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  1. Britt gave the game away..terrible clock management with 2 mins to go in half..0 time outs on both teams..britt throws the ball twice..incomplete..should hv ran clock out..leading by 3..bad snap on punt..Scotland gets ball back and score..25..22..half..and in 2nd half Scotland punts and ball hits jb player in the leg..Scotland recovers and score a few play later..
  2. No doubt
  3. Timmytarheel

    Richmond backup QB

    He came back to team..
  4. Timmytarheel

    Hardest Hit

    Devin hunt hit on Marlboro QB at myrtle beach..you could hear it in the stands..he didnt play for a couple of weeks...
  5. Timmytarheel

    Richmond backup QB

    May happen..may not..a lot of red tape
  6. Heard he transferred to Scotland
  7. Timmytarheel

    4A East Predictions Round 3

    Small crowds this year
  8. Timmytarheel

    4A East Predictions Round 3

    I'm sure the missing Scotland fans will show up..what a shame
  9. Timmytarheel

    4AA West Predictions Round 3

    Anybody got any stats on Myers park
  10. Timmytarheel


    70% of rain..i would still play on friday
  11. Game could move to saturday..
  12. Timmytarheel

    Richmond...71st game

    Coach for 71st jv keeps calling cancelling game..no game tonight..maybe next Monday..but they probably call and cancel all together..maybe had enough last Thursday night..
  13. Timmytarheel

    Richmond...71st game

  14. Timmytarheel

    Richmond...71st game