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  1. Fumblerooski

    Sanderson hires Jeremy Buck

    Seems like a good hire for Sanderson.
  2. I guess there could be some geographically large conferences... has anyone ever put pencil to paper and see?
  3. Fumblerooski

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    I try not to discuss religion or politics but since I opened my mouth I guess I will continue. I think some of you are underestimating the power and influence a coach, teammates and a program has. If a player does not worship Jesus and a coach preaches about him it can and has have negative effects on those types of players. Instead of positivity the message of a religion can often fail to be received that way. Many people do not realize how others interpret what is said because they do not know what it is like to be the different person. I am sure there are plenty of great examples how professing your religion has been a positive to players that do not follow but if it makes one player uncomfortable to me, it should not be done in a public school setting. In any case as a coach I prefer to show by example than preach to my players regardless of subject matter.
  4. Fumblerooski

    Juniors On JV teams

    JV is a development league IMHO. If there is a new junior that one thinks can help on varsity the next season then why not? Kids in HS develop at different rates and some need more time to get ready for varsity. On another note, are there many Freshman programs in NC? There are some big schools here in NC and it might be beneficial in the development of players or would that be hard to do due to funding?
  5. I see others have brought that up already. 😀
  6. Would adding a 5th classification help? 1A-5A?
  7. Fumblerooski

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    I tend to agree Ramhead. People who push their religion and faith on to their team can ostracize and offend players on their team of different faiths which really goes against public schools and the tenets of most religions. Also, it is easy to be good a good Christian or follower of another religion without ever having to overtly define it.