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  1. Unless Midway wins the turnover battle and gets pristine scoring chances, I don't see the dogs having any trouble with Midway. The dogs have too much team speed on both sides of the ball. Its gonna prove to be too much for the Raiders. They may get some big pass plays early out of the spread but coach Mots will shut that down pretty easily. 35-7.
  2. Hats off to New Bern for the win. Great job by coach Nowell for being a good sport after the game. CB Aycock shouldn't be discouraged moving forward they have improved this season, New Bern was the better team. This conference is quite entertaining. Let's see what happens next week.
  3. They are Homer's man. One guy has a kid that plays on Rose. He is a safety I believe. I thought he may have got in too. I can't fault them for that, Mr Massey is a good man and probably just called it like he saw it. I was along the fence at the goaline on the opposite end he ran too. It was really close. It was a tough angle from the press box and the Rose student section acted like he got in and they were right there. Rose had it about 4th and 3 and got to the inch line it looked to me. It was a heck of a game. Glad I went.
  4. Wow....Rose stopped at the 1 nat fart line. Conley wins 35-28!!!
  5. Conley scores 35-28. Now Rose gets a chance at the Conley 10 yard line to tie.
  6. 28-28. 2:00 left conley/rose. This game has turned into defensive game all of a sudden. May go into OT.
  7. Bad injury in Rose Conley game. Paramedics have been called game is in suspension. 28-28 is the score.
  8. 28-21 Conley. Conley stopped being cute on offense and gave the ball back to #7 that drive.
  9. 21-21 Wow. Rose made a stop and Jarman torched a 40yd pass for a td
  10. 21-14 Conley. Jarman for Rose picked the Conley secondary apart that drive. Rose D needs to tighten up. This could be a good one.
  11. 21-7 Conley. Conley has figured out Rose cannot stop #7. He has to have close to 100 and 2 tds.
  12. Got the Corvette in the wind and headed to Hollywood Xroads!!
  13. Looks like this will factor in my decision even though the game is at Conley. https://www.witn.com/content/news/Greenville-high-school-student-charged-with-having-gun-at-school-562824861.html