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  1. FHS1985 returns

    NCHSAA moves to allow transgender participation in sports

    Just for context-https://medium.com/@wesleymessamore/australias-63-250-lbs-hannah-mouncey-is-crushing-the-competition-at-the-asian-women-s-world-a95dbe6e374f
  2. FHS1985 returns

    NCHSAA moves to allow transgender participation in sports

    I’m better with that than the other way around. There is a precedent there with a wrestler in Texas who is going FTM who has to wrestle girls and who has an advantage due to testosterone supplements, won the girl’s state championship, but still better than having the girls go against MTF transgenders. This really is only an issue in girls sports, because the FTM transgenders have no advantage over natural boys. A girl who is taking testosterone to ape what happens to a boy naturally is a poor imitation of the real deal, which is what we are likely to see with this policy. There were pictures recently of an Australian MTF competing against full grown women, but that person was like 6’3 240 and it was farcical. All of this is going to destroy girls and women’s sports, which I care about, so I intend to speak out against it.
  3. https://www.highschoolot.com/nchsaa-paves-path-for-inclusion-of-transgender-home-school-students-in-high-school-sports/18358832/ There may not be many on here who care much about girls sports, but because FHS has a long history of success in girls hoops this is a pet issue for me. Just the other day a transgendered “woman” set four world records in weight lifting in a single day. The absolute refusal to acknowledge physical reality by our “elites” staggers belief. Allowing a boy, whatever that individual calls themself, to participate in sports with girls is a recipe for the destruction of girl’s sports. I cannot believe how much this foolishness has spread.
  4. FHS1985 returns

    1A & 2A Baseball Playoff Bracketology

    This is good stuff and thanks for putting it together. Do you know of any projections for 3A? I am concerned for Freedom, as the Patriots are having their best season for 20 years and might not make it in. The problem is that we are 15-9 and ranked 54th in the adjusted Maxpreps rankings, but we will have to wait for Watauga to be seeded as they finished ahead of us in conference, but they are ranked behind us. Our conference tournament game Tuesday against McDowell might be a must win so that we don’t drop too low in the rankings as to not make it in.
  5. FHS1985 returns

    Baseball scores

    Thursday I watched Freedom beat Draughn 11-1 at Big League Camp near Marion on Lake James. https://www.bigleaguecamp.com/ That facility is pretty new and someone has spent a lot of money to set it up. They have been hosting a lot of college and high school games there and they host all of McDowell county’s little league games. It is a little off the beaten path, but very nice.
  6. FHS1985 returns

    Basketball State Championship games

    Big stories of the day: East wins in 1A girls for the first time in over 20 years as Pamlico wins, while Bishop pulls out close win in 1A boys. Mountain Heritage girls and Farmville Central boys finish the season undefeated in 2A. As does SW Guilford boys in 3A, Guilford county sweeps 3A as SE Guilford girls win. W. Forsyth takes 4A girls while S. Central takes apart W. Charlotte in 4A boys. Even 4-4 split between East and West.
  7. FHS1985 returns

    Basketball State Championship games

    2A girls with two undefeated teams facing off for the title. Farmville Central with the chance for dual state titles and Mountain Heritage looking for their first ever state title, which would mean a lot to that community. In 4A girls I got to watch West Forsyth play before the FHS game. They have two tiny little guards, but one is very good and the other did a good job ball handling and defending. They have a forward who can bury the three. 4A boys with West Charlotte and their up tempo offense vs an obviously good South Central team. I actually think that all of the boys games will be good and all of the girls games except probably 1A.
  8. FHS1985 returns

    SW Guilford vs Cox Mill

    Go Fund Me for the SW Guilford kid. https://www.gofundme.com/christian-martin/thankyou?d=K45uW1pjPEDkdgrtSUq%2BETtyU7gvrLwM89w2KBDgT0g%3D
  9. FHS1985 returns

    SW Guilford vs Cox Mill

    They have him on a ventilator?!? Wow, I don’t think any of us who weren’t there realized how bad this was!
  10. FHS1985 returns

    SW Guilford vs Cox Mill

    West Foruth over Butler 31-11 at the half 4A girls.
  11. FHS1985 returns

    SW Guilford vs Cox Mill

    West Forsyth girls taking it to Butler 26-11 midway of 2nd quarter.
  12. FHS1985 returns

    SW Guilford vs Cox Mill

    Looks like we were all wrong about this one.😮
  13. FHS1985 returns

    SW Guilford vs Cox Mill

    That should also be a very good game. Does that mean you will also be broadcasting the FHS/Cuthbertson girls game?
  14. FHS1985 returns

    SW Guilford vs Cox Mill

    I’m going with SWG, but I can’t imagine it being more than a four point victory margin either way.
  15. FHS1985 returns

    Fourth round games

    From what I can tell there were sellouts (and fans turned away) last night at Cox Mill, Vance (for WC and Audrey Kell) and Community School of Davidson. How much money was left on the table due to inadequate facilities for such big games?