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    Mallard Creek

    $$$$$$$$$$$ will make people do and move to a lot of places. Right now somewhere in Raleigh there are people high fiving and saying hurray we dont have to pay him anymore and i hope he stays in Georgia so we dont have to pay his pension
  2. ramheadbut

    Saying Goodbye

    God bless and good luck to your next stage in life
  3. I have been a coach in NC since 1998 and a head coach since 2009 and I wanted to take a minute to put the spotlight on Carolina Preps and Chris Hughes. I have never seen a website provide such information for high school football in all of my years of coaching. Other sites such as NC Preps and Highschool OT do a very good job in covering football and i frequent those site BUT the information that is on this site is unreal. I use this site to check up on possible coaching adversaries and how their program is trending and what their win loss record looks like. I also have used the site to scout out jobs that I have attained/applied for and this site has helped me make decisions on those jobs. So in reading all the gossip and attacks on programs and coaches that are also on this site it pales in comparison to the all the great info that is on here. Good job Chris Hughes
  4. ramheadbut

    Any news on Carver HC opening?

    Todd Shuping is coming home
  5. Chuck the Chest Henderson
  6. ramheadbut

    Mallard Creek

    Well Union County has some quality coaches
  7. ramheadbut

    Mallard Creek

    i have seen a lot of what he runs. Respect him and his program
  8. ramheadbut

    Mallard Creek

    Big time WR andQB do not want to play in a triple option. Offense You think transfers could be bad bring the wing t or triple option to Mallard Creek is all I am saying. You would have coached from Richmond CO to Winston Salem cherry picking those kids. And yes he is a very good coach. Has done a great job at Watauga
  9. ramheadbut

    Mallard Creek

    Not going to run the triple option at Mallard Creek
  10. ramheadbut

    Mallard Creek

    talk about an expanded recruiting budget
  11. ramheadbut

    Ashbrook High School

    Brian Andrews has a a good reputation in Gaston County and will land on his feet somewhere. Funny thing is since Ashbrook Ran off Mike Briggs have they had any success?????
  12. ramheadbut

    NC QBs to watch in 2020???

    Camian Shell Parkland Byrum Brown Rolesville
  13. Rolesville will he hosting its second annual Jamboree on the first scrimmage date in August. if you are interested contact msamek@wcpss.net
  14. ramheadbut

    Rolesville Jamboree

    Ok teams that will be attending the Rolesville Jamboree are Rolesville East Forsyth Leesville Road Cardinal Gibbons Cleveland Riverside Middle Creek Sanderson
  15. ramheadbut

    Asheboro HC

    Kieth Mabe
  16. ramheadbut

    Most poupluar schools in NC

    Wrong my pics are southwestern Randolph RS Central North Gaston South Caldwell Surry Central North Moore South Davidson Smithfield Selma And my personal favorite Eat more Wheatmore
  17. ramheadbut

    Ashbrook High School

    Gaston County is the smallest big town in NC. They do things their own way not saying that’s good or bad just that’s how it is. So nothing derogatory towards Gastonia or Gaston County. Oh and how do I know this. I lived and worked there for three years At a little ole school called North Gaston and lived in the gas house
  18. ramheadbut

    Rolesville Jamboree

    Just added the last team finalizing it Monday but the 8 teams Combined have 80 victories so looking to be a good one
  19. ramheadbut

    Ashbrook High School

    Gaston County is a unique place. Not everyone fits there
  20. ramheadbut

    Rolesville Jamboree

    Just added Riverside out of Durham
  21. ramheadbut

    Ashbrook High School

    Business is in the business of making money and appeasing share holders not creating jobs. So yes cheaper labor drove jobs to other countries just like they drove the textiles from the north to the south because they, the south paid a peanut wage. So yes the industry would have left due to that fact. Non skilled labor will always be a target of technology and advancements just like blacksmith, chimney sweeps, Blockbuster video, Whaling all have been replaced by technology. And look industries come and go with advancements , coal is being replaced by natural gas which will be replaced by solar , wind ect. Internal combustion engine cars will be replaced by electric cars, it is what it is and the only thing to blame is science, technology, and invention