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  1. BigKev71

    No Class!

    I agree 100%. I can tell you what will happen to you at Southern Nash if you bad mouth a player or assistant coach, the head coach will have the principle and school resource officer escort you to your vehicle. I've even seen it happen at an away game. One example I can remember was during a game we were ahead so far we had a running clock and this fan was yelling calling out coaches and the QB because they were not throwing the ball. OK, running clock, you can't be throwing the football. Act like an adult folks. LOL
  2. Lol you obviously were not there. Fike is a much better team than their record indicates and they definitely didn't "really struggle". SN took knees at the one yard line to keep from scoring another touchdown. Self inflicted wounds in the game (penalties and a fumble) kept them from scoring two more. Score just as easily could have been 57-20. Doesn't matter if SN wins by 5 touchdowns or 2, they never get any respect in polls. Guess they're just going to have to keep winning.
  3. Just curious as to why you dropped Southern Nash from #7 to #11 this week
  4. Yessir. That series was always a good one. A lot of mutual respect between the programs.
  5. Honestly hoping they can. I hate they quit playing Southern Nash, those Sweet Potato Bowl games were always fun to watch but honestly can't blame them. Hoping they can stay healthy and make a deep run. They have a difficult conference to navigate first though.
  6. The MaxPreps rankings should only be used if there is full disclosure of what is actually in the formula they use so the teams and coaches know how they are being ranked. To come out with one set of rankings each week then have a completely different set of rankings for play-off seeding, one that supposedly takes away margin of victory, is crazy. I've seen teams that are undefeated being ranked below 2 and 3 loss teams in the adjusted ratings. Teams can't control the schedules they are dealt as these are made in advance and teams' dynamics change from year to year. So if you have a conference champion who wins it's conference and goes undefeated and beats every team by a wide margin, they will and should be ranked pretty high by the writers (AP Polls) but potentially could be ranked lower than a conference champion with one or two losses who's margin of victory in their wins wasn't as high. This isn't exactly fair. Do I have all the answers? No but can they come up with a better system? Yes I believe they can and should. At the end of the day teams have to play who they play and have to keep winning to move on. Just isn't fair to a team that is good enough to win week to week in a convincing manner and be penalized for that at the end when seeding time comes around.
  7. BigKev71

    MaxPreps Rankings

    Garbage is putting it mildly
  8. BigKev71

    Dirty Play

    Wow! What a cheap shot, on an extra point no less. I'd probably get kicked out or arrested because I'd probably come across the field. Coaches have to coach players not to do stuff like this.
  9. Just wished MaxPreps felt this way about the Firebirds. There are some strong teams right here.
  10. Tarboro has been running the "Tarboro T" for years but part of the reason for the success is that those kids learn the system in the youth league, continue it during middle school, and by the time they reach high school it's only a matter of adding a few wrinkles and perfecting it. Another big part of it is having the people to run the system but also having everyone buying in to what you do and understanding their roles and doing their job on every single play. My son plays at Southern Nash and they run a similar but different offense in the double wing, and just like Tarboro, these kids have learned and played in this system since youth football and through middle school and all of these kids believe in what they do and trust what the coaches teach them to do. In this case my son, a senior, plays center and the senior QB have pretty much played together since the last 10-11 years and know what calls to make and how to run the offense. When you have this kind of commitment to an offensive system it is effective and hard to stop. In today's HS football landscape coaches change like the wind and bring in the latest trends in schemes and it takes kids a while to get adjusted or committed. They haven't had this issue at Tarboro or SN for that matter. It's like a well-oiled machine and is very hard to defend and stop. Just ask the opposing coaches who have to try to figure it out on a week's prep time.
  11. Can anyone tell me if this game will be live Streamed and if so where can I watch it?
  12. BigKev71

    Best RB in N.C.

    http://www.hudl.com/v/2BZVUq Quinton Cooley, Southern Nash. Through five games this season leads the state in rushing. This kid is going to Wake Forest University next year and should be in the conversation of best RB in the state.
  13. BigKev71

    Week 1: Havelock at Dillon (SC)

    That trick don't work so good at Southern Nash. Them gnats are immune lol
  14. BigKev71

    Top RBs in the State

    Quinton Cooley, Senior Southern Nash from Bailey, NC. Committed to Wake Forest. Kid is unreal. https://www.hudl.com/profile/8240528/Quinton-Cooley