think coach Paul Hoggard from Edenton Holmes would be a good fit over there at Rose. He has the pedigree and a good resume. He would make a solid candidate.I think he could be what that school needs to reach their potential.
  2. bud33345

    2A East Bracket Discussion

    I agree the original presentation does dictate that is the right call. Going back to find the box score may give some insight to how it really went down. We have 2 contradicting accounts of what happened here.
  3. bud33345

    2A East Bracket Discussion

    I don't know the specifics of the WRH roster, but many 2a teams in the east dont have a reliable kicking game. Most times it a 3rd string kid from the soccer team that is a junior or senior that rides the pine and are shaky on any field goal at best. Not sure if that's the case but if so its understandable and not abnormal.
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^ this x1,000 ^^^^^^^^^^
  5. bud33345

    JV scores

    New Bern 8 South Central 26
  6. bud33345

    No Class!

    Like I stated earlier, he never made it to be an engineer. For whatever reason; money, not having the grades to get the higher degree, or life circumstances. It's no different than the majority of teachers we see in the public school system today. Most of them originally pursued other careers other than teaching in college and for whatever reason it didn't pan out. I feel being a teacher is a calling in life. Fact is, most teachers that are in our school systems never originally saw teaching as their calling and settled for teaching as a last resort to use their degrees. I once had a unsettling discussion with a 3rd grade history teacher that marked an answer wrong on my sons test. The question was: What century do we live in? My son answered 21st century. She marked the answer wrong and when I set up a conference with the teacher and principal to discuss this, her reasoning was it is the year 2013 so we are in the 20th century. Really? At that point, I realized we are in big trouble when it comes to education. So it didn't surprise me when teachers walked out on kids to join a rally at Raleigh to demand more pay, nor did it surprise me this particular teacher never became a history museum preservationist or a archeologist.
  7. bud33345

    No Class!

    Neither is the guy at the indoor lumber yard at the Lowes on Memorial Dr in Greenville who has a degree that wanted to be an engineer. He isn't making the money of a teacher and sure doesnt have the benefits or holidays off. The point is, it's all about tough choices in life. Some settle for a job at Lowes, some settle to be a teacher, some reach the intended goal and become that engineer. More times than not, going to college to be a teacher or a Lowes lumber yard worker was not the initial goal to go to college to begin with in the majority of cases. Its understandable to be upset about that and feel they deserve more for what they put in to their education.
  8. bud33345

    No Class!

    For what it's worth, a high number of teachers I've had conversations with went to college to pursue degrees for careers in fields other than teaching. In the end, (you can insert reasons here; grades, debt, ect.) They got into teaching to be able to put the college education to some use. It's a epidemic in Pitt county with 20 somethings working at jobs like Lowes, Walmart, and restaurant industry that have worthless English and Math degrees and are in tons of debt. Like what has been stated above, at least teaching offers a better salary and a benefits/health insurance package that offsets alot of the income one would earn than in a common trade.
  9. Who wouldn't love to see Wallace Rose-Hill vs Clinton in the rain this Friday at Teachery, NC? I can guarantee a sloppy wet field wouldn't take away from attendance at that game. It would be like a mid November game at RFK back in the 80's.
  10. bud33345

    Tarboro 54, Pamlico County 8

    I usually pay 7 bucks. Either way, when Tarboro sees Edenton in the playoffs that will be the one to analyze. Until then, games like Clinton and WRH are going on this week in the east. That will be worth the price of admission.
  11. Unless Midway wins the turnover battle and gets pristine scoring chances, I don't see the dogs having any trouble with Midway. The dogs have too much team speed on both sides of the ball. Its gonna prove to be too much for the Raiders. They may get some big pass plays early out of the spread but coach Mots will shut that down pretty easily. 35-7.
  12. Hats off to New Bern for the win. Great job by coach Nowell for being a good sport after the game. CB Aycock shouldn't be discouraged moving forward they have improved this season, New Bern was the better team. This conference is quite entertaining. Let's see what happens next week.
  13. They are Homer's man. One guy has a kid that plays on Rose. He is a safety I believe. I thought he may have got in too. I can't fault them for that, Mr Massey is a good man and probably just called it like he saw it. I was along the fence at the goaline on the opposite end he ran too. It was really close. It was a tough angle from the press box and the Rose student section acted like he got in and they were right there. Rose had it about 4th and 3 and got to the inch line it looked to me. It was a heck of a game. Glad I went.
  14. Wow....Rose stopped at the 1 nat fart line. Conley wins 35-28!!!
  15. Conley scores 35-28. Now Rose gets a chance at the Conley 10 yard line to tie.