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  1. Looks like Saint and Foard are a lot a like Wrestling school's not football!!Foard showed they wanted to go back to the old days of losing in football with all the changing of the football staff from last year!! They changed the whole offence! The senior kids and parents are the ones that suffer from this!!
  2. GridIronFan

    North Iredell at West Iredell

    Draughn has found a way to win some games!!West will be tough to beat next week!!
  3. Patton has been bad this year also !!long year for both teams !!
  4. Maiden wow but did not look good against Foard!! I have here South Caldwell is a lot better team this year should be a good Game!!
  5. GridIronFan

    Northwestern Foothills

    Rumors is Foard's top RB might miss Friday's game against Maiden that would be big!!
  6. Any coach that tells you to just play one sport is all about his self and not what is best for the student!!The best pro athletes played multiple sports!!
  7. GridIronFan

    South Fork 2A

    I seen where they have a 7on 7 game tonight!!
  8. You never know Shelby was supposed to have a rebuilding year last year and you see what Happen State Champs!!
  9. GridIronFan

    South Fork 2A

    It is time for Newton to do something for sure I don't think they run the ball enough!!
  10. GridIronFan

    Northwestern Foothills

    Word is Minor did not want to move again for a coaching job!! He might just sit out a year!!
  11. GridIronFan

    South Fork 2A

    This will be a fun conference to watch!!
  12. GridIronFan

    Northwestern 3A/ 4A Predictions

    We had been hearing rumors about Morgan leaving for over 6 months he was just waiting for a job to open up!!They needed to make a quick turn around the kids are ready to get to working out for sure!!Still don't know why he wanted to leave Mcdowell with one school in that county seems like a great job!!you just never know what is going on in the program for sure!!
  13. GridIronFan

    West Caldwell

    Sounds like people would like to see this school get back on top in Football!!
  14. GridIronFan

    Northwestern 3A/ 4A Predictions

    2011thru 2014 in conference Avery under Brewer was 6-20 must have been a tough conference!! Time will tell if they made the right choice. Word is the superintendent of Mcdowell county was from Avery when Coach Brewer was coaching there this said a lot for the coaching hire they made!!Some time it come down to who you know not the best coach for the job!!Good luck to Mcdowell this up coming year!!!
  15. GridIronFan

    Northwestern Foothills

    Looking at the roster for Foard they have skill people still there with a good running back but seen on another site that they are going to the 60/40 passing game with a new QB and no lineman that will be interesting to see!! you are right GDG Hibriten will rule again!!!