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  1. Old Mountaineer

    #1 East Surry (13-0) vs. #2 Mitchell (12-1)

    I was told yesterday that the Mitchell county transportation had filled one bus and was working on filling a 2nd one people had until 12 today to call, so I don't know how many they got for the 2nd one.
  2. Old Mountaineer

    What's next?

    I was getting my info from the article that Cougars66 posted off of Highschool OT
  3. Old Mountaineer

    What's next?

    A proposal for new bylaws including a 5A classification will be sent to the NCHSAA next board meeting in December then voted on next spring by the entire membership and results announced at the annual meeting in May. In order to pass, three-fourths of the membership must support it — which is approximately 313 schools. If new bylaws are passed next spring, the board of directors would begin working on a realignment plan that would be distributed no later than March 2021. The new realignment plan would take effect Aug. 1, 2021 using ADM numbers from 2020.
  4. They're in a 2A/1A conference West and East Columbus are the only two 1A schools so who ever wins between them gets in. By rule you have to be a .500 team or be in 3rd in the overall conference to be a automatic qualifier but you still get in as a at-large team for being the first place team in your classification.
  5. Old Mountaineer

    Freshman QB at HS Varsity?

    Mitchell county QB who graduated a couple years ago when he was a freshman the senior QB was injured in the first game and out for the season so the freshman came in and started from then on. This year Madison county QB is a freshman but they had no JV team and out of 34 players I believe 16 or so are freshman.
  6. Old Mountaineer

    1A/1AA Football Bracketology

    So they just opting out?
  7. Old Mountaineer

    1A/1AA Football Bracketology

    I heard the same thing. But just looking at the process ,teams qualify first to the 48 teams ether by automatic bid or at-large then they split them into A & AA then into regions then they are seeded. I haven't found anything that shows if team B & team C come out of the same conference and same classification and team B comes out of the regular season in first place and team C in second but after the split B goes AA and C goes A once the seeding starts with the first place teams I haven't see anything that shows that team C is moved up to now with the first place teams. But that could be corrected I just haven't read it as a rule anywhere. As far as 2017 goes TJ & Bessemer were both 6-1 in the conference with TJ winning the head to head, TJ was seeded #3 in 1A and Bessemer #4 in 1AA so that could go ether way since MIC that year was 3rd in the conference and got #4 seed in the 1A. Sorry not trying to be a butt just trying to figure it out.
  8. Old Mountaineer

    1A/1AA Football Bracketology

    Thomas Jefferson will have to win Friday plus have help to become #3 seed. Ether MIC will have to lose or TJ would have to win first place in tiebreaker. But if TJ loses Friday and MIC and BC win , then Bessemer is conference champ MIC second and Union Academy 3rd all automatic bids being in a 9+ team conference while TJ at 4th would be an at-large team. If TJ MIC and BC all lose then you have a 4 way tie in thier conference.
  9. Old Mountaineer

    Avery @ Mitchell

    Got me some hand warmers.. I'll be on top as usual Good Lord Willing in my camper chair with the old men and other crippled. I'm just thankful for that handicap parking, just wish they had a food stand up there. I'd say Mitchell by 21 especially if they can put pressure on the Avery QB.
  10. Old Mountaineer

    Mount Airy at East Surry

    Same as last year playing in 1A while the smallest 1AA last year was 501. But looking at the 48 teams depending on projections to make the playoffs only 21 or 22 are 500+ this year.
  11. https://www.nchsaa.org/students-and-parents/rules-and-regulations The above site is NCHSAA 2019-20 Hand Book abridged version. At the bottom is section 4.1 competition that deals with tiebreaker procedure 4.1.13 . Unless I missed it I don't see anywhere it mentions using adjusted rankings for a conference tiebreaker.
  12. Old Mountaineer

    ADMs are out

    In 1A ..Using the top 48 in the last 10/28/19 adjusted rankings, the new ones should be out tomorrow. There are 24 above 500 ADM and 24 below 500. The highest above 500 Grandville Central @ 780 the lowest Union Academy & Union ( Rose Hill) 505. The smallest below 500 North Edgecombe @ 197 the largest two Hobbton 494 & Mitchel 489. But if you use the top 45 and add in teams in split conferences who will win thier 1A then you have 22 teams above 500 and 26 teams below 500.
  13. I just curious where does using Maxprep rankings in a three way to come from? I not saying it's wrong people on here know a more about it then I do , I'm just wondering were you find it. I've tried googling it, and all I can find is on 2019-20 NCHSAA rules under . section 4 competition..rule 4.1.13 Tiebreaking Procedure , I don't see anything about using Maxprep rankings for tie breakers , when it's two teams that's tied it's straight forward it states it's who ever wins the head to head game, but three way tie it's a little murky at least to me . It looks like they might be able to use non-confidence games, it easier in basketball when there's a regular season tie ,it's whoever wins the conference tournament. But under the rule the last sentence is: (7) If the tie still exists, a draw will be held by the tied teams for the seeds available. All tied teams for a position will draw with the numbers of the spots for which they are tied in a hat.
  14. Old Mountaineer


    Looking at the last six years they should be out this coming week. 2013 Nov 5th , 3 days before the last game 2014 Nov 4th , 3 days before last game 2015 Oct 30th, day of next to last game 2016 Nov 3rd, 1 day before last game 2017 Nov 1st, 2 days before last game 2018 Nov 7th 5 days after last game due to weather and postponed games in the east.