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  1. ramheadbut

    Most poupluar schools in NC

    Wrong my pics are southwestern Randolph RS Central North Gaston South Caldwell Surry Central North Moore South Davidson Smithfield Selma And my personal favorite Eat more Wheatmore
  2. ramheadbut

    Ashbrook High School

    Gaston County is the smallest big town in NC. They do things their own way not saying that’s good or bad just that’s how it is. So nothing derogatory towards Gastonia or Gaston County. Oh and how do I know this. I lived and worked there for three years At a little ole school called North Gaston and lived in the gas house
  3. ramheadbut

    Rolesville Jamboree

    Just added the last team finalizing it Monday but the 8 teams Combined have 80 victories so looking to be a good one
  4. ramheadbut

    Ashbrook High School

    Gaston County is a unique place. Not everyone fits there
  5. ramheadbut

    Rolesville Jamboree

    Just added Riverside out of Durham
  6. ramheadbut

    Ashbrook High School

    Business is in the business of making money and appeasing share holders not creating jobs. So yes cheaper labor drove jobs to other countries just like they drove the textiles from the north to the south because they, the south paid a peanut wage. So yes the industry would have left due to that fact. Non skilled labor will always be a target of technology and advancements just like blacksmith, chimney sweeps, Blockbuster video, Whaling all have been replaced by technology. And look industries come and go with advancements , coal is being replaced by natural gas which will be replaced by solar , wind ect. Internal combustion engine cars will be replaced by electric cars, it is what it is and the only thing to blame is science, technology, and invention
  7. ramheadbut

    Ashbrook High School

    Cheaper run machines. Plus if those jobs were here we would pay $40 for a t shirt And it’s not about making socks Look everything is affected to technology. I am assuming you have a flat screen tv so that technology has hurt the glass industry because it makes the old TVs obsolete. Do you ride a horse to work no because cars made them obsolete. It’s how the world works. Like it or not it is what it is
  8. ramheadbut

    Ashbrook High School

    No i am telling you that this has happened all over the country and the world. Those type of jobs are replaced by machines and that is that I am from a small coal mining town and as soon as the long wall technology was implemented the time of the miner was in the clock. It’s called progress my man and it stops for no one. Now you have schools like Weddington Marvin Ridge Reagan West Forsyth that have replaced some of the fore mentioned schools And no Clinton is not to blame and Trump can’t bring it back.
  9. ramheadbut

    Ashbrook High School

    It's no one fault and why the politics on a high school message board??????? Factory jobs were lost to technology , they do not use humans like they used to and that's everywhere. Manufacturing jobs are not lost to China they are lost to machines made in China. So I did enjoy the rant though( Looks like someone is hopped up on some Hannity )
  10. ramheadbut

    Ashbrook High School

    Wow the demise of Ashbrook blamed on Clinton HAHAHAHAHAHA thats a good one
  11. ramheadbut

    New North Gaston HC

    Wow I remember when he was the QB at NOGA
  12. ramheadbut

    Ashbrook High School

    I have heard the "there is talent in the halls " thing before and find out from coaches who have taken jobs at those schools that there was no talent in the halls. Anyway coached against Ashbrook in 2015-2016. There was some talent on those teams but it was not like Richmond county was out there
  13. ramheadbut

    Ashbrook High School

    I don’t think the talent is there as muck as people want to believe