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  1. BigKev71

    Favorite HS bands

    I have got to give a shout to the Fayetteville EE Smith Band. They came to play Southern Nash in the first round of the playoffs. Their band was rocking in step, in tune from the time they got off the bus, all the way to their seats, throughout the entire game and after the game all the way back to the bus. Very impressive.
  2. At this point both teams are 0-0. All that matters is what happens on the field Saturday and who wants it the most. Praying for zero injuries and a great game. Go Firebirds!
  3. Yes Coach Foster for SN passed out at the game and is doing fine resting at home. It was a very scary and tense time last night. I can assure you SN is very happy to be there but I can also assure you they will come to play. They are 15-0 for a reason. Charlotte Catholic is the defending champions and probably will be favored by any and everybody and that's ok. SN is on a mission. Like the old saying goes you can't win it if you ain't in it and by golly they are in it to win it. Should be a great high school championship football game
  4. Both teams big, tough, physical and run the football. Should be a great high school football championship game. As I've stated before to be the man you have to beat the man. Southern Nash has that opportunity as they play for the first time ever in school history against a team that wins it every year. Can't hardly wait for 3pm next Saturday. Looking forward to it.
  5. The address is Bailey but the school is just south of an unincorporated community called Stanhope which is north of Bailey
  6. Two great coaches coaching two great teams. Can't wait until tomorrow night in Stanhope
  7. Quinton Cooley, RB, Southern Nash. Look him up
  8. I did, I said the same thing in another forum, so? I haven't claimed to be an expert on Eastern Alamance but I do know Southern Nash. It will be a great game Friday night hope you can make it to the game. Enjoy your day.
  9. Well, I for one can tell you that these Southern Nash Firebirds are hungry and having the opportunity to get revenge on Eastern Alamance is one they relish. After losing a 21 point lead with 6 minutes to go in the game last year has taught them a valuable lesson. EA QB Austin Bryant is a special player no doubt. EA is undefeated for a reason, but so is Southern Nash. This SN squad is the most close-knit group I've seen and literally will go to war for one another. One of the things that makes them so dangerous is as good as Quinton Cooley is, if you try to key on him then Matt Foster, Jackson Vick, Jason Bland, Daylon Whitley, Zack Jones, Isaiah Walker-Warren, etc. etc. etc. will hurt you. But the defense has been playing so well and that fuels the offense. That o-line will just bludgeon you into submission for four quarters. Two electrifying offenses will be on display in Stanhope. It's going to come down to which defense can make the most stops and which team wants it more. This season, my money is on SN.
  10. BigKev71

    3rd Round Scores

    Southern Nash 59 - Terry Sanford 21 Final
  11. BigKev71

    3A East Bracket Discussion

    Southern Nash survives Northern Nash 42-27 and advances to round 3 to face Terry Sanford
  12. BigKev71

    3A East Bracket Discussion

    Rocky Mount vs. Terry Sanford and Northside Jax vs. Eastern Alamance are two very interesting games. Who do y'all have winning these two matchups?
  13. BigKev71

    3A East Bracket Discussion

    #1 Southern Nash vs. #8 Northern Nash Round 2, second round. Southern Nash soundly defeated the Knights 55-23 in the regular season. County rivals playing for the second time in a season can be tricky. Which team will get the job done and advance on to round three?
  14. BigKev71

    3A East Bracket Discussion

    Final Score First Rd. (1) Southern Nash 38 - (16) E. E. Smith 6 Defense played great for the Firebirds
  15. BigKev71

    1AA East Bracket Discussion

    Can we go ahead and get to the Tarboro/Edenton Holmes game already?