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  1. Ironmen may be back after being down for a few years!
  2. CatawbaValley

    1A Boys Teams in the West

    Can anyone in the west play with the Winston-Salem Prep and Lincoln Charter teams? They have controlled the west and state for years with the exception of East Carteret.
  3. CatawbaValley

    2A West 2018

    The young guard at Lincoln Charter is another great one for Coach Gabriel. There is another excellent point guard at Cherryville, his name is Lavonte Hughes. Cherryville is 12-1.
  4. CatawbaValley

    2A West 2018

    No doubt that Lincoln Charter has one of the best young point guards around. Another excellent young point guard who is a sophomore is Lavonte Hughes at Cherryville. If you love basketball, you need to see these two great young men play!!!
  5. CatawbaValley

    Cherryville 92 Chase 89

    The Cherryville Ironmen improved to 12-1 with an OT win at Chase. Are they back to their old ways of winning?
  6. CatawbaValley

    Bud black/Dennis Tate Holiday Classic

    Scores for BudBlack/DennisTate Holiday Classic Scores of Bud Black/Dennis Tate Holiday Classic December 27, 2018 Girls Bessemer City 40 Chase 39 Langtree 60 Cherryville 21 Boys Bessemer City 84 Chase 64 Cherryville 85 Langtree 64 December 28, 2018 Girls Chase 46 Cherryville 40 Langtree 67 Bessemer City 13 Boys Langtree 72 Chase 68 Cherryville 82 Bessemer City 77 The All-Tournament Selections Girls Sania Harris – Langtree Josie Hester – Langtree Adaje Williams - Langtree Ashley Richardson – Bessemer City Kyerstin Cooper – Bessemer City Heather Griffis – Bessemer City Arionna Liberati – Chase Diamond Watkins – Chase Maggie Barnes – Cherryville Nykera Bush – Cherryville Boys Lavonte Hughes – Cherryville Matt Cain – Cherryville Justin Alexander –Cherryville Nathan Jeffers -Cherryville Justice Davis – Bessemer City Jaquaylen Hardin – Bessemer City Marcus Nelson – Bessemer City Zi’Quiris Ramsey – Langtree Charlie Hester – Langtree Jack McKinney – Chase Tyler Whiteside – Chase Most Valuable Player Award Girls Emerie – Langtree Boys Lane Harrill - Cherryville