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  1. SmallCraneSiphons

    2A Head Coaching Jobs Still Open

    Congrats to Ponder. Good hire for sure.
  2. SmallCraneSiphons

    Foard Searching For New Coach

    A plant?! You ARE reaching! I can assure you my family has been in the Hickory area for generations. I can also assure you that my posts are my own and only mine. No one influenced my few posts. I've been reading CP for years. I decided to get a handle so I could defend the FTF administration and former assistant coaches that YOU have been trying to make look bad on this site. I know there are people who back the former coach but I know for a fact that plenty of people back the administration. Plenty of his (now former) players parents are happy to give Gettys a warm welcome back. (I'm raising my hand.) See, I have my opinions because I AM close to the situation. Sorry I'm not on your cheerleading squad. EBborn, it took me about 30 seconds to realize you and Panthersfan4u are the same person.
  3. SmallCraneSiphons

    Foard Searching For New Coach

    According to Maxpreps, they did not do better with three coaches than they did with full staff.
  4. SmallCraneSiphons

    Foard Searching For New Coach

    Same. I think it would be very telling.
  5. SmallCraneSiphons

    Foard Searching For New Coach

    I agree with you, rockfbguru. As I understand it, the principal and AD both graduated from Foard, one played football at LR, one previously coached football at Foard and all of a sudden they don't want FTF football to succeed????? The former assistant coaches didn't "buy in" and do their job????? I'm not buying that. So, administration and the former coaches all have strong ties to the school and have devoted their time (and looks like some careers) to FTF yet they want the fb program to fail? (where is my chin scratching emoji?) Something smells rotten and my bet is it isn't on the part of the people getting blamed in these posts.