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  1. Not sure if the coach will be taking a job elsewhere but the HC position is currently open as of today!
  2. WiseOne88

    Power Echols c/o 21 LB

    3min. in and all I see is blitzes and run fits ...how does he do in coverage?
  3. Isn’t Rocky Mount also losing a 3 year starter at QB? That’ll be hard to replace
  4. WiseOne88

    West Wilkes

    Maybe nobody wants it *shrugs
  5. WiseOne88

    Page HC Opening

    Mannnn I think that would be a huge hire for Page! Those kids would definitely buy into him and he’s always had some tough teams
  6. WiseOne88

    Clayton Head Coach

    I expect them to hire the interim coach as full time HC...only in college does the interim rarely get the job at the end of the season!
  7. WiseOne88


    Pay isn’t that bad...an official who officiates regularly will make more than a HS head football coach will! THATS A FACT
  8. WiseOne88

    Tom Knotts

    Yea I know he’s been there before but I’m talking about revisiting college coaching again...worked out for Pete Carrol in the NFL, older and wiser!
  9. Maybe Chris can shed some light on this but why hasn’t Knotts climbed to the college ranks yet, he’s been successful at multiple HS programs and clearly has the winning formula!
  10. WiseOne88


    I know it’s been said coaches shouldn’t be arguing and bashing refs when we’re in a time where we’re short on officials... but honestly that’s expected from coaches I think the real issue is too much pressure is being placed on officials from the association! the type of officiating you receive depends on where you’re playing location wise and what’s at stake! Officials are making poor critical calls due to the fact that they’re are being watched by the “Powers that Be” and it’s sad!
  11. Tough game to watch when you see a group of kids playing against the opposing team and the REFS! ...and East definitely has some coaches with questionable characters smh! Classless GO CRUSADERS I’m rooting for ya
  12. I don’t understand why there’s still morning games you’re asking teenagers to prep and get ready for one of the biggest games they’ll ever have in their lives unless they’re fortunate to play at the next level, I understand having morning games when we only had 3 stadiums for usage but now that we have all 4 available why not have all game times at 3 and 7pm! Help me make sense of it someone!!!!
  13. WiseOne88

    Vance 38, Richmond 7 (4AA West Final)

    The fact that Vance almost and should’ve lost to Mooresville is just proof you never know what to expect when dealing with teenagers! But I still have Richmond to Win this one!
  14. Laneys HFC has stepped down...any big names willing to go coach at the beach, Wilmington is a beautiful place!
  15. WiseOne88

    Richmond Lights

    Everyone’s talking about the lights being a distraction but what about a health risk? Those constant blinking lights could give someone a seizure!