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  1. i know this is the 2020 season but with the realignment coming up. what does the 2021 schedule look like for everyone
  2. Panther2018

    Rolesville 2021-2022

    who do they have so far
  3. Panther2018

    2021-2022 season

  4. who do we want to see on the 2021 football schedule and if you made a mock(not a real football) football schedule for 2021, what would it look like?
  5. i thought richmond is playing jones high school out of florida
  6. Panther2018

    matchup 2021

    one matchup i would like to see is richmond/mallard creek or richmond/weddington
  7. does anyone know when we will see the first draft for the realignment
  8. Panther2018

    matchup 2021

    i would love to see richmond/myers park game
  9. Panther2018

    matchup 2021

    what matchup would you like to see in 2021
  10. Panther2018


    any idea on what ansons non conference schedule looks like
  11. what does the non conference schedule look like with some looking for teams Richmond 8/21 @ Clayton 8/28 Jones High, Florida 9/4 @ David Butler 9/11 Cardinal Gibbons
  12. what's the schedule look like a=
  13. any updates on the search
  14. Panther2018

    Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash

    it's truly heartbreaking to hear the passing of his daughter and the others that were killed in the crash. such a legend that has brought happiness into alot of people around the world. we as christian need to understand that life doesn't promise tomorrow. i've watched the lakers for years since he played for the lakers. he was a true legend. i would like to express my sincere condolences to his wife and his family.
  15. Panther2018


    NCHSAA amendments proposed: Seeks to change number of classes, realign annually The first amendment proposal would allow the board of directors to establish the number of classifications for each alignment period. The second amendment would require the NCHSAA reclassify every year on an annual basis.