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  1. Call you out

    TW Andrews head coaching opening

    It should be announced soon. I know they were turned down by a coach
  2. Call you out

    North Forsyth coaching search

    Looking at North Forsyth schedule they should be able to win 4 or 5 games regardless of who is coaching that team. Anytime you hire a new coach you have to ask yourself what's best for the program and the kids. This move raises those questions and concerns especially since he doesn't have any immediate connection to North Forsyth. Hopefully the new coach will go in and win those kids over. Wish him the best of luck. Does anyone know if he is retaining any coaches that were previously on the coaching staff? Probably would make his transition a little easier if he did
  3. Call you out

    North Forsyth coaching search

    " Reclaim the North" .. As with everything we will have to sit back and take a wait and see approach on that. Can someone with a little more insight or knowledge please share why this was a homerun hire for North?