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  1. what would the conferences look like in this model
  2. Panther2018

    Realignment Process Delayed...NC Seeks to Add 5A in 2021

    how would it fair out with the sandhills conference. would there be teams coming in/out of the conference and how will it fair out with split conferences
  3. Panther2018

    Realignment Process Delayed...NC Seeks to Add 5A in 2021

    so basically it took subdivisions from 1-3a
  4. how would the sac 8 fair out in realignment? will it stay the same or adding/removing schools to different conferences
  5. Panther2018

    2019 Schedules

    anyone know ansons schedule
  6. Panther2018

    Rolesville Jamboree

    what teams are involved
  7. Panther2018

    Union Pines Football 2019

    sounds like a good schedule. how is pinecrest schedule looking like
  8. Panther2018

    Ardrey Kell/Catholic series to end

    what is catholic schedule. should of gotten scotland
  9. Panther2018

    Hough at Byrnes (SC) next year

    who did butler replaced
  10. Panther2018

    2019 schedules

    Anyone know when the football schedules will be out for 2019. Already looking forward to seeing who my team will play. I know there will be some changes in some schedules for next season.
  11. Panther2018

    2019 schedules

    what does the schedules look like for next year