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  1. Boys game was nothing like the 1st. NW didn't play around. Dunking contest for Hanpton and Reiber. Never really were threatened. I left at halftime NW was winning by about 20. Final score NW 100 Ragsdale 69
  2. I went to Ragsdale-NW Guilford game. Ragsdale held the ball alot. Especially if NW was making a run. They held the ball for the last 2 min of the 1st qtr. They slowed the pace down drastically, even when they could score easy and quick. Harkey didn't play alot or as much as usual. Coach was mad at her every time she took her out. Ragsdale attacked the basket whenever she was out and would come back and tie the game or take the lead. Then in the 4th qtr NW would not get Pargo the ball. She hit the 2 shots she took. Several times NW had wide pen jump shots but couldn't knock them down once Ragsdale got the lead in the 4th they held the ball and knocked down their free throws.
  3. Naquedskwirrels

    Moravian prep

    I believe they have a regional team and a HS team. There's a 7th/8th grader on the HS team that can ball. I think he scored 40 at the MLK event at Smith HS
  4. Naquedskwirrels

    East Surry at Bishop McGuinness

    I was sitting 4th row right on the baseline behind E Surry bench. You had same view I did lol
  5. Naquedskwirrels

    East Surry at Bishop McGuinness

    What angle were you looking at that last play of regulation? I was viewing from behind on BM side. Initial thought was she got fouled or tripped then watched a video and looks like she stumbles on her own. But idk what happened on front side of the play so good chance she was tripped or bumped. Glad I'm not a ref!!!
  6. Trying to decide between E Surry-Bischop Mcguiness, SW Guilford-Parkland, HP Andrews-E Randolph game. Depending if I get off in time
  7. Naquedskwirrels

    West Forsyth at Glenn

    Yea we were pretty close. I came to the game to watch Damani Whitehead a freshman for Glenn but she didn't get in the game. She's going to be good whenever she gets her chance. I thought she'd go to school in High Point because that's where she went to middle school.
  8. Naquedskwirrels

    West Forsyth at Glenn

    Where were you sitting @Chute Boxe Hero? I was top row across from WF bench
  9. Naquedskwirrels

    West Forsyth at Glenn

    Boys game of course was exciting and went to Triple OT. I had no idea that WF boys only have 2 wins on the season. Glenn had their chances to put it away at end of regulation. Didn't like their strategy in OT. In the 3rd OT they tried to hold the ball but WF extended their defense and made then drive to the basket. Then WF took the lead so Glenn couldn't hold the ball.
  10. Naquedskwirrels

    West Forsyth at Glenn

    I went to the Glenn-WF basketball game. Girls game was good and exciting. Thought Glenn should've won by more. Wish WF would've been at full strength but they played hard, seems they got wore down near the end with only 7 girls and starters playing majority of the game.
  11. Naquedskwirrels

    NW Guilford at Ragsdale

    The boys game was weird to me to. Ragsdale came to play and NW just going through the motions. Anybody have any idea why Hampton sat 1st half?
  12. Naquedskwirrels

    NW Guilford at Ragsdale

    I went to this game last night. Rsgsdale girls seemed to be more athletic but out of control. I wish their coach would have told them to pull up for a floater or a short jumper instead of trying to take it all the way to the baske against Harkey. They were getting into the middle of the paint with ease. Harkey was definitely frustrating them. NW, like you said started off hot, kept their composure and everytime Ragsdale made a run they answered.
  13. Randleman-HP Andrews a good game. Andrew's led most of the game, at one point up by 10. Randleman fought back with good defense, free throw shooting and playing as a team. Andrew's had a chance to tie or win in the final seconds but turned it over.
  14. Randleman-HP Andrew's game was good, back and forth the whole game Andrews missed 3 to win game at the end
  15. Naquedskwirrels

    Best Basketball Rivalry in NC

    Ledford vs N Davidson Thomasville vs Lexington Rockingham Co vs Reidsville