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  1. dkj

    Carson head coaching position

    Daniel Crosby will do a great job! He is a student of the game and has also become a good strength coach. He knows both sides of the ball which in my opinion is vital for a HC. He is enthusiastic and passionate about the sport and will foster great relationships with his players. I am very proud of him and excited for him. Chris you are the one who put me on to him my first year at CC and hiring him was a great decision.
  2. dkj

    Congrats to Coach Donnie Kiefer

    Good luck to all of the NC teams and Coaches still playing.
  3. dkj

    Congrats to Coach Donnie Kiefer

    I appreciate the kind words from all of you. Been chasing this for a long time. Praying this will be the year. Playing Hemingway at home Friday. They are in our conference. We beat them 22-21 on a 2 point conversion at the end of the game in the regular season. It will be a battle again.
  4. Defensive backs and possibly DC Openings in Science and SS. Great pay and very good day to day environment. Conctact Donnie Kiefer: nccoachk@yahoo.com or 828-400-9369 Candidates should have experience on the defensive side of the ball and understand multiple coverage schemes.
  5. dkj

    Hi-Rise Camera system for sale

    Cost is $2,000.....barely even used. New is around $3000
  6. Used for only 4 games. Top of the line model. Contact Donnie Kiefer if interested : 828-400-9369
  7. When I coached in the Shrine Bowl, we had three African Americans on the staff. Benny McMurray was the HC, Deangleo Bell from W-SParkland and Milton Butts from EE Smith. I was the DC that year and Benny served as OC as well as HC. We beat SC 28-24. Bobby Bentley who is now at USC was the SC OC and National Championship HC, Mike Houston, of James Madison coached our NC wide receivers.
  8. 2 openings , defensive coordinator and QB / RB but will take best available coaches and adjust. Great pay and live at the beach. Donnie Kiefer 828-400-9369
  9. dkj


    Ridden it on my motorcycle but not in the snow!!
  10. dkj

    Who's next at West Stanly?

    Right you are btango!
  11. dkj

    Who's next at West Stanly?

    Nipit would look good in Green and Gold or Green and Black, whichever it is these days at WS. (Back when I was in HS they were G/G)
  12. dkj

    Correlation btw Youth and HS Football?

    Good posts SL....that is how it should be done.
  13. dkj

    Correlation btw Youth and HS Football?

    I can't speak for any other areas, but for us I believe a strong youth program with good coaches who teach fundamentals would be invaluable. Right now we have no youth team.There are teams around that include a few of our future players, but not many. Most of the youth players go to our rival schools. If we could get a youth team that drew from our attendance area I would support them to the hilt. However I have no interest in helping financially and otherwise with teams consisting primarily of players who will be playing against us in HS. Our MS does the best they can but they have very little help as far as coaches, etc. and I don't know how much support they get within the school as far as trying to be as competitive as possible.. Some areas of Charlotte have really strong youth programs and Mt. Pleasant and Hickory Ridge I believe have good programs as well. The Concord Boy's Club has traditionally been a great resource for the kids who end up at Concord HS. I actually played at the Boy's Club growing up, (even though I went to Central Cabarrus for HS) and it helped me tremendously. By the time I got to HS I had been playing for 8 years already. Believe it or not we get MANY kids as 9th graders who have never played the sport before. Even if a kid is athletic, he is still way behind the curve as far as becoming a football player. I think there is a marked difference in communities who have good youth and feeder programs. The kids seem to be more savvy and understand the game better when they get to HS.
  14. dkj

    Hough has a new QB

    Oh, ok. Thanks for clarifying guys.