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  1. I do think that number gets skewed a little bit with the 20/30/30/20 rule. With 2A's and 3'a, you are essentially competing with 60 other schools. In 1A and 4A, you are competing with about 40. I believe we should have a class system where it is pretty equitable across the board in terms of playoff percentages and the state champions. Only way to do this is classification alterations. 6 Classes with subdividing the highest and lowest class would work as well. The thought of them decreasing their cash cow just isnt going to happen.
  2. you are correct. I apologize. I believe I was combining the football average with the non-football average. For instance, one state champion in classes with 120 students.
  3. They'll never agree to reducing the playoffs. With 8 state champions we have a champion for about 1 in every 75 schools. Its already more difficult to win a state championship in North Carolina then SC, GA, and Florida based on those numbers. With our enrollment discrepancies in the four class system, I could make the argument we should have more state champions.
  4. Travel isnt an issue in football. I'm all for football only leagues. In our league, South Brunswick has 1050 students and Laney has 2200. Why on earth are they in the same conference? Football only leagues would allow them to go play like-minded schools (South Columbus, St. Pauls, other borderline 2AA/3A teams.) West, New Hanover, and Topsail should be playing the schools in either Jacksonville or Fayetteville who are around 1300 to 1600. We already have to play Lumberton and Cary out of conference because the Three Rivers has 10 games and none of us can schedule them, it would also open us up to play the Wilmington schools out of conference.. Believe it or not.....WE WOULD SAVE money in a league where we go to Fayetteville three times a year.
  5. TrojanCoachWBHS

    5 Classification Realignment

    Yes......then you would still subdivide their other sports but increase the brackets. So two 16-team brackets in football. Maybe 20 to 24 team brackets in basketball,soccer, baseball,etc. Keeps the playoff percentages fair.
  6. TrojanCoachWBHS

    5 Classification Realignment

    And you wouldnt have a split league between 2A-3A, 3A-4A, 4A-5A, 5A-6A, 6A-7A with an enrollment difference of more than 500 or so. Just solved the 3A/4A split leagues I showed earlier. *Under our present model its the equivalent of either 3A only leagues, or a 3AA/4A league. Much more equitable.
  7. TrojanCoachWBHS

    5 Classification Realignment

    This is beautiful. Not a classification between 2A and 7A with an enrollment discrepancy more than 400 or so!
  8. TrojanCoachWBHS

    5 Classification Realignment

    8 state champions i'm fine with. I like your model. Was saying "no way" to the poster who said 8 was too many. Under your model split leagues would still be available and our league would be a 4A/5A league. We would lose North and South Brunswick. And I wouldnt do it at 12 percent evenly. 1A should be about 15 to 16 percent because of the amount of schools that dont play football (charter and private schools). What I would propose is any school with 500 or less in enrollment is 1A. And then take those out and divide the rest of the schools evenly. That way you would still have about the same amount of football playing schools in each classification.
  9. TrojanCoachWBHS

    5 Classification Realignment

    The five classification model works great if you are willing to abolish split leagues. It would screw us (West Brunswick), New Hanover, and Topsail because we'd have no one else to play.
  10. TrojanCoachWBHS

    5 Classification Realignment

    No way. In South Carolina, they have five classifications with about half as many schools. North Carolina awards a state champion in football for about one in every 70 schools while South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Virginia award 1 in about 58-60. The fact that we dont subdivide in other sports is absolutely ridiculous. 1 state champion for 140 schools in 3A or 2A?! Our man Donnie Kiefer just won a state championship at a place in North Carolina that would be held against the system as our 1A's range from 100 to almost 700 students. In South Carolina, only schools with 500 students or less are 1A. Thus we would be throwing a bone to the little schools while schools that have dominated 1A for years like Tarboro, WRH, ect would now be 2A with one state champion. You would essentially have two champions from the group of people that play in the present day 1A (one "a) subdivision. South Brunswick, with 1000 students is playing for the same state championship as Clayton with 1800 and plays in the same league with Laney with 2400. Four classes with 415 schools is just crazy. Ive recruited all over the southeast when I was in college football. Everyone just looks at me cockeyed when I told them how the NCHSAA is structured. They do a lot of good. But they fail on realignment simply by choosing to use this antiquated system. We need to go to 8 Classifications with split leagues only allowed one spot below them. Right now Eastern Wayne plays in a league with 900 less students than . Freedom plays in a league with almost 1000 more students. And North and South Brunswick play in a league with MULTIPLE teams having more than 1000 students then them. If you went to 8 classes, North and South would be 5A and could play in a split league with either 4A or 6A schools and would thus avoid the Wilmington schools. They should be in schools with likeminded schools like West, New Hanover, Topsail, and Jacksonville or west of them like South Columbus, Whiteville, ect. We tend to think about football only, but our athletes down here get screwed playing soccer, golf, lacrosse, ect. No way they go to an 8 state championship format with a few brackets sprinkled in as 24 team brackets. This takes away four games for every 24 team bracket you have. Less money. It should be as follows IMO 1A (75 schools/But about 30 dont play football)- Subdivide it like they do now. Two state champions out two 16 team brackets. 1A's have less numbers. One less round is a good thing. *Every other classification would be between about 46 and 52 schools......EQUITY. And you could easily maintain geographic balance. 2A- One state champion. 3A- One state champion 4A- One state champion 6A- One state champion 7a- One State champion 8A- Subdivide it with 16 team brackets. Ashley High isnt playing in the same world as Myers Park with 3500 students. 4 Rounds. Big 16/Little 16 Under the old model....8 state champions....248 playoff games Under the proposed model....10 state champions.....246 playoff games- One less round for schools with less depth. * The 8A schools would be allowed to play a 12th regular season game as a second endowment. State would make more money replacing 20 endowment games for two lost playoff games.
  11. TrojanCoachWBHS

    West Brunswick

    West Brunswick is expecting multiple openings on our faculty this year with two football supplement spots to fill. No interest in offensive skill coaches. Looking for Defensive Assistants or an offensive line coach. We are multiple on defense and run wing t from under center and the gun on O. Expectations are openings in Social Studies, Math, possibly PE and EC. School is located in Shallotte, NC seven miles from Ocean Isle Beach. and ten miles from Holden Beach. Email Brett Hickman at mihickman@bcswan.net with interest.
  12. TrojanCoachWBHS

    Congrats to Coach Donnie Kiefer

    Great coach!
  13. TrojanCoachWBHS

    Seeking game and coaches

    West Brunswick needs a week 4 game (sept 6) or week 5 game (sept 13) for 2019-2020. Willing to play a one year deal if that’s all that can be worked out Also, we are expected to have mid year openings in PE or History. Email mihickman@bcswan.net if interested.