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  1. EBborn1911

    East Burke head coach opening

    This was once a proud football program it will take a coach with a lot of energy and a new system to get this program back to a least 500.
  2. EBborn1911

    Northwestern Foothills 2A

    It is a bad to see how Fred t Foard went backwards so bad this year in Football looks like everything they had done the last three years were changed by the new staff!! I used to here a lot about them in the paper but this year nothing sad for the Seniors they should had at least 6 wins!! I know people talked about this being a weak conference but the non conference is Bandys, Maiden, West Lincoln for Foard. We at East Burke need to get our program back to where it once was hopefully a young coach with energy can change our culture soon!!
  3. EBborn1911

    East Burke head coach opening

    Talking to coach Minor after he resigned from Foard he turn down a couple of top coaching jobs last year because he did not want to move his family again They has bought a house in mt view area! When he took the Princeton's job in 2012 that team had not won in years and look at them now!! Fred t Foard was the same way !! Coach said he wants to stay local so there are not a lot of jobs around here for now!!I think he is willing to try and turn that program around also!! If the school Adms works with him I think he is up for the challenge!!He is a AD's dream if you let him do his job and don't work against him like Foard did and you see where they are headed now after he left that job!!Sound like a tough job for anybody for sure!! It will be interesting to see what happens!!
  4. EBborn1911

    2AA West Bracket Discussion

    Great win Burns you guys had a lot of tough games this year and it showed for sure!!
  5. EBborn1911

    Eastern Alamance 21, Havelock 7 (3rd Round Final)

    Looks like Eastern is the team to beat!!
  6. EBborn1911

    2AA East Bracket Discussion

    Oak Grove was on a roll this year!!This big of a loss was a shocker!!
  7. EBborn1911

    Page HC

    Page used to rule in Football times have changed for sure!
  8. what about the northwest foothills 2A conference west Caldwell joining that conference!
  9. I am glad to see coach Biggerstaff took the job  without a teaching position open they could not interview anyone. keep me updated with numbers that come out I know by next year a Teaching job should open then they may look at a younger coach for the future but for now you guys have one!!I will come watch you guys I am glad for you and your son and the guys to get a coach! I know this has been tough!!I know Coach Minor decided to take off a year to spend time with his family he turn down two head coaching jobs and several asst jobs!! so you never know in a year what might happen!! I know at one time he liked the idea at rebuilding at WC but no teaching job came open so he decided to take time off!! keep the boys getting bigger and stronger!!Good Luck this year you can win a few games in this conference!!

    1. bigdawg_33


      Thanks man. I'll keep you posted. Gonna get to go watch spring practice today. Haven't got to yet. 

    2. EBborn1911


      Awesome good luck!!


  10. Sometimes retirement is not what people think it is! It might be time to slow down but not quit doing the things you love doing Congrats Glenn!!
  11. EBborn1911

    West Caldwell

    Yes that will be a good conference for them!! Good Luck West Caldwell this year I know it has been a tough wait!!They have a up and coming Running back for sure to build around!!
  12. EBborn1911

    West Caldwell

    That is what was holding them up the whole time looks like!!Sounds like they did the best they could do without a teaching job open!!
  13. EBborn1911

    West Caldwell

    He might be just coaching not teaching!!Sounds like they never had a teaching job open for a coach! Just glad for the kids they have some one now!! This has been a strange job opening for sure!!
  14. EBborn1911

    West Caldwell

    The West Caldwell job just was taking to long something is wrong here for sure! Coach Minor said he is going to take a year off and focus on his family and two kids!!
  15. EBborn1911

    Hibriten ???

    With that money he will get over it for sure!!