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  1. I once saw a parent take a folding lawn chair after a ref in a little league football county championship game-that was at least 25 years ago. Sports can definitely bring out the worst in people (especially when their kid is playing) but none of this is new. The individual involved will get his day in court and will have the chance to call character witnesses on his behalf. After that whatever punishment the court and/of the schools decide must be respected.
  2. FHS1985 returns


    Danny Williams was at East Burke for a long time and Tim McMahon was our coach for more than a decade. I think coach Helms would have lasted if not for his incident, and fans want someone long term. We just have to get it right.
  3. FHS1985 returns


    The only question is-does Joe still want the job? He was treated somewhat poorly last time, but I think he knows he has great support in the community.
  4. FHS1985 returns


    Most of us would be very happy with that choice.
  5. FHS1985 returns


    I have also heard this rumor, but cannot confirm. Aside from coach McMahon no one has stayed for long at FHS (except Jug, who came over from Glen Alpine when the schools consolidated). Watson didn’t win, Jim Bob and Hardin jumped ship for better opportunities and Helms was forced out after an incident with his son (which was way overblown IMHO). In any event I trust our principal, Casey Rogers, to make a good decision if this does turn out to be true. I have no doubts about his loyalty to FHS.
  6. FHS1985 returns

    Boys games of interest Jan.20/21 2020

    Winner gets the lead in the NWFAC. WC already with a win over Hibriten this year in a tournament, but the Panthers can get a measure of revenge with the upset.
  7. Very curious to see how this one turns out.
  8. We had two starters out-Jayden Birchfield was gone to Annapolis on a recruiting visit and James Freeman was suspended after getting two technicals against Weddington the other night. That said, SC deserves a lot of credit, every time we’d make a run (we got it to one on two occasions) they maintained their composure and would go get a basket. This group of seniors were something like 60-2 at home, so the Spartans pulled off a rare win. The other day when they beat Hickory I said that Danny Anderson might be turning things around for them and I think this is further evidence of that.
  9. Patton needs to beat Hibriten to stay in the hunt. The Panthers lost a close one to W. Caldwell the other night 60-57. I think this is a three way race between WC, Hibriten and Patton, but if the latter loses then it becomes a two-way contest between the Caldwell county teams.
  10. The Rebels have been improving in several sports (football playoff wins, baseball regional finals, wrestling state championships) but not hoops. You wonder how the community views the lack of basketball success in that context and what sort of pressure they are putting on the coach.
  11. Big upset tonight as South Caldwell beats Hickory. Coach Danny Anderson makes some noise with his new team as he tries to rebuild the Spartan program.
  12. FHS1985 returns

    Shelby 78, Chase 2

    I also dislike the running clock, but sometimes it is just best to get it over with.
  13. FHS1985 returns

    Shelby 78, Chase 2

    I think the running clock rule is if there is a 40 point lead. It may be only in the second half of games, that’s the only time I’ve seen it used anyway.
  14. https://www.maxpreps.com/games/1-3-2020/girls-basketball-winter-19-20/chase-vs-shelby.htm?c=NOUGIW-7FEybxDmV5Tue6g#tab=box-score&schoolid= I have seen a lot of lopsided results in high school sports, but this might be a new record. Sheby Lady Golden Lions over the Chase Lady Trojans 78-2. Chase doesn't list a roster on their Maxpreps page, so I wonder how many girls they have out for basketball. I think this might be in line with some of what has been discussed on other threads in that there is declining participation in several sports and Chase may very well be having problems getting girls to come out and play. Earlier this year West Caldwell had to delay the start of their girls basketball season until some of their girls returned from injuries and they could put enough girls on the court. Last season there was a story in the Hickory paper about how several schools could not field a team in JV girls hoops. Declining participation in football gets a lot of attention because it is the premier high school sport and the one that carries the burden of funding many other sports, but I think what we are seeing is a larger social trend playing out in school sports.
  15. FHS1985 returns

    Best Basketball team ever in N.C.

    1986 was very good, lost to Andrea Stinson’s N. Meck team in the regional finals (beat Rhonda Mapp’s Asheville girls in the sectionals). In 1987 they turned around and beat Stinson and N. Meck in the sectionals, and then lost to Mapp and Asheville in the regional finals. Your sister was fouled at the end of the 1988 state championship game and should have been shooting free throws to win it.