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  1. WiseOne88

    Page Pirates

    It’s not about toughness kids just don’t want to be apart of a program where winning isn’t the focal point, days are over when you can say it’s about building better young men despite wins and losses! Kids want to win each week. Easterns varsity is one game above .500 and the JV team is under .500 page JV and Varsity is below .500 as well you don’t think that record plays a part in willingness to participate? Also if you notice kids tend to be more “injured” when playing on a losing squad who’d rush back to play on a losing team
  2. WiseOne88

    Reagan vs East Forsyth

    Final score was definitely not a true depiction of how the game really went
  3. WiseOne88

    Page Pirates

    MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY! Someone send help, Ragsdale gets a comfortable win over Page
  4. WiseOne88

    Midway 7-0

    Finish in this order! Wallace Clinton East Duplin Midway James Kenan Goldsboro
  5. WiseOne88

    Midway 7-0

    Interesting...I have them finishing 4th in the conference behind Wallace,Clinton, then East Duplin
  6. WiseOne88

    Midway 7-0

    What’s their opponents combined record so far?
  7. Maxpreps has Scotland goin West for the playoffs which they haven’t done since 2016 when they lost to North Davidson...if so that makes the east 4a wide open for anyone
  8. And exactly how do they adjust when they play an actual physical team such as Hunt and Goldsboro!?
  9. I have new bern winning this game very comfortably, also I think Aycock looks good now based on who they’ve played, but they also got blown out by Hunt HS who at best may finish 4th in the Big East. With all that being said I don’t think Aycock will be able to make a run come playoff time in 3A but they can probably make it out of the first round for sure! also I think the 4a playoffs will be tough for New Bern too
  10. WiseOne88


    Well you would think Peggy would’ve told him! Or at least Bobby
  11. WiseOne88


    Lol so have you been living under a rock for the past two weeks?
  12. WiseOne88

    Richmond County

  13. Maxpreps has Richmond county as the #1 team in NC...lets talk!
  14. Chris who’s your favorite this Friday Grimsley or East Forsyth!? What’s your breakdown