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  1. Kickslide_DriveStep

    Way Too Early Discussion of 2021 Realignment

    The problem with MCA and Cornerstone is I doubt they field complete athletic programs which means scheduling is a mess. Doubt they field football teams anytime soon. I would venture to say that none of the schools within Surry/Stokes/Yadkin are in favor of being in a conference with those two schools. There could be a 1A/2A split conference with Walkertown, North Forsyth, Reidsville (probably 1A next time), WS Prep, Bishop, Carver, Cornerstrone. Atkins will be 3A next realignment potentially. They are growing and turned away alot of kids this year due to capacity in their current building. They are building a new building I believe. You also have NC Leadership Academy who is wanting to join the NCHSAA. If that happened then their are enough 1A teams to form another conference altogether or keep it a split conference. If the state did that you could then have the old NW1A and bring in MCA and then have the MVAC 2A . In my eyes, that is a easy fix for all involved and great from a competitive and a financial standpoint. Right now a lot of our schools are being killed with lack of gate due to a lot of the Winston schools currently in our conferences not bringing any fan base with them and the lack of competition is hurting the conference overall in all sports except for basketball.
  2. Kickslide_DriveStep

    Way Too Early Discussion of 2021 Realignment

    Combining the NW1A and MVC 1A/2A teams was discussed during the last realignment but some of the schools were not in favor due to more travel. I think the WPC also figured into the plan as well. The proposed conferences were: Northwest 1A Mount Airy East Surry North Stokes South Stokes East Wilkes Alleghany Starmount Elkin MVC 2A North Surry Surry Central Forbush West Stokes West Wilkes North Wilkes Ashe County Wilkes Central I along with a lot of others would love to see these two conferences put together the next realignment. The question is what do you do with the left over schools from the WPAC and the NWC. I think the left over schools could go with a conference around Winston Salem/Rockingham County. It is going to be interesting this time next year to see all the proposals.