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  1. Warriorfan

    Northwestern Foothills

    Anyone in the know about West Caldwells line. I just heard from someone who said they know that West's line has some size all the way across this year. I am a West fan but live near Charlotte so I am just looking for some info. Thanks guys
  2. Warriorfan

    Northwestern Foothills

    They have some very good freshmen they played last year and will be even, better this year. Will just have to see how they do.
  3. Warriorfan

    Northwestern Foothills

    Hey everyone who is a West Caldwell fan please remember this post and if anyone can show those young men at West this post I would be thankful. Those young men could use some motivation and some fire and maybe seeing that people don't think to much about them will push them harder. Go Warriors and give'em Hell young men.
  4. Warriorfan

    Northwestern Foothills

    To be honest lets not forget just a couple of years ago this West Caldwell won their conference. So maybe this was just the shot in the arm this school needs to get back to it way it was in the 80s. I sure hope so for those young men there.
  5. Warriorfan

    Northwestern Foothills

    Guys don't sleep on this West Caldwell team yes they are young but remember those players that are coming back got a lot of experience last year playing Varsity. So a lot has to be said for a team that has experience plus one Hell of a new,coach. Will they contend maybe not but they will be no push over this year. I can't wait to get back to my hometown and see this team. I have heard so good things about them already. Go Warriors
  6. Guys looking at 2A. Who does everyone think we'll have the best lines this year cause without them there is no football.
  7. Warriorfan

    Top 1A teams

    Everyone better watch Moutain island charter. From what I have seen those young men are going to make some noise.
  8. Warriorfan

    West Caldwell

    They also have some linemen to build around to. That line will be young so just think in a year or two more
  9. Warriorfan

    West Caldwell

    Whatever may be this was a needed hire for those kids at West Caldwell. He will bring back discipline and a hard hitting attitude. Come on August.
  10. Warriorfan

    West Caldwell

    First I support the community and I pull for the young men that play there. I watch one down here at NC Elite camp every Sunday and that young man gives it every thing he has. I have NO support for the leadership at West cause they left those young men hanging. So please don't ever think I don't support our kids cause they deserve better then what I have seen from the leadership mainly when it comes to football. So yes I hope things change but until I see the leadership care for our young football players it is hard for me to support that leadship. Maybe they (Leadership) will change my mind. I hold that hope.
  11. Warriorfan

    West Caldwell

    I'm so sorry( laughing inside ) but that has been said over and over. Next Thursday then it never happens. I really don't think it will happen, but good luck with that. My old school is just out of wack now a days. I follow them and come back for some games but I think this year I will stay down here near Charlotte where they care about sports and make it fun for the students. I have lost faith in the leadership of my old school.
  12. Warriorfan

    West Caldwell

    I am beginning to think the school don't want football and,if I had a football player at my old school now I would be doing everything in my power to get him somewhere else. West Caldwell is now officially a joke in football and from what I hear every other sport too. Truth is they (West) have a leadership problem and if I am wrong someone prove it. Sorry facts show truth.
  13. Warriorfan

    West Caldwell

    Sorry but I don't believe anything that comes from that leadership ever again.
  14. Warriorfan

    West Caldwell

    Well after I talk this afternoon with someone( you know who you are ) I have come to the conclusion that West has some LIARS about whats going on with football there. Sorry to be that way but guys its a fact.
  15. Warriorfan

    West Caldwell

    You can't blame anyone. I am starting to really think West don't care about football. I think the two players that I do know about on that team I could see them leaving and I dont blame anyone now cause it has to be a cluster up there. It has turned into a laughing stock. I hate it