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  1. harlem545

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    Yeah I know. Forcing stuff that isn’t going to work is only going to make stuff harder. Gotta play to your own weakness’s advantage. Screens and Rollout passes should be Vance’s bread n butter especially since Cooper is out for the season. I think Greer has potential, but I don’t think the play calling is really setting him or his offense up for success.
  2. harlem545

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    Oh man Brand is another beast. Only coach that was able to keep him contained was Knotts 😂. Yeah that toughness is there, it’s just a lot of uncoordinated mess going on. I can see the plays on paper working but that Oline man, I’m surprised they don’t try and pop more screens off. When Austin gets calm in the pocket he’s great, and when he doesn’t second guess a scramble he’s great too. I think he just thinks too much, gets rattled easily and I don’t blame him for it, first year in a new system. But it’s the playoffs and nows to buckle down and send a message out. Curious to how they come out Friday.
  3. harlem545

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    MP should study the Vance/MP film from last year defensively. We all know Creek can end a game just off the strength of the run. If Indy piled up 300 then I expect any RB Creek puts out to look like McCaffrey IF they do end up playing. Once you force a team like MP to play elite defense then they’re pretty much at your mercy.
  4. harlem545

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    I’m just trying to speak it into existence 😂😂
  5. harlem545

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    That’s what happened the other year when Vance was embarrassed by Hough. It’s something about playing at Hough, brings the worst out of teams. But Vance woke up in the playoffs that’s for sure. I’m looking for Austin to be more alert Friday and the Offense to put up at least 4 TDs. Maybe 28-14 type game. I still firmly believe, despite last week, that no team that no team will put up 21 or more on Vance. That Energy that Power prances around with is what needs to be rubbed off on the whole team.
  6. harlem545

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    Carolina as in UNC? Really?
  7. harlem545

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    LOL. Hough by as much as they want tbh.
  8. harlem545

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    Butler is a more well tuned version of Hough. All natural team and more disciplined. I don’t expect to win this unless the offense decides they want to play football this week. Defense can’t do it all anymore. It has to be a whole unit effort now. Just don’t see it.
  9. harlem545

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    I’ll take Mallard Creek in this one. Did you guys know Creek is the 4th best College football team in NC? I’ll go with a Creek/Park or Creek/Richmond Finals.
  10. harlem545

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    If Vance can get their offense under control then it’s gonna be tough. With that being said I have a MP/MC or Richmond/MC WCF.
  11. harlem545

    4A West Bracket Discussion

    Contrary to popular belief, I’m thinking irl be a Mooresville V EF showdown.
  12. After last night we don’t even make it out of Matthews. Lol
  13. harlem545

    Vance at Hough

    All I know is there’s a large chance we’re gonna have to see Butler right off Rip. It was a pretty nice season but playing like that ain’t gonna get you past Butler. I don’t blame the defense for shutting down on em last night either. At some point as an offense you’re gonna have to step up. Let’s hope they don’t have to see Butler. First.
  14. harlem545

    Vance at Hough

    No, I have my faith in Greer. Too late for Armstrong. Pre Creek Greer is what Vance need. Hell Pre Creek Vance is what Vance needs. After the Creek game they’ve played worse each game. There’s no easy game in the West so it’s do or die time now.
  15. harlem545

    Vance at Hough

    Only person yelling on the sideline is Hackett. Ferebee gets in em from time to time, but ferebee seems more like a technical coach. Can’t really judge him off this year. The oline coach seems to be on Mars half the time and we see how that’s going. Truth be told Vance should be fine in the coming year or 2. Things could have been A LOT worse for his first year. But they are missing that toughness bantams bought in.