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  1. FHS1985 returns

    Northwestern 3A/ 4A Predictions

    The problem for Freedom is that we almost have to play EB, Draughn and Patton (the latter being the only one to beat us-once-since the new schools were built). It’s a bigger gate than we are likely to get than playing an opponent from outside the county and everyone saves a little on travel costs. I have been told that Draughn and EB have asked not to play us, but that the system has told them that they must. We have had fine teams recently, but also bad luck. 2013 Pats, for example, lost by one to Forestview after leading by 13 with six minutes left. Their best player best our best player on an out pattern on a clutch fourth down and caught a perfect pass. But we had good competition from Hickory, Watauga and Hibriten that season, so that team had been tested. 2014 team was also great, but fumbled something like nine times on a rainy night and also lost by one in the playoffs.
  2. FHS1985 returns

    Casey Rogers stepping down as Freedom hoops coach

    I understand, but I am also given to understand that he said that he wanted the assistant AD job under Casey to enhance what he was making. Last year the person who had that job moved on to be the AD at Patton, so that job would have opened up and then the AD job became available after Casey was promoted. Now, I have no idea what was said to whom or what plans the higher ups were making to move people around, but it seems like things might have worked out in the end. From Jim Bob’s perspective you can’t blame him for acting according to what he saw as his best interests, but you also have to wonder what sort of machinations were going on that we weren’t privy to.
  3. FHS1985 returns

    Casey Rogers stepping down as Freedom hoops coach

    GDG-she moves up to the central office (I don’t remember the exact job). We also had to hire a new athletic director, which is a young man named Brandon Wykle. https://www.morganton.com/sports/freedom-names-brandon-wykle-new-athletic-director/article_a0bbd012-b606-11e9-b871-a75542e73f6f.html?fbclid=IwAR37tglTBNb68VX8M4c1-DCk5hfoFw7lSyY8_QPqxoZRBiJQsdMoXCnr_7Y I know nothing about him, but I remember that one of the issues when Jim Bob left was that he said he was promised the assistant AD job which he did not get. I wonder, if he would have stuck around, if he might have ended up with the job.
  4. FHS1985 returns

    Does more sports hurt or help football

    Freedom’s football numbers are also down, but I don’t think that has much to do with other school sports. The only boys sport that has been added since I was in school is Lacrosse, and we couldn’t field a team in that sport last year due to low numbers. But numbers were down in other sports as well: baseball had only 16 kids and track was way down. There was a Hickory Daily Record piece last year about how many local schools were not able to field JV girls hoops teams, and this area is a basketball hotbed. Some of this has to do with the popularity of video gaming, but there are a lot of other variables that are having an impact, including decreased testosterone.
  5. FHS1985 returns

    WNC Top 20

    Part of the reason this is an issue for some of us here in the foothills and surrounding counties is that we are effectively excluded from coverage in a large media market. We don’t get coverage from Asheville because we are left out of “western North Carolina” in this formulation and we are mostly ignored by Charlotte. In fact, the Observer dropped Burke and Cleveland counties from its coverage area for a while (which is why my Lady Patriots were not sweet 16 champs in 2016 despite an undefeated state championship season). We get some football coverage from WBTV, but only because they have a corespondent who lives here. The Observer eventually decided that they should return to covering this area, but we are an afterthought at best. And that matters because a large media outlet can help promote a player or team and help with recruitment and rankings. Now, this probably doesn’t matter as much as it once did thanks to the internet, but it still matters. You have to draw the line somewhere, but the only way to distinguish McDowell from Burke county, with one “western” and the other not is a completely arbitrary standard based on who the Asheville media covers or doesn’t (the same is true for Polk and Rutherford or Avery and Watauga). I don’t blame people for using a term the way it is commonly understood, but those of us who grumble about how that line is drawn aren’t just bitching for the sake of hearing ourselves talk, we’re trying to call attention to where we’re seeing our kids and teams get shortchanged.
  6. FHS1985 returns

    Players to watch

    I’m going to put in a plug for James Freeman, rising Senior point guard. His jump shot looks awful (although it’s usually effective), but he goes to the basket like a monster. Great at switching hands and either putting his shot in just out of reach of the defender or passing to the open man. He is very quick with his feet and tenacious defensively. In our season ending loss at Cox Mill he dropped 40+ points on Wendell Moore and company.
  7. FHS1985 returns

    Northwestern Foothills

    900 kids might be 3A next time around if the NCHSAA goes to the 5A system they’ve talked about. If 1A and 5A are both 12.5 percent of all schools and 2A, 3A and 4A are 25 percent each then 3A could be between 900 and 1300 students.
  8. FHS1985 returns

    HSOT set to expand...

    You’ve got to give them credit for the playoff projections though.
  9. Can someone explain how salaries for coaches work in SC? We see coaches leave NC for more money down there, but I’m never clear how it is that they get paid so much. Does the legislature down there allow systems the flexibility to pay coaches that much or does some other source supplement their income? Do they have contracts that guarantee so much with bonuses for production, like college coaches, or are their salaries structured in some other way to get to six figures?
  10. FHS1985 returns

    Moorsville Sweeps Corrinth-Holders

  11. https://www.morganton.com/news/rogers-stepping-down-as-fhs-boys-hoops-coach-to-take/article_0d7c5bbe-83de-11e9-82f3-672b673b62c2.html?fbclid=IwAR1bCRzw1rCF9uSuZKmY75x9ilZnSl4ZCFLBJ2XhpoRiD11YH1pCLZlsGAg Casey Rogers is going to become principal of Freedom high and I am glad to see him get the promotion. But that does mean that he can’t continue to coach basketball, so he is stepping down from that role. Who could be next? Short of his dad returning to his old job I have no ideas, but this could be a plum assignment for an aspiring coach. The next coach will be only the fourth in the 45 years of FHS hoops.
  12. FHS1985 returns

    Northwestern 3A/ 4A Predictions

    Two 4A schools in the conference and most people have them here as last and next to last (probably right too). No shortage of athletes at either place, but loads of work to do to get the football teams up to snuff.
  13. FHS1985 returns

    NCHSAA moves to allow transgender participation in sports

    Just for context-https://medium.com/@wesleymessamore/australias-63-250-lbs-hannah-mouncey-is-crushing-the-competition-at-the-asian-women-s-world-a95dbe6e374f
  14. FHS1985 returns

    NCHSAA moves to allow transgender participation in sports

    I’m better with that than the other way around. There is a precedent there with a wrestler in Texas who is going FTM who has to wrestle girls and who has an advantage due to testosterone supplements, won the girl’s state championship, but still better than having the girls go against MTF transgenders. This really is only an issue in girls sports, because the FTM transgenders have no advantage over natural boys. A girl who is taking testosterone to ape what happens to a boy naturally is a poor imitation of the real deal, which is what we are likely to see with this policy. There were pictures recently of an Australian MTF competing against full grown women, but that person was like 6’3 240 and it was farcical. All of this is going to destroy girls and women’s sports, which I care about, so I intend to speak out against it.
  15. https://www.highschoolot.com/nchsaa-paves-path-for-inclusion-of-transgender-home-school-students-in-high-school-sports/18358832/ There may not be many on here who care much about girls sports, but because FHS has a long history of success in girls hoops this is a pet issue for me. Just the other day a transgendered “woman” set four world records in weight lifting in a single day. The absolute refusal to acknowledge physical reality by our “elites” staggers belief. Allowing a boy, whatever that individual calls themself, to participate in sports with girls is a recipe for the destruction of girl’s sports. I cannot believe how much this foolishness has spread.