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  1. BigB704

    Ashbrook High School

    From what i heard, that may be his plan
  2. BigB704

    Ashbrook High School

    from what i heard there will be a coached named this week
  3. I think Huss takes this one this year. Last year catholic beat them at huss and i think huss is hungry for this one. I believe Huss's Defense will be too much for catholic tomorrow night.
  4. To me i dont see a problem with paying a coach that much to just coach. Football is a high revenue sport so why not pay the person bringing in all the revenue.
  5. What do you think about this that was posted a few hours ago? https://www.charlotteobserver.com/opinion/article231110973.html
  6. i agree 100% i cant wait to see this game, Im so happy for those kids getting to play on big time TV.
  7. BigB704

    Where does Vance turn?

    seems like a good hire.. lets see what he can do with all the talent at Vance
  8. I just hate to see a program that use to compete every week be the laughing stock of of the conference
  9. totally agree but this school has had the talent the past 5 years, the kids dont respect the coach, they refuse to play in the system(triple option) because it really doesnt help them get recruited. i believe change is necessary after 7 years.
  10. BigB704

    Where does Vance turn?

    I've heard that too. Vance isnt a bad job. A few steps up in competition, what coach wouldn't love that challenge
  11. BigB704

    Where does Vance turn?

    I see what you're saying but i also think he is exploring other options. If the situation is right i think he will leave.
  12. This is at a school that always has a lot of kids on the team. Now it’s down to like 26-29 kids. Use to be flooded with kids, now families make sure they leave the district to go elsewhere
  13. How does a coach in 7 years whose record is (20-57) overall and (6-41) in conference still have a job. I don’t understand.