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  1. EBborn1911

    Tom Harper

    Good Guy Congrats to him!!
  2. This process has hurt some schools more than other's like at East Burke Coach Minor is trying to restart the football program and get some of the kids that did not play football last year under the old staff! some are working at home but getting to know the kids with the short time they had before all the virus shut the schools down!!This program will get rebuild in time!!Kids and parents have notice a big up beat in the kids wanting football back on top!!
  3. EBborn1911

    Hughes Is BACK!!

    Welcome back Chris!!
  4. EBborn1911

    Way too early local football predictions

    yes I think he was the DC that was on staff!
  5. EBborn1911

    Way too early local football predictions

    Ready for this stuff to be over what a boring time now we are living in the last two weeks not a lot for anything to do! Praying we get back to normal times soon! no Fall sports would be bad. Lets hope that don't happen!! Trying to stay up beat about the future.
  6. Nice hire for Freedom Football! Burke county strong!
  7. Several kids that did not play last year will be the key! He said he is there for the long haul for sure The adm has been great so far letting him do what he needs too to make East Burke get back to a football school!
  8. meet and Greet went well last night coach minor brings a lot of new ideas to our program a breath of fresh air for sure!!
  9. meet and greet when great for coach minor last night. I think the players and parents are glad to have him for sure if you ever get near burke county he would love to have your son for sure they need a top running back and your son would be great in his offence!!


  10. Looks like some kids did not play football last year at East Burke they did not like the system that was in place. Kid's in the weight room that did not play sports at all that has to be changed. coach minor has got to change that mind set meet and greet Monday night coach minor's introduction and program information to let parents and players know what his program is all about. #Restore the Swords Can't wait!
  11. They moved him to another school sounds like. so don't think he will be helping!!
  12. Talked to Coach Minor at game last night at east Burke BB game! The meet and greet dinner for Monday night is at the school for football. coach said he is getting the weight room classes fixed two many kids in weight room that don't play sports not a good thing for sure. They are working on fixing this several kids did not play football last year but working on getting them out.They just have to get the kids to buy in to what he is trying to do! Getting the middle kids involved for sure a lot for people are ready to get this program in the right direction!!
  13. One was Tuscola sounded like a lot of issues there. coach did not want to move far from Hickory!
  14. Let hope so It will be a rebuilding process to get this program and the kids to buy in on the weight room and the process Coach brings to football. Sounds like Coach Minor is here for the long haul from what I am hearing! I know some people thinks he should have went to a bigger football program but I heard he like the way the Adm works with the Coaches at EB. Congrats to coach Minor and welcome to the East Burke football . We have been waiting for you for awhile to leads our football team. Good Luck we the boosters are ready also to help in any way we can.
  15. Awesome hire he will do a great Job!!