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  1. Old Mountaineer

    1A West: Murphy 33, Mitchell 29

    It's like what other people form Mitchell has said if it's the team that played last night then Murphy big. Mitchell played better in thier two losses, just wasn't the same team I've all year. If they wake up and play thier full protential plus good play calling, it will be good game. I just glad it's at home and I'm 10 minutes away from my house.
  2. Old Mountaineer

    2A West Powerhouse Is On Their Way To 1A

    It could very well happen but if the state keeps it's current configuration I don't know that you'll see MTN heritage dropping to 1AA they're ADM in 2013 was 679 this year 665 they've been as high as 709 one year but they seem to be holding steady and with the four lane you already have people who work in the Asheville area moving to Yancey county , cheaper housing and taxes at least for now than Buncombe or Madison county. So there is a possibility at least of Yancey county growing in population. But even if they do ever drop you won't see a Mitchell - MH playoff game because Mitchell's ADM is on the decline and unless some unforeseen economic boom will remain under 500. Mitchell has already combined Bowman & Harris middle schools football teams and just got a grant to build a new middle school below the high school closing the last two ( down from four) middle schools.
  3. I don't know the score but I do believe MH wins the pit is a hard place to play in. The first game suggest a close game but Hendersonville is a confusing team they play a one point game at MH then lose to Franklin but last week handily beats NS. I noticed Hville threw for 186 in the last game and do believe if they have any chance they'll have to do that again because if MH has any weakness on D it's the secondary your not going to run on them best coached line you'll see. Joey is going to run - pass only when he has too- play clock possession and two point conversation (80+% success) when they score to make you do the same and if you try to play his game especially when it not your identity you'll lose.
  4. Old Mountaineer

    1A West: Mitchell 21, Cherokee 13

    Back Post New Thread Cherokee @ Mitchell < Prev12 Fightin4BravesWell-Known Member 41 Yesterday at 9:25 PM wncbowhunterWell-Known Member He has never told, just someone who likes to stir the pot. He is the WNC version of ol` Rich. Looking forward to Friday night. I for one hope Mitchell isn't playing the revenge game for last season, this can backfire. I just want them to play up to their ability. I just don't see this as a blowout. I look at this sort off like the Heritage/Hendo game. IF Mitchell is a serious contender they should win by 2 or 3 scores. Just based off the Murphy-Cherokee game. IF the first half Cherokee team shows up, could be a long night for the Mountaineers. So, to summarize, I have no idea what to expect. 42 Today at 9:09 AM BravesGWYWell-Known Member 43 Today at 9:51 AM mbdfan likes this. Magnum45Well-Known Member 44 Today at 10:31 AM Fightin4BravesWell-Known Member You are such an idiot sir!!! You have got to be a city slicker!!! You wanna talk about football because you know so much but cant quite break tha spoiled kid pansy syndrome deal!!! You won't even say who your team is you little jerk!! Your mom and dad probably spent a lot of time at your school cause " teacher's didn't like you" or "gettin bullied" !! 45 Today at 10:35 AM Fightin4BravesWell-Known Member 46 Today at 10:38 AM Fightin4BravesWell-Known Member 47 Today at 10:42 AM Magnum45Well-Known Member Nice rant. Will you be here Friday night about 10? I guarantee you you will be saying you were right Magnum. Mitchell will wipe the field with Cherokee. I've seen both teams play this year and it's not even close 48 Today at 10:43 AM Magnum45Well-Known Member How old are you? Don't get your panties all in a wad because I'm telling you the truth. Deep down you got to realize that your team is not going to win Friday. That's just reality 49 Today at 10:44 AM Fightin4BravesWell-Known Member 50 Today at 10:46 AM mrbudWell-Known Member 51 Today at 10:46 AM Fightin4BravesWell-Known Member 52 Today at 10:47 AM Fightin4BravesWell-Known Member 53 Today at 10:52 AM mrbudWell-Known Member 54 Today at 10:53 AM Fightin4BravesWell-Known Member 55 Today at 10:57 AM Magnum45Well-Known Member That was your best team ever. This year is another story. I am just being real. You guys are not winning Friday 56 Today at 11:00 AM KnightInShiningArmorMember 57 Today at 11:01 AM mrbudWell-Known Member Bro just being honest you guys will get destroy friday. Mitchell will be better then any team you have played this season by a wide margin. 58 Today at 11:13 AM KnightInShiningArmorMember I’m actually a Black Knights fan, but I do agree the odds are in Mitchell’s favor. 59 Today at 11:21 AM mrbudWell-Known Member 60 Today at 11:33 AM Bravesfan5Well-Known Member 61 Today at 11:35 AM mhs95 likes this. Old MountaineerWell-Known Member They two different teams with the seniors they graduated last year and don't think Mitchell is really concentrating on revenge. But while if Mitchell wins I would feel better about going into a Murphy game by winning by a large margin but that doesn't always mean anything about the next game, case in point last year Cherokee only beat Robbinsville 18-9 while Mitchell beat them 45-25 so you think Mitchell and I think some did Mitchell has this in the bag and we all know how that went. But I don't know about this game. Cherokee was ahead of Murphy in the first half what happened in that 3rd quarter ? Was that just the better team waking up or was there unforced errors by Cherokee ?Because the 4th was even again. So which teams will show the Cherokee in the first half against Murphy or 3rd quarter Cherokee? The overly conservative Mitchell who played Mountain heritage? Or the Mitchell who came back against Erwin in the second half and played all the other games with the spread and mixing run & pass? I do think if Mitchell plays thier full potential both players and coaching staff they can win the whole thing. Plus when it comes to teenagers don't underestimate momentum I don't when Ive seen a game like last year with such a momentum swing. Some will disagree but if Mitchell had scored instead of fumbling on the one I believe they win that game but then on 3rd down Cherokee throws a big pass for a TD and everything switched it's like it got in Mitchell's head. So anything can happen in a game.