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  1. Congrats to Vance, no doubts or what ifs for those young men this year.
  2. EMEagle

    Players from the West

    Thanks for the correction, I believe Harding does have a player or two in the league rn (I obviously don't have a name at the moment though).
  3. EMEagle

    Players from the West

    Have Antwan Jamison, James Worthy, and Hakeem Nicks been named? Chris Leak was on the Bears practice squad for a while and Mohamed Massaquoi also had a short stint. Jaire Alexander (Rocky River), Kendall Lamm (Harding), DJ Humphries (Creek), Jamison Crowder (Monroe), Daniel Jones (Latin), and Keenan Allen (Northern Guilford) are some active names.
  4. This late in the game, I'm always pulling for the QC and I really wanted y'all to get a chance to knock off WF after last year. Congrats to those young men at Vance for getting here but there is still one round left so I hope they don't come out sleep.
  5. I hope you're saying what I think you're saying. It would be a major win on the trails for the Heels.
  6. In a rebuilding year, and only to flop against GA Southern and blow an undefeated season. I can't hate App State though, so that's all I got for you.
  7. Puke, ECU, and NC State....what do these three programs have in common? 🧐🧐
  8. Game. Richmond 35-32, Raiders comeback in the 2nd half and MP walks away empty handed again.
  9. Starting to sound like a comeback won't happen, I'll gladly think of this (and MPs overall inability to get over the hump) as karma for the recruitment of K Howard.
  10. That TD at the end of the third is looking like the turning point, Myers Park down 4 now with a chance to prove they can play from behind. Listening on radio call from OOS. 28-24 Raiders.
  11. EMEagle

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    Has there been any talks of something like an IMG white team (the one that can play in the FL playoffs and is not nearly as good) or Oceanside/Legion being done in Charlotte? I don't expect anyone to go for something like the main IMG team, which is basically a barnstorming team for elite HS football players, but I think a collegiate academy could take off in the right area of town.
  12. EMEagle

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    Mallard Creek is a great program but it seems like penalties have been a problem every year for a while now (speaking as someone who has been keeping up from a distance) just imagine how great they'd be if they didn't rack up penalties like rushing yards. Who is now the favorite? I didn't expect Richmond to trail Hough or win by single digits, I know folks still have questions about MP, and Vance seems to have a defense that can keep them in every game.
  13. Pulling for Goose Creek to cause as much chaos as possible.
  14. I think they beat State off of the strength of trying to win back NC (already got the Bell back) and being motivated for a potential bowl game in Mack's first year. I didn't expect them to beat Pitt for a 7th straight year but I think the Heels stop the current streak at three games and bumps their all time +/- in the series to +31 wins (67 total against the Pack). Edit: We know App and Wake are better than the triangle teams this year btw.
  15. EMEagle

    Pep Rallies

    East Meck used to do Pep Rallies for Homecoming and Senior Night, we also held a couple for a few key games between 2005-2010. Not an every Friday thing but still an active tradition (as recently as last decade).