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  1. OriginalRipper

    Darrell Brewer named Head Coach at McDowell

    Can't believe we are hiring an Avery guy 🤣🤣🤣 but if I heard correct our superintendent is from there so go figure, but I have been to nearly ever Titan game since school opened so Brewer will get my complete support.
  2. OriginalRipper

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    Young man, you have hit the nail on the head. We have struggled for a few decades and as a Marion lifer, it is hard for me to understand why sometimes. I travel to all of the ballgames, and when we are up in Asheville or even Hickory, our boys don't look much different than those we line up against. I just feel that in terms of football that we have a mental block or built in negative mindset that tells our boys that it's alright if we don't win in football. Sometimes I wonder if we're like Carolina football where the fans are just looking forward to basketball. I often have wondered if we should just have two teams in the county instead of one. Ever since the school was built, I felt that this has been a fractured community where the Marion people don't like the Nebo people, the Nebo people near the lake feel like they're better than anyone else in the county, and the Old Fort people don't like the Crooked Creek people, and the West Marion folks feel like they are not as good as the Marion folks, the North Cove people don't like anyone and many probably still have outdoor plumbing, and Dysartsville is a completely different community in itself too. Should our real question be not who the football coach should be, but instead should it be that one school is not a good solution for our county? I vote for 2.
  3. OriginalRipper

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    Hello fellow sports fans. I have followed this school for many decades and have given my all to MHS but the rumors that are floating around town about this hire have me very concerned and worried about the direction we are going in. Can it really be true that we're going to hire two head coaches? Old school coaches like Ken Brackett or Bones Whitted would blow a gasket if that kind of idea was floated. One team, one goal, and one coach, that is all it takes, and are really about to hire someone from hated Avery? Have we lost our marbles? The rivalry between Newland and Marion is real. I don't know Chris Hughes and have only visited this site about three times before today, but he certainly seems to know what he is talking about, and I am glad I took the time to sign up for an account to express my concern.