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  1. Warriorfan

    West Caldwell

    I agree don't know whats the hold up. I was again today at NC Elite camp and saw one of West Caldwell's lineman there. I talked to that young man dad and he said that not anyone from the school has told the football players anything either. I hope they don't loss players from all this hold up.
  2. Warriorfan

    West Caldwell

    I see everyone talking about the school board meeting. If so,does anyone know who they are wanting to hire ? Last I heard was something about Fred T Foard coach. Thanks for all the good stuff on here guys.
  3. Warriorfan

    West Caldwell

    I tried hope,it went though
  4. Warriorfan

    West Caldwell

    Thanks for all the input guys. I saw quiet a bit of talent on this West team last year, but I do not know this new group of boys. Do anyone of you know who they have coming back this year ? I know that center they had last year is not think he was collage bound. Just wondering I drive up on Fridays just to see my old school.
  5. Warriorfan

    West Caldwell

    I agree just wish they would move along with it. I see other schools already starting to have their players doing somethings. Makes me think West is going to fall behind even more. I did see one thing the other day. I went to a off season lineman camp near Charlotte and did see a lineman that played for West last year there. Big boy so I know they have some parts to work with.
  6. Warriorfan

    West Caldwell

    They need to do something at West. Tell the player something cause I think you're right kids are going to start jumping ship. To a point I cant blame them. They have some young talent there, but they need to let them boys know whats going on. I just want to see West save the talent they do have before that"s gone.
  7. Warriorfan

    West Caldwell

    Well I have read all the comments in here and some make good points, as someone who is a fan of West Caldwell football for a long time I thought that team last year played the best with what they had. I did see some great young talent on the team. I saw a new running back that I was told was a freshman and he could really move. I also saw a couple of lineman that I was also told they were 9th and 10th graders so if a good coach comes I saw some things he has to work with. I just hope all the talent I did see comes back. I hope they make a good hire. To any of the players on that team read this hang in there football is hard but life is harder. Good luck West Caldwell see you next football season .