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  1. CoachTazz93

    Private schools

    Ok I was just wondering, that's an interesting position
  2. Does any of the private schools have a Vancancy for head coaching positions. Also will Village Christian have a football team this season
  3. CoachTazz93

    Kings Mtn

    I thought retirement was at 25 years
  4. CoachTazz93

    E.E. Smith coaching job open

    He was not ready for that job, the continuously underachieved with him at the helm. Even the 2017 they underachieved lost two games they shouldn't have, the play calling was terrible they just had a super talented QB. This is probably one of the better jobs open this year besides Thomasville
  5. CoachTazz93

    E.E. Smith coaching job open

    I know coach Butts personally and he enjoys his retirement. He coaches all four of my uncle's and a couple cousins, and we talk on the regular. In my personal opinion I don't think he's coming back. They need a young cod h or someone who is familiar with Smith and the Smith tradition.
  6. CoachTazz93

    E.E. Smith coaching job open

    Some of my guesses would be Jeremy Priebe (current OC) Maurice Huey (DC Hoke County)
  7. Dexter Coakley played at App State from 93-96 and he was developed well at Wando high school
  8. However can bring excitement to the program and get a roster bigger than 30 in a school with 3400+ students
  9. CoachTazz93

    Brand leaves Vance

    Although he may be working hard. South Meck is the largest high school in NC (3.6K+) students and he only fielded 30 players a couple of games. It is just down right unacceptable for that program to not have more participation, and that comes down to the energy for the coach.
  10. CoachTazz93

    Where does Vance turn?

    I personally would love to see Robert Washington get the job.... But that would be because I would love to see MIC open up
  11. CoachTazz93

    Brand leaves Vance

    Irmo is expected to double his salary... So it's safe to say he will be making at least 85K great move for his family
  12. CoachTazz93

    Village Christian

    I believe this is the perfect time for Village to go young. With them being ineligible for the playoffs the next two seasons they can get a young coach in who can start to put a PROGRAM and do things the right way. Its the perfect spot: good facilities and great support from administration. I would only hope the start offering the opportunity scholarships like FCA and Trinity
  13. CoachTazz93

    Top 4A teams

    They were very young last year they return a few good players
  14. CoachTazz93

    Top 4A teams

    So everyone forgot about South View??