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  1. ramheadbut

    2021 schedule

    They will now where they land is a mystery because Knightdale and SE Raleigh May drop. So you have the same number of teams on this end of the county at 4A The fly in the ointment is willow springs the new school near Holly Springs that opens in 2021
  2. ramheadbut

    2021 schedule

    Got to line up what you can. Even with the realignment most schools in Raleigh will not change classifications. If they do Cleveland and Clayton would replace them. A lot easier to change a game or two than try and schedule 6 games
  3. ramheadbut

    Rolesville 2021-2022

    week 1 East Forsyth wee 2 Cardinal Gibbons week 3 East Wake week 4 Fuqua Varina week 5 Broughton
  4. ramheadbut

    2021-2022 season

    2021 4A East Forsyth vs Wake Forest Cardinal Gibbons vs Charlotte Catholic Vance vs Richmond County Myers Park vs Reagan Grimsley vs Hoggard Page vs New Bern 3A Cleveland vs Weddington Havelock vs Crest Terry Sanford vs Hunter Huss Dudley vs AC Renyolds AL Brown vs Rocky Mount Watauga vs Southern Nash Eastern Alamance vsHibrighten
  5. ramheadbut

    2021-2022 season

    for match ups or are you making a schedule for your team
  6. looking for a week 6 game home 2021 and away 2022 if interested contact msamek@wcpss.net
  7. ramheadbut

    Spring practice

    yawn sorry just woke up from Feb 29. Whats this hoax we all been hearing about . Anyway I can see this lasting until May and school going through June . With no spring ball. Some of the summer 7 on 7 might be saved but at this point no one and I mean no one has a clue
  8. with the long layoff will this curb the evident transfers going on in NC
  9. 😳wow I mean wow look what we got here a person who makes IQ comments and then posts this doozy. Thank you sir for the laugh and good times as I can see this is way past counter productive. Good luck to you sir and enjoy Wilmington
  10. No the stock market under Obama went from just under 8k to over 19k. He bailed out the auto industry and created as many jobs as this presidency. Now am I a fan of Obama No but that is what happened
  11. So just because the virus can’t speak American it’s a Chinese virus. Hahahahaha
  12. Wow and I have my DD 214. Guess that’s not enough to be an American. Thank you for showing all of us who you are and how you think. It was rather educational
  13. Trumpers are gonna trump no matter what. Non Trumpers gonna non trump no matter what. And that boys and girls is called polarization