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  1. LarryRandolph

    1A Contenders 2020

    I'd watch South Davidson in the West and Columbia in the East.
  2. LarryRandolph

    Moving football to the spring???

    football in spring will not happen. If anything, adjustments will be made to fall season. 100% sure.
  3. LarryRandolph

    Moving football to the spring???

    What would that mean for sports? Just do spring sports only? Crazy.
  4. LarryRandolph

    Moving football to the spring???

    I like it a lot. Make it 21 games, this way all that is lost for baseball would be the 3 typical spring break games. That would be the only change I'd make.
  5. LarryRandolph

    Congratulations Tanner Muse

    clemson sucks but congrats on getting drafted.
  6. Surprisingly, Chatham Central is the school in Chatham County with the most team sports state titles. 4 in womens basketball, 3 baseball for starters. Jordan Matthews has a mens basketball and a womens basketball.
  7. LarryRandolph

    Moving football to the spring???

    Correct! for one year only.
  8. LarryRandolph

    Moving football to the spring???

    For one year only, swap seasons around. The spring sports we just lost, let those sports start Aug. 1st. Then fall sports in the winter, and winter sports in the spring?????? Just a thought. Easier to practice social distancing outdoors, and then by next spring when more things are in the gym, perhaps it would work out better.
  9. Northwood in Pittsboro has never won a team sport title that I know of.
  10. LarryRandolph

    Mascot name change

    Integration. Many thought the Phantom looked a little too much like a Klansman. My uncle was a student at JM during that time. My mother came along after the change.
  11. LarryRandolph

    Will COVID-19 affect schedule or season?

    Problem is, where do you pick up? Just start with winter sports in November? What happens to the fall sports? What about kids who play multiple sports, will the be forced to choose if they go on at the same time? Just crazy times, unprecedented and just no way to know what it will bring.
  12. LarryRandolph

    Almost Baseball Time

    Same here. Hate it so much for the kids.
  13. LarryRandolph

    Almost Baseball Time

    Anyone thing if schools return on May 18, they will resume playing spring sports? I don't see it, but I will also be surprised if schools goes back this school year.
  14. LarryRandolph

    Mascot name change

    Jordan-Matthews went from Phantoms to Jets in the 70s
  15. LarryRandolph

    Nick Stevens' realignment plan

    Let me clarify. 25-25-25-25 I like, if an only if it is done for the purposes of conferences and for playoffs they are subdivided. We are handcuffed with having to have 4 classes. How about 1A-0-450 2A-451-600 2AA-601-900 3A-901-1250 3AA-1251-1700 4A-1771 and up. ???????