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  1. GridIronFan

    Darrell Brewer named Head Coach at McDowell

    If you look at Coach minor's team from Fred T Foard you will see he did not have the biggest and fastest players but they hit the weight room and got strong he has never had the best talent but the kids played hard for him!!It would be interesting if he was to go run the offence this could be a Win Win for Mcdowell Football two ex head coaches on staff one Defense one offensive Coach! Don't know if he would do that but if would be fun to watch!!
  2. GridIronFan

    Darrell Brewer named Head Coach at McDowell

    This could work but wonder if Coach Minor would drive 50 min for a Asst coaching job interesting point. I heard he lives near Hickory area and has been offer several asst jobs and turn down two head coaching jobs already!!
  3. GridIronFan

    Darrell Brewer named Head Coach at McDowell

    Sounds like a great guy only time will tell if they made the right decision on the coaching job!!Good luck to Coach Brewer!!
  4. GridIronFan

    Darrell Brewer named Head Coach at McDowell

    They need some offense there for sure!!
  5. GridIronFan

    Who’s Who among 3A

    Freedom should be strong again!!
  6. GridIronFan

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    Darrell Brewer former coach from Avery High Schooll!!
  7. GridIronFan

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    no way that would be so dumb!! I have never heard of such a thing ever!!
  8. GridIronFan

    South Davidson

    That program has been bad for years no way this would be a good job!!
  9. GridIronFan

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    Sounds like who ever gets this job will have a lot of rebuilding to do!!They need to be here for several years for sure!!Top heavy conference looks like also!!
  10. GridIronFan

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    Yes you have got that right for sure!!
  11. GridIronFan

    Lincolnton searching for a new head coach

    They should be better this year time will tell!
  12. GridIronFan

    Northwestern Foothills

    East Burke might be a better Team also! should be a interesting year in that conference!!
  13. GridIronFan

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    It will be interesting to see if Mcdowell goes outside of their network for the next coaching change!! looks like the inside track has not worked for years same results!!Time for new idea's for sure!!
  14. GridIronFan

    Northwestern Foothills

    you are right West Iredell has had the talent for the last two years!!
  15. GridIronFan

    Northwestern Foothills

    I think Bunker Hill will be better this year also. They had speed last year for sure!!