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  1. Warriorfan

    2AA West Bracket Discussion

    I see a North Lincoln and Burns in the third round and I think that would be a awesome match up. Those are the best two teams in the bottom of that bracket. I dont think Hibriten has anything for Burns.
  2. Looking at the West 2AA. I think we might get a great North Lincoln and Burns game. I think on the bottom half that is the best two teams.
  3. Warriorfan

    Mercy rule

    I think really score doesn't matter at all. Run it up all you want. I hate it for guys that are over matched but it is what it is. The young men need to know that just because you are being blown out doesn't mean that you are not getting seen by collages. Just do your job when on the field and it will pay off. As I have watched a lot of high school football in my lifetime and I have seen s many great players on losing teams as winning. Just remember boys most of all have fun no matter what.
  4. West Caldwell has a varsity center 10th grader 6'2" 250 was there center as a 9th grader too. Mountain island Charter has a lineman too 10th grader going 6' 300lbs. Those are two that I am following.
  5. Warriorfan

    Lineman get no respect here

    Yeah it's funny cause if not for those lineman the others positions ( ie. QB ,RB WR. Lb) wouldn't be anything. I just wish they would show the line some love. Maybe just once a year feature the line. You know real Football fans know where football starts. The line baby. To you young men who read these post that play the line I salute you for you are the only men on the field that has MAN in your name. I enjoy watching the battles in the trenches every week. High school football is where it's at.
  6. Warriorfan

    North Lincoln

    This North Lincoln team is for real. I really think they are a top 3 team that's for sure. When you have all those seniors and they are playing together that is a good combination. I dont think anyone gives them credit and that includes Carolina prep rankings. So yes this team is for real.
  7. Warriorfan

    Shelby Small 2A

    That's funny at least you know it's cheating. Truth always hurts
  8. Warriorfan

    Shelby Small 2A

    WC-Warriors. Cheaters will be cheaters in my book and I am proud of your son sticking it out at West and It show what a real man your son and how well he was raised cause he could have left but choose the honorable way to go.
  9. Warriorfan

    Shelby Small 2A

    So right bud to old to think about this cheaters will be cheaters no matter what. More respect to those kids who dont run. Those kids do it right. To them I give props not to those who run to win
  10. Warriorfan

    Shelby Small 2A

    Nope I was at Hibriten that year when they played West (he played ) it dont really matter that much but I just wish people would stop saying it dont happen cause it does. Really bad down here.
  11. Warriorfan

    Shelby Small 2A

    That's what I mean bud. He played at West his freshman year so when did he sit out ?
  12. Warriorfan

    Shelby Small 2A

    What year was it ? He played his 10th grade year and now he is playing his 11th grade year. I mean really bud no disrespect but when did he sit out ?
  13. Warriorfan

    Shelby Small 2A

    Sorry bud but he played on the jv team at West his 9th grade year bud. Listen it is what it is. I dont have a kid at either school just hate it when schools be it shelby or hibriten say that stuff like that dont happen. Good luck to both of those teams. I just dont like when schools allow that.
  14. Warriorfan

    Shelby Small 2A

    Whatever happens everywhere
  15. Warriorfan

    Shelby Small 2A

    Your number 44 lives in dula town sister goes to gamewell fact