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  1. Idontknownunting

    Week 1: Dudley at West Forsyth

    It was a little of both...........
  2. Idontknownunting

    Page @ Dudley, 9/6

    It's not just one school that players are transferring out of or into. I know of quite a few prominent players at various schools that transferred this season to other schools in the Triad area and even down to Charlotte. The reasons varied. Some kids want to play tougher competition, other's may not have gotten along with the coaching staff, and there are some that wanted to play a particular position and weren't getting that opportunity at their former school (that was the least of the cases that I saw this season). No matter the reason it should be the kids choice. Making them stay somewhere they don't like may not be the best of the kid.
  3. Idontknownunting

    Week 1: Dudley at West Forsyth

    Actually, West Forsyth was able to run up the middle. West Forsyth's offensive line has size and they understand how to shield the runner from the defender. Also, the defense was on the field quite a bit so yes, some of them did seem to get winded on longer drives. They also blew some pass coverages as well. Dudley will be fine against most teams, but the d-line has to get more pressure otherwise they seem to have issues defending the pass if the QB knows what he is doing.
  4. Idontknownunting

    Who’s Who among 3A

    Yep..........and their D-linemen that was offered by Alabama is gone too. Dudley.........
  5. Idontknownunting

    Who’s Who among 3A

    I have seen a few people mentioning SWG. They have had more than a few players leave in the off season, really good players.