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  1. WiseOne88

    Hobbton over East Chapel Hill

    But check these stats out! Sheesh
  2. WiseOne88

    Week 1: Rocky Mount at Tarboro

    No-Contest the game won’t count for either team!
  3. WiseOne88


    No Reagan or Page...and a lot of teams that did make the list just seem out of Order
  4. WiseOne88


    Tbh I think the rankings are way off especially in the West imo
  5. https://www.highschoolot.com/wake-forest-myers-park-lead-preseason-highschoolot-polls/18563221/
  6. Btango ended the thread with his comment lol...that’s the most valid question there is what’s the point and purpose and whose benefiting from the game. And I’d have to say absolutely no one! 🗣 Cancel it or adjust the format I’m fine either way
  7. That’s why I say have the game prior to the early Signing Day or prior to the national signing day in February...a coach can’t say no if you haven’t committed to them yet.
  8. Glen, As a coach myself I am well aware of the dead periods I didn’t include the exam period cause that’s a given cause you’re dealing with the school at that point that dead period is understandable...what I’m saying is restructure the format of the coaches clinic and the duration have soccer and basketball on the same day and football on the next. The coaches clinic shouldn’t last no more than two days and allow the 4th of July to be a Dead Day for everyone in the state.
  9. Granted I understand that...but honestly the 4th of July dead week is the only dead week really needed, change the landscape of the coaches clinic and there wouldn’t be a need for that dead period I just think a lot of the activities and events that go on during that week are in vain and it makes it difficult for summer workouts as there’s so much stoppage due to dead weeks being so close together
  10. Yea I just wish someone would come up with a good solution to put a better product and experience on the field for the East West game...but I think the powers that be are kinda of old school and won’t look to make any changes. I wonder if those involve ever consult current HS coaches for feedback
  11. Week after the State Championship games
  12. I can’t see how it would be any different than the underclassman HS players who play in the USA Football games during the summer...I literally don’t see how it would go against any rules other than HS coaches not willing to risk their players for the upcoming season
  13. What if the East West was for rising seniors? Granted you risk injury but that’s always a factory in any case. I think it would provide a better quality game and allow college coaches to be present at the game and gives them a chance to see players who may not be on their radar for the upcoming season. I also agree to have the game way earlier in the year...for the past couple of years I’ve seen players drop out and replaced with players who are not in football shape and most likely will not play football beyond the east west game
  14. WiseOne88

    Eastern Carolina 3A/4A

    Short term NO long term Yes! Numbers wise and athlete wise EW & SW have more but grit, toughness and experience I definitely give the edge to ED the past two teams could’ve easily beat both SW and EW
  15. WiseOne88

    Eastern Carolina 3A/4A

    Spring Creek should’ve never been created and pull out of SW...no matter what conference they’re in they will struggle just based off numbers and location not many athletes to choose from in the area. But I will say a 3A/2A split with EW,SW, Aycock, Goldsboro, Wallace and JK doesn’t sound too bad and is actually competitive