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  1. FHS1985 returns

    BREAKING: State Championships

    I saw one person propose that we take the two finalists in each class and look at their ADMs and then make the smaller one “A champions” and the bigger one “AA champions”. Makes about as much sense as anything else now IMHO.
  2. FHS1985 returns

    BREAKING: State Championships

    No one can practice officially, but you can’t stop the kids from going to the gym on their own.
  3. FHS1985 returns

    BREAKING: State Championships

    This is better than that. I would prefer to attend, but at least I can watch.
  4. FHS1985 returns

    Girls Regional Match Ups

    The crazy thing is that N-C actually has a girl taller than Chyna. Seeing that in the program was surprising.
  5. SEG was a step quicker than us all day and they basically hit us in the mouth early and didn't let up. Having said that this is two years in a row that the Lady Pats have shot the ball poorly in a regional final and the only way i can think to explain that is that playing at home up until that point in the playoffs spoils us. That's an adjustment you have to make in the playoffs and we haven't been able to do it. I thought we played pretty well after the first quarter, but we still weren't getting our shots to fall. The Falcons are a high quality young team and they should be good for years to come.
  6. James Freeman is great-goes to the basket like nobody I've ever seen. He plays with a lot of passion and intensity, but he sometimes presses too hard and makes overly aggressive mistakes. That's not the worst problem to have and I like his intensity, but if he could make fewer mistakes that way he would be a much more highly ranked prospect. Bradly Davis is #15 for us and he is a great kid (my wife taught him in elementary school). He is our leading scorer with just under 22 ppg and he has a beautiful shot, elevates and extends like you would teach it. He has gone from being a reliable backup to a star player this season without any change in his demeanor or attitude. As for the rest of the Patriots Jayden Birchfield had one of his best games fo the season yesterday and Que Garner had another solid outing. We didn't get any offensive production from the rest of the team, but i was happy with our defensive effort and how we took care of the ball. Guys like Que Rice and Nick Johnson were solid in that respect and Jayden Moore had good minutes rebounding and playing defense. Ben Tolbert usually is money from three, but couldn't get his shots to fall yesterday, however he played hard on defense and showed great leadership.
  7. Huss has two shots for three at the end, but miss both and Patriots hang on to win.
  8. Patriots playing well, but need to shoot outside better.
  9. Failing to get off a three at the end when we had a chance to tie is befuddling.
  10. Frankly the Lady Patriots look intimidated.
  11. FHS1985 returns

    Boys 1A/2A Elite 8 Tuesday March 3

    I think I saw that the end of the game will be played with no crowd. i hate to see that, parents and fans who behaved themselves are being punished because of the actions of a few people, but I understand the decision.
  12. FHS1985 returns

    Boys 1A/2A Elite 8 Tuesday March 3

    I saw that over on the other boards. What a shame that something like that happened at the end.