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  1. FHS1985 returns

    Hunter Huss at Crest

    According to NCPreps it is tied at 29 with under five to play.
  2. FHS1985 returns

    Independence High vandalism

    I’m actually glad to see a little school spirit. Pranks like this used to be pretty common and the kind of thing that fostered rivalry and it doesn’t look like they did too much damage. Yeah, they should be punished if they are caught, because vandalism is wrong (though generally taken in good humor so long as it is mild) and also the risk of getting caught is part of the fun, but it should be to help clean up at the school and a few days detention, beyond that I don’t think it would be proportional.
  3. Two years ago when we played at SC it was uncomfortably close for the first half and we had to get a stop close to our goal line which seemed to swing momentum. I expect the Spartans to give us a hard fight tomorrow night and I would be happy with a 14 point win.
  4. FHS1985 returns

    Northwestern 4A/3A Week 8 Predictions

    We were very lucky, but the guys capitalized on every opportunity late in the game.
  5. FHS1985 returns

    Dirty Play

    Both incidents so far in Tennessee. Looks like the athletic association needs to lay down the law.
  6. Habich is a wizard! He knows how to use misdirection so that your own momentum can be used against you. Make a big play for a loss on defense and your boys are all keyed up with their ears pinned back-look out here comes a reverse. Usually works too, he reads the flow of a game as well as any coach I’ve ever seen at this level and makes just the right call.
  7. He was icing his back during the second half, he put the pads back on late, but didn’t go back in.
  8. 20-14 after three. Ty Little in at QB for FHS.
  9. Hickory leads 20-0 at halftime, Patriots are as flat as Bonneville, Utah.
  10. If Freedom hopes to beat either AC or Watauga they will have to start playing much better defense.
  11. It’s ok to use rankings as a tie-breaker for seeding purposes. Suppose two teams with the same record, no head to head and no common opponent. In that case you need some way to break the tie for seeding and ranking is as good as any other method, but I wouldn’t put more weight on it than that.