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  1. EBborn1911

    West Caldwell

    South Caldwell is still struggling in football also!
  2. EBborn1911

    Eastern Guilford head coaching job

    That's sounds right! they should be good again!
  3. EBborn1911

    Wakefield HFC job open

    This is a nice school seen it several years ago a lot of down east jobs open this year last year it was west that had a lot of opening!!
  4. EBborn1911

    Eastern Guilford head coaching job

    wow a lot of seniors in that class at least 26 that was a big class!!
  5. EBborn1911

    West Caldwell

    A lot of coaching jobs has not been filled yet! Don't know what West Caldwell is waiting for!!I Is there talent at the middle school anyone heard??
  6. The longer West Caldwell  waits the less chance a coach will trust this program!! Does the middle school have any talent coming up. I heard they did not win any games last year in middle school!!

  7. EBborn1911

    1A Head Coaching Jobs Still Open

    Taking a long time on the rest of the coaching jobs looks like!!
  8. EBborn1911

    Head coaching jobs!!

    It is strange how long it is taking to fill some of the coaching jobs still open across the North Carolina area!!
  9. EBborn1911

    West Caldwell

    I heard they are trying to get a P E teaching job open so they can start interviews for a coach!!
  10. EBborn1911

    Hal Capps

    Awesome job congrats Coach Capps!!
  11. EBborn1911

    Hayesville HC Search

    Any more news on this coaching job!!
  12. EBborn1911

    Malik McGowan

    Big recruiting pick up there! Congrats
  13. EBborn1911

    Foard Searching For New Coach

    SCS are you serious? 😂 Support Getties, no problem i wish him luck. support administration, thats on you. but fans of football on this site see it done right and will defend it. These problems have been around since before phelps, harper and minor. i hope for the players sake it works out this time. Maybe me, Panthers, GDG, Wolf, FootballJunkie, Rhodes, BurnsTweeter, NC2B and BlueDevilFan are the same person too, or maybe just maybe, we all agree this situation of losing quality coaches and the hiring process was not handled correctly. We'll just agree to disagree but the CSI skills actually made me laugh out loud.
  14. EBborn1911

    Foard Searching For New Coach

    Wow GDG you sound like you have been in the area for a long time love your Quotes here and other sights also!!
  15. EBborn1911

    Foard Searching For New Coach

    Awesome job getting the kids involved sounds like a great thing to do!!