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  1. ramheadbut

    Catawba County Football

    Saint Stephens A$$ whippin SSAW. I am just kidding I used to coach there back in 2001-2002 so just like to kid. My time there was great good admin and the people were great
  2. ramheadbut

    Catawba County Football

    I am calling for a Saint Stephens A## whippin SSAW
  3. ramheadbut

    Tom Harper

    Tom Harper will do great at Lincolnton. Great guy never heard a negative thing about hom
  4. ramheadbut

    Voted number 1 singlet in NC

    Singlet as in wrestling??? I will take these guys Or these guys
  5. looking for week 6 game If interested contact msamek@wcpss.net
  6. ramheadbut

    Rolesville 2021-2022

    Still looking
  7. ramheadbut

    Northeast Guilford

    So now Southern Guilford is open
  8. ramheadbut

    Catawba County Football

  9. ramheadbut

    Burke County Football

    Being a one time St Stephens Assistant coach I remember when Burke County had some great football. In fact actually applied for the East Burke Job 2001. They never chould have made two more schools. I see Freedom still being strong
  10. ramheadbut

    The 2020 HS football season

    No you made it political Great job Chief no need for that. And I think your facts are self implied and not facts more like opinions. And thats what you get when you get your info from Spider at the Pump and Munch
  11. ramheadbut

    The 2020 HS football season

    you have got to be kidding Please Chris Huges delete this post because it has zero to do with the 2020 season or high school sports.
  12. Every school I have worked at Football did pay the bills for the other sports and I have worked in Gaston, Catawba, Forsyth, Guilford, Randolph, Wake counties. If you take football out of the equation many schools will not have a sports program or a way to pay for them. So many sports do not make any money in fact most sports lose money. Is football more important than any other sport ? No but Highschoolot had a video chat with AD's from around the state from Charlotte, to Surry, to Wake and out to the beach and all of them said without football the athletic budget would be crushed
  13. ramheadbut

    School with the best Staff

    That is true and I will say from that Tabor admin staff you had Head Principal- Marth Land Assistant Principals Ed Weiss- Now the Principal at Tabor Spencer Hardy - Current Principal at Parkland Frank Martin-Was the Principal at Reagan Brad Royal -Current Principal at Reagan. All are very pro sport admin
  14. ramheadbut

    School with the best Staff

    I was a part of two staffs that had a ton of head coaches either come from it or come to it North Gaston 1998-2000 HC Mike Briggs -who became the Head coach at Ashbrook OC Bruce Clark - took NOGA to the state title game as HC then went to SC to be a HC RB Kieth Fox- went on to be the HC at Cherryville QB Terry Jordan- Went on to be HC at Highlands prep WR Brian Andrews- was the HC at Ashbrook for 3 years OLB Martin Samek current HC at Rolesville JV QB Matt Riekart -was HC at East Lincoln for a few years Mt Tabor 2003-2008 HC Bob Sapp OL Ray Rhodes was the HC at South Stokes before QB Barry Stewart Prior HC at North Davidson and Grimsley then became HC at Tabor for two years DC Wally Burke Prior HC at Southern Alamance DB Greg Gentry Prior HC at Orange and Tabor RB Laymaar Marshall became HC at Tabor and current HC at Parkland DL Tiasuan Brown Current HC at Tabor OLB/DC Martin Samek HC at Rolesville JV HC Dan Marizita prior HC in Michigan JV DL Current HC in Florida JV DC Chad Sapp Current AD at Walkertown JV DB's Head Track coach at West Forsyth now This staff won five consecutive conference titles and coached in 2 state title games But right now I would say these schools have top notch staffs East Forsyth Wake Forest Vance Weddington Charlotte Catholic Richmond County Pinecrest Eastern Randolph Watauga Cardinal Gibbons