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  1. Longtime Lurker


    did not realize Chris was from Kannapolis. Arnold Solomon and Hon Dines is too so wow that means three of best ever HS football minds are from k-town. That is fancinating.
  2. Longtime Lurker


    I have been following this site for over 10 years as well as NCPreps and I want to thank the admin for giving fans a place to get info on our favorite high school sports. Followed Freddie Farkle for years and I watched Deana King play basketball and run preps but want to thank Chris H and btango for giving us this site and for keeping everything above board with perfessionalisim and class and keeping everyone in line with no riff raft like at ncp. Nice to meet everyone here.
  3. Longtime Lurker

    1AA West: East Surry 40, Mount Airy 0

    JK is a fine coach. He will have MA just fine in years to come. What I thick is lost in conversation is how much of a difference Lowman had made for ES. Loved David Diamont and thought he got the shaft but feel Lowman has done better job of utilizing talent.
  4. Longtime Lurker

    1A East Finals: Pamlico 16, Rosewood 12

    I think they all are playing for 2nd fiddle cause Murphy got them all covered.
  5. Thank you for this site. It is amazing and team pages are awesome. 

  6. thank you for being so knowledgeable and for keeping us informed here and at ncp. Been following both sites for long time but really like how you and Chris run this place. 

    1. btango


      It’s all  Chris.  He’s the most “inside” informed of all the media.  I just go along for the ride.

    2. Longtime Lurker

      Longtime Lurker

      well thank you and him. 

  7. Longtime Lurker

    1AA West: Starmount 21, Polk County 7

    Polk played with class and played hard. Enjoyed having yaw. Coach Grinton just got our boys believing. On a side note loved our new scoreboard.
  8. Longtime Lurker

    1AA West Finals: East Surry 44, Starmount 27

    I just hope we can keep it close. Lost 35-12 in week 2, but we have come a long way.
  9. Longtime Lurker

    Done Posting Scores

    Hello all. Been a LONG time visitor to ncpreps and cp but have never posted but have been quietly observing your threats to leave and asking to be banned, and I think we should all ask Chris and Deana to just send you into permanent excile. I commend you for your passion and love for football fridays but you are too much and make some of us want to tune out these sites that provide good info and opportunitys to chat. I know you have probs, we all do because you whine about them but stop trying to get everyone else to feel sorry for you cuz we all have lifes and probs too and have our own stuff to deal with without listening to you cry. I vote banishment. Merry Xmas.