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  1. CoachTazz93

    North Rowan

    Has anyone heard about the NR job. Great opportunity for a young coach, in a winnable conference in close proximity to Charlotte
  2. CoachTazz93

    Spring practice

    Shooting practice is cancelled, however dinner workouts should still be good to go. It would be hard to just start the season in August
  3. Great job I wonder who applied or for interviews
  4. CoachTazz93

    Mallard Creek

    The same amount Coach P had when he took over at MC
  5. CoachTazz93

    Providence Day

    Wow I didn't know that, Providence Day could be the right situation. I'm sending the AD my first 90 days on the job plan now 😂😂
  6. CoachTazz93

    Sleeper 1a teams for this upcoming season

    North Rowan is going to depend on the higher, also they are in a weaker conference but they could go far
  7. CoachTazz93

    Providence Day

    Because they are private they get to pay coaches to their discretion?? Because I know not many coaches can make 100K in NC that's why they are leaving now
  8. CoachTazz93

    Mallard Creek

    Where do you think he is going
  9. CoachTazz93

    Mallard Creek

    I'm not sure exactly how the politics worked, but I know if I'm a highly successful coach like Palmari (134-29) I'm going to go take a chance at one of the most historical programs in the country. The pay for me is the deciding factor, even his assistants coaches would get significant raises. It's at least worth the try.
  10. CoachTazz93

    Mallard Creek

    That is a little erie, it just means there are high expectations. But if you make 130K+ you should understand that. I'm sure if that is the job he takes he will get 3-5 years to win big like coach Rodmaker
  11. CoachTazz93

    Mallard Creek

    Hard to say a school is dwindling when it has 2100 students. Also the school just reopened on 2017 with a new building and state of the art facilities. They are 2 years removed from a state title and finished last season 10-3. All that plus the opportunity to make 100K is intriguing. The only set back is Lowndes is on the up rise and has been the better team the past 5 or 6 seasons
  12. CoachTazz93

    Mallard Creek

    I heard Valdosta opened up, they paid the previous coach 134k a season. Almost three time the amount he gets paid at MC
  13. CoachTazz93

    JBB returning to NC?

    Pretty sure it's more than he was making at Havelock and he is retired from NC so he can double-dip. Good place for him to pay his Win/Lose record and it closer to the beach which he loves
  14. CoachTazz93

    JBB returning to NC?

    My guess is Green Sea Floyd's
  15. So looking at the 3A/2A conference would Smith play in the 2AA playoffs because their ADM is comparable to other 2AA schools. Or would they play in 3A playoffs