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  1. LarryRandolph

    Playoff seedings gone wrong

    Get rid of adjusted rankings. Seed based on maxpreps. Automatic bids occur the same way, but once it's decided who is in, seed them. If you win regular season in a weak conference and you are seeded #14, so be it. If you played a tough schedule and finish 3rd in a great conference, and are seeded #9, so be it. It's really not that hard.
  2. LarryRandolph

    baseball preview

    Anyone know about Yadkin Valley?
  3. Does North Rowan staying open for operation affect Chatham Central's possible move back to the YVC for 2019-2020? With West Montgomery leaving, perhaps they still let Chatham Central return? Anyone with info on that?
  4. LarryRandolph

    baseball preview

    I have teams I follow. What kinds of predictions are there for the year? Where is the guy who does the 2A predictions?
  5. Heard odds were U.W.Harrie Charter may go 2A next realignment. North Stanly possibly, but likely to stay 1A. New YVC for next realignment will likely be South Stanly South Davidson Albemarle Chatham Central North Moore North Stanly (probably stay 1A) The Gray Stone Day School Also heard Chatham Central going back to YVC next school year.
  6. I still say go to 5 or 6 classes on no subdividing. Baseball should however take less teams and go best of 3 the whole way.
  7. Rumors Yadkin Valley reshuffling in Fall of 2019 and then again for the next realignment.
  8. I agree. I don't like byes.
  9. I think if you went to five classifications, we should not subdivide.
  10. All good points. We could also look at moving to 5 classifications, rather than 4. That might help some of the issues.
  11. Why not do it like this? 1A=up to 500 students. 2A=501-1000 3A=1001-1500 4A=1501 and up Depending on sport, bracket could be different. No more subdividing. Top 50% make playoffs using the current seeding criteria and round up to next even number. So for 1A you have, for example, 94 baseball playing teams so 94*.50=47. 47 teams get in, round up to nearest even number and you get 48. Say for football you have only 68 teams that play football, 68*.50=34. 34 get in and bracket and apply byes as needed, so two 17 team brackets, in this case the 17/16 could do a play in game. It should be based on top half in each sport get in. I needs to mean something to make the playoffs. And maybe, only top 40% making play offs. I would even favor pre-determined sites like it used to be for everything but football.
  12. Makes some sense from their perspective. Doubt many of those Charter schools have JV teams in many sports.
  13. With the possibility of North Rowan closing. I'd like to see a Yadkin Valley that looked like this with divisions to try and reduce travel: West Albemarle North Stanly South Stanly South Davidson East Chatham Central Chatham Charter North Moore Uwharrie Charter For everything but football of course, Play within division three times for 9 conference games and play across divisions once, alternating site each year to add 3 more conference games, which would make a total of 12 conference games. Then for conference tournament play across divisions E#1 vs. W #4 E#2 vs. W#3 W#1 vs. E#4 W#2 vs. E#3 Then re-seed in second round based on overall standings and play it out from there. Just a thought.
  14. To be seeded as a 1 from a split, you have to either be .500 or better overall OR finish in the top 3 in the conference. So if you are in a split and finish 3rd overall with a 4-7 record for example, but are the highest in your classification, you could be seeded as a 1 in theory.