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  1. LarryRandolph

    Nick Stevens' realignment plan

    Let me clarify. 25-25-25-25 I like, if an only if it is done for the purposes of conferences and for playoffs they are subdivided. We are handcuffed with having to have 4 classes. How about 1A-0-450 2A-451-600 2AA-601-900 3A-901-1250 3AA-1251-1700 4A-1771 and up. ???????
  2. LarryRandolph

    Nick Stevens' realignment plan

    That is really dumb.
  3. LarryRandolph

    Realignment Process

    Great plan, I'm all for it.
  4. LarryRandolph

    American Legion Baseball 2020 NCAL season Suspended

    Sad. But probably necessary. Hate all this for the kids.
  5. LarryRandolph

    Realignment Process

    There just isn't an easy fix that would satisfy many people.
  6. LarryRandolph

    Realignment Process

    I'd like 25-25-25-25 to make conferences easier to draw up, but subdivide for all playoffs.
  7. LarryRandolph

    Nick Stevens' realignment plan

    Probably the best most realistic plan out there. Well done.
  8. LarryRandolph

    Almost Baseball Time

    2018. Dugouts the size of a cigar box.
  9. LarryRandolph

    Almost Baseball Time

    But you can only fit 3 guys in the dugouts at East. West is much better.
  10. LarryRandolph

    Jordan Matthews

    I'd say they probably just put it all together. They have lost some close ones throughout the year. They have really good guard play, the probably had 3 games of shooting like they are capable of. Congrats to them and Coach Wiley. Camden Fuquay is a really tough kid, plays way bigger than his size.
  11. LarryRandolph

    Thomasville HC Search

    Gillespie. Good Hire!
  12. Ok, at this point, looks like we are staying 4 classes. Go 25-25-25-25, should be able to reduce split conferences considerably, 64 teams in each class make playoffs, and subdivide and just have 8 state champions in everything. Why not? More revenue for NCHSAA, teams will be on more level playing field during playoffs. Seed based on maxpreps adjusted rankings 1-16 in east and 1-16 in west and play.
  13. LarryRandolph

    Almost Baseball Time

    I believe their field will be ready, but if not, I bet they play some at East and some at West. But I was pretty sure their new field was supposed to be ready.
  14. I believe you. But what is going on exactly?
  15. LarryRandolph

    Almost Baseball Time

    Who are teams in each class who will be in the hunt for state titles, ect.? 1A-Rosewood could win east again, Uwharrie didn't lose a ton, could potentially repeat 2A-Randleman always a threat 3A-Southern Lee I think could make some noise in playoffs, have a good pitching staff and a UNC commit catching. Couple D1 guys in the field. If they find offense, they could be really good. 4A-??????????Not a lot of 4a schools in my area, so not sure here.