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  1. I would like to know how many coaches have turned this job down!! When you find out a coach you know has got two calls after he told them no!!
  2. I know a local coach got a call back from Tuscola the other day but he told them he was not interested any more. That lets me know they are still searching and are having a hard time getting a coach to take the job! a lot of red flags with the job!!
  3. GridIronFan

    East Burke head coach opening

    Yes I seen where Mike Helms when to Hickory 2013/2014 after Freedom high and only stay two years and had a losing record after Freedom so it is had to tell which coach will be best for the long term goal at East Burke. Coach Minor has shown he can win with less talent for sure!! All three schools he was at had losing records before he turn the program around after a year. Looks like he likes rebuilding programs for sure.
  4. GridIronFan

    East Burke head coach opening

    yes heard the interviews will start after Christmas break!
  5. GridIronFan

    East Burke head coach opening

    Any news on the East Burke coaching job any one.
  6. GridIronFan

    Page HC Opening

    Used to be a great place for Football in that town.Times have changed looks like!
  7. Seen on another site Tuscola might be bringing a coach that was their before! Several on that site are not happy record is 29 and 50 all total!
  8. I see a lot of coaches doing that as soon as the talent leaves they leave. Sometimes it is hard to tell if it is the coach or the talent!
  9. Reidsville all the way!!
  10. GridIronFan

    East Burke head coach opening

    Yes some coaches think you can run a spread offense with no athletes
  11. GridIronFan

    East Burke head coach opening

    Heard the East Burke football job was finally posted. It will take a special coach to start over at that school starting at the youth all the way up. I would thing they will be moving quick on this job.
  12. GridIronFan

    Northwestern Foothills 2A

    What I heard from past players Coach minor ran a tight ship and held his players to a high standard and wanted them to succeed after high school! Some kids don't like to be held accountable but that is the program he ran for sure!!
  13. Should be a good game Burns has improved for sure!! Still see Shelby with the win!!
  14. GridIronFan

    Northwestern Foothills 2A

    Seen in the Morganton news in our area!!
  15. GridIronFan

    East Burke head coach opening

    True!! but you never know!!