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  1. WiseOne88

    2018-19 Coaching Moving Van

    Pamlico County has been filled https://wcti12.com/sports/content/feb-8-11-pm-sports-pamlico-co-introduces-new-football-coach-hoops-year-winding-down
  2. WiseOne88

    Head Coaches

    Thanks for the mathematical synopsis! I’m wrong, you’re right!!!
  3. WiseOne88

    Head Coaches

    Will be 25 soon with the opening of two new HS’s this fall and in 2021...but it’s amazing out of all the context thats mentioned that’s what stuck out the most to you!
  4. WiseOne88

    Head Coaches

    I think most black coaches who do get a HC opportunity will get that chance based on the area and the demographics of the school...and I also think there’s a small number of black assistant and HC’s who are certified in PE which in most cases is the vacant position in-house when applying for HC jobs just some factors to consider
  5. WiseOne88

    Head Coaches

    What about out East? Wake County has 25 high schools of those I believe only 3 have black HCs(Wake Forest, SE Raleigh, and Garner)...Johnston County has no black HCs probably never will...Lenior and Duplin Co also have no black HCs coaches.Wilson, Nash and Pitt Counties only have one black HC a piece...so the next question is should their be a Rooney Rule in place when hiring HCs for football in NC?