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  1. Fball

    1A West: Robbinsville 32, Thomas Jefferson 13

    If tjca has a good strong defense I'm giving them the nod in a close one tj has an explosive offense from what I've seen and robbinsville doesn't do well or they didnt last year with a dual threat QB Tjca 21 Robbinsville 20
  2. Fball

    Who would you vote for as Coach of the Year?

    Shouldn't Joey Robinson mtn. Heritage be in this poll
  3. Fball

    Latest Maxpreps Rankings UPDATED AGAIN

    I believe he is just stating his opinion about Mitchell like the Franklin fan did for Murphy me personally I would give Mitchell the edge not by much though maybe 1 point because of there special teams kicker a touchback every kickoff is huge in a big game
  4. Fan 95 I'm not hating on your team at all it's just that you get so defensive over them wanting them a #1 seed and trust chris hughes on his rankings he knows his $#!+ about football we will see just how good tj is comes playoff time and for Cherokee being a one man show with mintz not so much he was a baller but they had the biggest line in small 1a a great running back with Evan's and two great receivers Evan's mintz lil mintz o line d line could make something outta nothing every play with that being said good luck to tjca rest of tha way
  5. Football fan 95 gets picky if tja isnt listed as a number 1 seed right now cause there undefeated tja pbly has one of the weakest conference schedule in all of 1a tja is a good team but not great it's a one man show
  6. Fball

    Mountain Heritage @ Mitchell

    I think this one will be a nail biter I'm going with Mitchell by 3