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  1. Hurri

    Top RBs in the State

    Savone “tank” Tutt - 2808 yds 34 rushing tds Pamlico County HS heading into his Jr year
  2. This might be the case, I haven’t heard much from south side but they always seem to bounce back with a good running back. Pamlico right now is still getting used to the new coach.
  3. Hurri

    Nowell To New Bern

    It’s sad but true I personally wish him the best he’s been an amazing coach and mentor for the county, new bern has gotten a good one.
  4. Great game by Murphy and good sportsmanship, they could’ve easily put more than 60 points. First ever state championship appearance and it showed for my canes. Y’all will see me on the basketball page now, and expect the canes to do damage in basketball lol.
  5. 1AA I agree but for 1A I gotta go with my hurricanes, winning in a close one.
  6. Hurri

    Snow Effecting The Playoffs

    You’re fine lol, no one offended just ready for this Saturday to come‼️
  7. Hurri

    Snow Effecting The Playoffs

    Lol man I was just quoting the gentleman that thought the rain would change pamlico’s practice schedule, and I do understand where you coming from with all that snow. As for Tarboro they’re gonna do what they do best which is dominate on both sides of the field. But if that’s what you want just sit back and enjoy the show.
  8. Hurri

    Snow Effecting The Playoffs

    Oh pamlico is still practicing, as long as there ain’t no thunder those boys will stay out there. Coach Nowell is probably in shorts while they’re practicing too.
  9. Pamlico was pretty banged up as well, it seems like they lost a cornerback.
  10. Hopefully all that success can rub off on my hurricanes, but Tarboro wins by a lot
  11. Don’t leave out your knights now, y’all had a hell of a season making it far in the playoffs💯
  12. Same too y’all, much respect to the Vikings!
  13. I’m from pamlico and no.....absolutely not, just in basketball lol