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  1. TrojanCoachWBHS

    West Brunswick

    West Brunswick has teaching positions in PE and History. We are 3aa located with ten miles of ocean isle and Holden beach. Looking for OL or DB but will y’all to anyone for fit. (No coordinator spots available ) i can can be reached at 980-295-4704 or mihickman@bcswan.net
  2. TrojanCoachWBHS

    West Brunswick Football 2019

    They just need to get rid of the idiot they have coaching them ! thanks again for coming down.
  3. TrojanCoachWBHS

    Shelby head coaching position open

    13-17 with coach McCray. Lived in Boiling Springs but went to church at fbc Shelby. Webb is a tough job..... Shelby High is a machine. As was Crest at the time I was there.
  4. TrojanCoachWBHS

    Shelby head coaching position open

    Great for Lance if true. Met him a few times when I was coaching down the road at GWU. A good man. The Shelby machine will keep rolling
  5. West Brunswick, located within ten miles of three Brunswick County Beaches, is searching for qualified candidates for staff openings in PE (1) and Social Studies (1). If you have responded when we put the jobs up in December, we have kept you on file. The interview process will begin in april. The PE job is not in the weightroom at this time. Looking for Offensive Line or a Defensive Assistant (no offensive skill spots available/no coordinator spots available). People with the desire to be a head wrestling coach are encouraged to apply as well. We are a spread wing-t team and a 3-4 defense. If interested contact Head Coach Brett Hickman at mihickman@bcswan.net or text at 980-295-4704.
  6. TrojanCoachWBHS


    Appreciate your service to the kids of North Carolina. 51 years....Im exhausted after 12.
  7. I clarify by saying this.....Split Conferences in the current model is wrong. Split conferences in a more modernized class system (more classifications) is ok as long as you keep it to one class up/one class down. I still believe the lowest and highest classifications should never play in split leagues. 1A's cant compete with 2A's across the board by and large. I'm not talking about Tarboro or WRH or Murphy.....I'm talking about the typical 1A programs. And the largest schools should be in leagues with similar resource rich programs. So in a 6 class system (1A and 6A only leagues) Split leagues that follow one up or one down protocols is ok with me with the other classes.
  8. Yes, but more split conferences that follow the one class up/down policy in an eight or six classification model isnt that bad. For instance a 4A/5A league in a six classification deal isnt bad. Youre looking at about a 600 student differences. I could deal with being in a league that was 3AA/4A or 2AA/3A (in the current format). Its when you get schools in the 3A to 4AA range (1000 to 2500) where its ridiculous.
  9. The question always becomes what do you do with the enrollment issues that naturally exist in the lowest and highest classifications (1A and 4A) (1A and 6A) (1A and 8A)....whatever class we are talking about. I just have a major problem with split leagues in the current format. The difference between little 3A and big 4A is enormous in sheer numbers and resources. Im all for 6 classes and still subdividing the bottom and top classifications. But split leagues have got to stop in football. Some of you naturally dont care, but playing in a league that ranges from 1000 to 2400 just isnt fun.
  10. I do think that number gets skewed a little bit with the 20/30/30/20 rule. With 2A's and 3'a, you are essentially competing with 60 other schools. In 1A and 4A, you are competing with about 40. I believe we should have a class system where it is pretty equitable across the board in terms of playoff percentages and the state champions. Only way to do this is classification alterations. 6 Classes with subdividing the highest and lowest class would work as well. The thought of them decreasing their cash cow just isnt going to happen.
  11. you are correct. I apologize. I believe I was combining the football average with the non-football average. For instance, one state champion in classes with 120 students.
  12. They'll never agree to reducing the playoffs. With 8 state champions we have a champion for about 1 in every 75 schools. Its already more difficult to win a state championship in North Carolina then SC, GA, and Florida based on those numbers. With our enrollment discrepancies in the four class system, I could make the argument we should have more state champions.
  13. Travel isnt an issue in football. I'm all for football only leagues. In our league, South Brunswick has 1050 students and Laney has 2200. Why on earth are they in the same conference? Football only leagues would allow them to go play like-minded schools (South Columbus, St. Pauls, other borderline 2AA/3A teams.) West, New Hanover, and Topsail should be playing the schools in either Jacksonville or Fayetteville who are around 1300 to 1600. We already have to play Lumberton and Cary out of conference because the Three Rivers has 10 games and none of us can schedule them, it would also open us up to play the Wilmington schools out of conference.. Believe it or not.....WE WOULD SAVE money in a league where we go to Fayetteville three times a year.
  14. TrojanCoachWBHS

    5 Classification Realignment

    Yes......then you would still subdivide their other sports but increase the brackets. So two 16-team brackets in football. Maybe 20 to 24 team brackets in basketball,soccer, baseball,etc. Keeps the playoff percentages fair.
  15. TrojanCoachWBHS

    5 Classification Realignment

    And you wouldnt have a split league between 2A-3A, 3A-4A, 4A-5A, 5A-6A, 6A-7A with an enrollment difference of more than 500 or so. Just solved the 3A/4A split leagues I showed earlier. *Under our present model its the equivalent of either 3A only leagues, or a 3AA/4A league. Much more equitable.