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  1. ramheadbut

    Rolesville Jamboree

    for Aug 10 needs one more team. We have 5 right now. If interested contact msamek@wcpss.net
  2. ramheadbut

    Sanderson hires Jeremy Buck

    Congrats to him
  3. ramheadbut

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    That's my point and Glenn you used your personal view your personal experience and that's great but I still think it should be up to the individual and a personal matter. Also praying does not make you make better choices you make you make better choices. Jim Jones prayed a lot , Jimmy Swaggart prayed a lot, those Priests who molested kids prayed a lot and how were there choices????
  4. ramheadbut

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    I think practicing your faith should be a private matter, I never fully trust the hey look at me Christian I mean who are you trying to impress? Saying the lords prayer before a football game does not make me a better Christian. Plus there are good reason for separation of church and state.
  5. ramheadbut

    North Forsyth is looking for scrimmage.

    If they can move it back to the 10th there is one that is open
  6. ramheadbut

    TW Andrews head coaching opening

    Tough spot right now. Not sure the Admin understands what football means to the school or what it means to be a football coach
  7. ramheadbut

    2018-19 Coaching Moving Van

    There are two jobs open in Raleigh right now Sanderson and Green Level(New School) Any word on these
  8. ramheadbut

    Rolesville jamboree

    RJ Renyolds out of Winston Salem, Sanderson and Rolesville
  9. ramheadbut

    Rolesville Jamboree

    Not yet
  10. ramheadbut

    Rolesville jamboree

    Looking for one more team contact msamek@wcpss.net