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  1. Getting rid of the people that say this nonsense would be the first step.
  2. Sanderson seems like a hard school to consistently be competitive and win but the previous coach put some stuff in the right place and they got a good coach so its now up to the kids!
  3. 100K sounds about right for a year long position with the expectations tied to it. The problem is that everyone else does it for so much less with other responsibilities out of need eek out a living and other than some administration no one every gets paid their worth in education.
  4. Interesting topic. A lot of good points being made on both sides. There are some very clear differences and benefits that home-schooled students get compared to public school students. One cannot discount the environment, and the tailored education a home school student gets. There is more but one cannot dismiss the advantages a home-school student can have. This is still a conscience choice a family makes. These parents have chosen to take their children out of the public system for a myriad of reasons but they have chosen to do so, so they should not expect to be allowed to take part in any activities that the public school provides. I'm not trying to change anyone's views or feelings mainly because it seems like a pretty black and white issue.
  5. Fumblerooski

    Kids committing to high schools

    Did he say that he's taking his talents to Mallard Creek?
  6. Fumblerooski

    Juniors On JV teams

    In every state I coached in there were Freshman JV and Varsity teams for each program. Regardless of how many programs, it really should be a matter of physical maturity.
  7. Fumblerooski

    Ardrey Kell Opening

    I've heard that about that school too. It's in a nice area of Charlotte and it is filled with entitled helicopter yoga pants wearing moms and suits and tie dads.
  8. Fumblerooski

    Ashley football

    That could a good hire for them. He seemed to do a good job in a tough conference.
  9. Fumblerooski

    Top 4A teams

  10. Fumblerooski

    Top 4A teams

    I'm not sure if Heritage will be at their previous level. There's been a lot of changes over there and they have graduated a lot of talent. Holly Springs and Middle Creek might get a few victories because of their schedule but I wouldn't put either of them as a top 4A team.
  11. Fumblerooski

    Ashley football

  12. Fumblerooski

    Wakefield HFC job open

    Any news on this? This must be a position of high interest with WF in its conference.
  13. Fumblerooski

    Rolesville Jamboree

    What teams are going to it?
  14. I don't know when they discussed it but in the recent future wake county has added for 5 4AA schools. It might might be a bit of an issue but for a few schools but without really looking at it, to me it makes too much sense for most of them.
  15. Fumblerooski

    Wakefield HFC job open

    I believe the above poster meant that Jenks attended Wake Forest High School not Wakefield as a student when it was Wake Forest Rolesville High School not that he got the Rolesville job.