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  1. harlem545

    Myers Park at Hough

    I see Garringer squeaking by by maybe 3pts if MP isn’t too careful.
  2. harlem545

    Myers Park at Hough

    Arguably the best 3 teams in Charlotte if not the state and MP destroyed em. Who did creek play? Cupcakes like DF, Gaffney, and Butler? 😂
  3. harlem545

    Myers Park at Hough

    Oh please don’t mistake my prediction in favor of MP. Hough is a shell of their former self and amp is just the new Hough. MP will have Richmond, MC, or Vance in the West in November. But I do respect MP infinitely more that I’ve ever respected Hough, I just don’t truly agree with the Hype. I just know for a fact that if MP is half as good as people are making them out to be, then they’ll be breezing by Hough. Little to no difficulty
  4. harlem545

    Myers Park at Hough

    Exactly this. If MP doesn’t make a huge statement with Hough then I’ll know who they really are.
  5. harlem545

    Myers Park at Hough

    If it’s that close then MP ain’t as good as the state and Max Preps day they are. They want to make a statement now then they need to drop no less than 40 on Hough.
  6. harlem545

    Myers Park at Hough

    It’s one thing to have athletes, it’s another thing for them to be coachable and disciplined. They were smoked by Byrnes and MP is more comparable to Byrnes than Hough is. It may be close for maybe a quarter, a half being generous but I’m gonna guess it’ll be a 3 score minimum deficit once the clock strikes 0.
  7. harlem545

    Myers Park at Hough

    Don’t even understand what would make you think this one would be that close. MP is going to completely throttle them. The best team MP will play until the playoffs will be Butler and that isn’t even saying much.
  8. harlem545


    Just like how they Have MP placed above Creek in the NC State Rankings?
  9. harlem545

    Gaffney vs Mallard Creek

    I was just about to say this. Gotta support the University brethren.
  10. harlem545

    Hough @ Brynes

    Y’all give some of these teams too much credit sometimes. Hough getting Smoked 31-0 at the half. Was never going to be close. Can’t buy a Hs football team and expect it to just work.
  11. harlem545

    West Forsyth has swept Iredell County

    Yeah cause Meck teams usually only worry about EF or Page around playoff time lol.
  12. harlem545

    West Forsyth has swept Iredell County

    After watching Hough I’m certain only Vance and Creek are the teams to beat in the IMeck. Maybe Hough will grow into its shell later in the year but I’m doubtful. WF would probably do better in SW4A
  13. harlem545

    Huss at Vance

    If Gus’s isn’t more equipped than Heritage was then I expect north of 50 to be put up Friday.
  14. harlem545

    Hough @ Brynes

    Feel like Hough will be getting exposed all year this go around.
  15. harlem545

    Hough @ Brynes

    No they are not.