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  1. Its going to be fun to watch. I don't think Rose's front 7 is scaring anybody. They been picked to win the conference last 3 years all because a jarman is on the team and how has that worked out? South Central will be down a bit. Conley looks to me to be the most complete to take the conference.
  2. Top 3 in the Eastern Carolina is a toss up. Alot of people are buying into the Rose hype after the coaches poll. I just dont see how they are going to stop the run and quick outs from the backs with the front 7? Going to be interesting to see how it shakes out.
  3. bud33345

    Week 1: Rocky Mount at Tarboro

    This game will be won on defense. Two of the biggest storylines will be ...one... Can Tarboro make some plays in the secondary to stop Rocky Mounts passing attack? And two... Does Rocky Mount have solid enough linebacker play to neutralize Tarboro's rushing attack from the talented RB's but mainly QB? This is a big game, where big time players, make big time plays!
  4. Only thing I can figure is Rose coach Wojtecki has been talking to the media about guys who he sees as being contributors this year every chance he gets. The other coaches have been more reserve outside of naming the QB. Maybe it played with their psyche a bit? Or maybe they have bought in to the lil' Jarman bro hype?
  5. I agree with the top 3 being a crap shoot. I'm excited about New Bern possibly joining in on the ruckus. Leesville beat up on South Central Saturday. Looking back at some film today they did some good things on the dline and oline once coach made some adjustments on both lines against Leesville's ones. Thats definately the best lines they may see all year. I was surprised by Rose being picked by the coaches. There is alot unproven parts in that offense like you said.
  6. bud33345


    Saw Leesville this past weekend. They looked strong. I think having them in the top 5 is warranted.
  7. J.H Rose High School were picked to win the conference receiving four first-place votes. South Central High School received 3 first-place votes and were picked to finish second in the conference. D.H. Conley High School weren't far behind though receiving one less vote than South Central to sit in the third-place spot in the standings. New Bern High School under first-year head coach Torrey Nowell were picked to finish fourth in the conference. Charles B. Aycock High School were picked fifth with Eastern Wayne and Southern Wayne were picked sixth and seventh respectively. This is a bit different from what I have. I got DH Conley winning the conference. I think Conley QB Hamilton could be the most consistent QB of the top 3 teams he won't have the stud WR CJ Johnson he is showing out at Bagwell field at the moment. But I suspect the ball will be passed around by committee. Second I have South Central. SC has some question marks still in the secondary which I think Conley is the most capable of exposing this weakness. Third I got Rose. There is alot of hype around the younger Jarman taking over QB duties and he may be just fine. Got to prove it to me. Rose has some issues on both lines, LB is suspect, and a secondary that has one known baller, but all you got to do is not throw that way. Got New Bern at 4. These guys have a new proven winner at coach and alot excitement. Depth is an issue but I'm sure in Bear country its exciting to look ahead at what might become. They will grow alot this year. I got Eastern Wayne at 5th. I think alot of people are over looking their QB. If he can get some guys around him to up their game they could surprise some people. CB Aycock and Southern Wayne is a toss up. There you have it. I felt this was a bit of a surprise when I saw it. Would be interesting to know who voted what so we know how the coaches really feel. Lol.
  8. bud33345

    Play Clock Changes for 2019

    Figured you may know the answer to this question, what happens in games like Mallard Creek/ Dutch Fork and Havelock/Dillion in week 1? Do they use the rules of the host team? If so, what rules do the NC coaches need to be aware of? Is this 40 sec rule in SC?
  9. bud33345

    Top RBs in the State

  10. bud33345

    Top RBs in the State

    The kid really is a dynamic playmaker. That is all he does is make plays. I feel if he had a couple of pieces around him and the right coaches he could take nc high school football by storm. To me it's hard to tell a kid with his skills he shouldn't be able to transfer for a better opportunity. That film he put on his hudl is modest compared to the plays he made last year. There were games last year where he would only get the ball in his hands a total of 4 times and 3 of those would be touchdowns. He is wasting away in Farmville.
  11. bud33345

    Play Clock Changes for 2019

    My teams ready! They play no huddle all the time anyways lol
  12. bud33345

    Play Clock Changes for 2019

    I guess I was giving more in reference to the reply to Paul Graham about players getting up after plays. I get the too many players aspect. I don't recall every seeing a defense in high school getting called for delay of game for lackadaisically getting up after a play. I have seen it at the college level and pros with the 40 play clock. I wonder with the new clock rule would officials throw that flag if they felt the defense is taking too much time after plays on a running game clock and play clock? Just wondered if anyone else has witnessed this call with the previous play clock rule at the high school level?
  13. bud33345

    Top RBs in the State

    He also equated for 65% of the teams touchdown scoring sometimes getting less than 5 touches a game.
  14. bud33345

    Top RBs in the State

    Dontavious Short for Farmville Central. Kid is crazy fast, smooth footwork, and can take it to the house on any given play. His touchdown to rushing attempt ratio is nuts. As a freshman he went for 85 yards to da house on his very first varsity touch. Coaches dont give him enough touches which may explain their pitiful records. If this kid wasn't on such a bad team he would be known across the state. Kid has Barry Sandersesque moves. He is a good case study as to why kids could/should transfer. He will stay at this school with none of the recognition he deserves. Mind you the small sample size of highlights in the link below are Dontavious Short as a SOPHMORE. And it doesnt tell the whole story. He had 3 kickoff returns for td's in his first 3 games as a sophmore. After that teams wouldnt kick to him, they rather take the onside kick. http://www.hudl.com/v/2BDSgj
  15. bud33345

    Play Clock Changes for 2019

    I guess theoretically the defense could be called for delay of game. That would take a very savvy official though.