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  1. Idontknownunting

    Richmond Lights

    I agree as well. We took in the game last week and I was pretty amazed. I was fortunate enough to go to a Katy Football game in TX this year and it was a great experience. Great parking, multi-million dollar stadium (largest in the country I believe), out of this world half-time shows from both schools...........it didn't compare to the show that Richmond County puts on. It may be the best high school football game experience in the country.
  2. Idontknownunting

    3AA East Bracket Discussion

    Very true.
  3. Idontknownunting

    3AA East Bracket Discussion

    That was the most points that SE had given up all season I believe and that includes playing Scotland, Dudley, and Grimsley with guys out. Scotland probably could have put up as much, but they are a State Title contender in 4A. At the end of the game Gray's Creek ran the ball at will around the outside. I believe that everyone felt SE defense would be fine and the offense would need to hold up it's end as they have struggled most of the year. This is the first game that the offense clicked pretty well. Either way, Gray's Creeks effort is what drives them. I was at the Southern Durham game and their effort kept them in that game as well. Their motors don't stop.
  4. Northern's knock all year has been their O-line if I remember correctly. If NW Cabarrus doesn't have the QB on the run all night that will tell a lot.
  5. Idontknownunting

    3AA East Bracket Discussion

    Lee Counties QB looks pretty sharp. I don't think the "Lee County" of past years applies to this years team. We'll find out tonight I guess though.
  6. Idontknownunting

    Page HC

    Asheboro wasn't bad the last couple of seasons because of a lack of talent. I'll leave it at that.
  7. Idontknownunting

    Page HC

    I read that the increase in pay was large, but there were issues at Page after he left so his leaving may have been related to that as well.
  8. Idontknownunting

    Page HC

    That is a nice list, but why would any of those coaches, other than Gillespie, go to Page? History is a good thing, but from what I can tell these coaches are already in good situations.
  9. Idontknownunting

    3AA East Bracket Discussion

    Southern Durham appeared to have some player's out, but they pretty much gave the game away. They were more dynamic than Gray's Creek, but they turned the ball over too many times and at the wrong times. Gray's Creek plays really hard though and should not be taken lightly.
  10. Idontknownunting

    #6 Mooresville (6-5) vs. #11 Page (3-8)

    I know kids that play at Page and they can play, but is it apparent their "holes" outweigh their solid areas. Their sophomore QB is sharp. Pocket passer sharp, but from what I have heard their O-line isn't allowing him to show what he can do. Also, on defense they have at least one D-1 commit, but apparently the holes are too big to fill in. They have had some issues at Page this year outside of football that didn't help I'm sure. Good luck to the Pirates though. I always rep for "the 'boro"!! 🙂
  11. Idontknownunting

    3AA East Bracket Discussion

    This bracket doesn't have the big names of the West bracket, but I don't think that means that whoever comes of of the East can't win the title. The big question is will Lee County perform up to their record? Their first round game against Eastern Guilford will tell a lot about them on both sides of the ball IMO. Cleveland also looks like they aren't much different than they were last year. They have a real shot to be the representative out of the East for sure. I haven't seen much of Southern Durham, but a 2 seed says something. Southeast Guilford is a bit of a question mark. They have had a lot of injuries this season and they are just getting to the point where they can see what they really have. That being said, whoever comes out of the East will have to be able to run and throw the ball on offense. I don't think a one dimensional team will get it done. It will also be interesting to see if any of these teams have a stout defense. The Shipley and the boys at Weddington have proven that they can shoot it out with pretty much anyone, but is there a defense that can slow them, or the other high powered offenses in the West, down?
  12. Idontknownunting

    3AA West Bracket Discussion

    It will be interesting to see which of the West bracket teams lives up the the hype. Weddington, Dudley, NW Cabarrus, and Watauga all have been billed as THE TEAM to beat by their backers so it will be interesting to see who is right...........or will it be a team tagged at this point as an also ran. Lotta interesting games to come I think. 🙂
  13. Idontknownunting

    Drake Maye- Best ever?

    Are we talking best ever in the state of North Carolina or best ever High School Quarterback??? Also, to say that his receivers are "good" is an understatement. A HUGE understatement.
  14. Idontknownunting

    Week 1: Dudley at West Forsyth

    It was a little of both...........
  15. Idontknownunting

    Page @ Dudley, 9/6

    It's not just one school that players are transferring out of or into. I know of quite a few prominent players at various schools that transferred this season to other schools in the Triad area and even down to Charlotte. The reasons varied. Some kids want to play tougher competition, other's may not have gotten along with the coaching staff, and there are some that wanted to play a particular position and weren't getting that opportunity at their former school (that was the least of the cases that I saw this season). No matter the reason it should be the kids choice. Making them stay somewhere they don't like may not be the best of the kid.