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    Garinger HC Retires

    Great guy and coach. He did great things for Garinger in a shirt time.
  2. Glen, GDG its getting worse with parents. I just had a parent storm the court in a middle of a heated youth league basketball game cursing and hollering. Said she was coming to get her child, but she came angrily and with malice. The other teams parents then went into a frenzy as she was near their children. Lady could have started an all out riot. I told the ref to end the game even when losing as situation was getting testy. Then the parent and I met with county officials about her actions and she couldn't believe I was not defending her because she felt the refs were bad,. I was like lady you nearly caused a riot in a youth league game. As GDG mentioned its not the initial reaction so much but the reaction. You punch the wrong coach, or tackle the wrong kid you go have a mess on your hands. Some people are cool and calm and avoid foolishness, but once its started they cant be stopped. Think Ron Artest. LOL
  3. So Btango, Catholic gets a benefit from Olympic sports, but not football? The myth that Charlotte Catholic, CG, dont get good players is a fallacy. Players move no doubt, but the residency lines are not an entire county which boundaries do not move. So player A in northern Charlotte doesn't have to "move" to meet a boundary. Student A cant "move" into CC district for their good academics. It is a controlled enrollment because the other privates don't specialize in being Catholic, and the general student can't just move into the CC district like you can MC, Vance, AK or any other public school and be eligible to participate because its a private school by definition. meaning enrollment is restricted to whom they choose to enroll be it via testing , catholic or whatever criteria they use. This is an advantage. The more like minded students they have the more efficient they become. This is the basis of private school education to eliminate weak performers or those that would slow the group down. The Gideon Approach. Paul, I never mentioned recruiting in any aspect of CC, and never accused them of doing so. Never have and never will as I have nothing personal against them. Its a private vs. public debate for me. Public schools have many difficulties that privates just don't have. Moonlighting against public schools in sports it just cherry picking the better aspects of public sports w/o the difficulties that public schools face. Lets do some comparisons. Bishop McGuiness State titles Boys basketball 1963,82,87,09,19 cross country 2011, 2012, 2013 tennis 2011 girls basketball 9 state championships with an enrollment of around 300 students. Charlotte Catholic womens swimming 15+ state championships, Mens swimming 05, 08 Lacrosse 2010,2011, 08,09 and counting. basketball 16, Football 77,81,84,04,05,14,15,17,18,19 ships while completely dominating public school competition winning last 4 of 5. Cardinal Gibbons Cross country 06,11,12,14, girls cross country 05,06,07,08,10,11,12,13,14,15,16, soccer 06,08,10,11,14 girls soccer 07,13. volleyball 05,06,07,09,10,11,12,13,14,15 Tennis 06,07,08,09,11,12,13,14, So I'm to believe that the three private schools winning state championships at an alarming rate in a majority of the sports is only because they work so much harder than public schools? That its no advantage to have a certain demographic and no district boundaries? Then I'm to believe these same athletes that win so much, are no factor on the football field and give no advantage? Again the #1, and #2 composite sports teams in the state are Cardinal Gibbons and then Charlotte Catholic. So spare me they dont have athletes or look different getting off the bus. The records speak for itself. Three schools winning at an absurb clip in just about every sport they participate in, but you are right no advantage being a private in a public league.
  4. Work7, come on man. I've been to James Martin more than any other middle school in Charlotte. LOL. They have loads of talent. The Majority of Vance star players were stars at James Martin at one point. They were VERY talented. Did they have excellent coaching? Yes they did. DId having a very high enrollment and player availability help? It sure did. YOu cant just look at the disadvantages, and not state teh obvious advantages James Martin had. Just like Catholic. You cant just look at the disadvantages and not look at teh distinct advantages CAtholic has, Btango, Catholic. The point is they have a dedicated feeder system from a middle school with no other competition or options for those students if they want a Catholic education. This is a distinct advantage. I'd never expect a transfer QB to go to Catholic because of the system they run. Its not QB friendly. Getting palyers that fit you system and that are familiar with the school from ages 5 on up is an incredible advantage. NO residency boundary= advantage, no competition = Advantage, controlled enrollment =advantage, no low income students= advantage., In the rankings of best sports schools in NC what are the top 2 schools? Cardinal Gibbons and Charlotte Catholic. Coincidence? NO. 92% of Charlotte Catholic students attend a 4 year university after graduation vs. 30% in most public schools. AVg, medican income 72k vs. 27k in most public schools. You are right its no advantage. When you click on similar schools to Charlotte Catholic you know what comes up? Charlotte Latin, Davidson Day, Providence Day, and Country Day. Hmmmmmmm.
  5. Work I'm very familiar with CMS, and James Martin was built in the governors village so yes they would all go to Vance as that's the way it was set up in 1997. They are practically one large campus. So to use James Martin as an example is disingenuous to your argument. Ranson had top players go to many different high schools. Also James Martin did have a super long streak. Now factor in they were the largest middle school in the state with nearly 2000 students at one point vs. most middle schools with a 3rd of that. Then factor in their weak conference, being in the university area, their student assignment area, and the make up of the student body its easy to see how they could that long winning with good coaching. They had superior talent. NOw that James martin enrollment has dropped how are they doing? The point is Catholic gets all of the top Holy Trinity players, whereas in public schools its spread out with no high school getting all of a certain middle school except in cases where the schools are on one campus like Martin/Vance. In most counties middle schools feed various high schools not just one. 2nd you list QBs that transfer from other areas in the county. Catholic nor private schools have no boundaries in mecklenburg county. They have no competition of other large private schools to choose from. ST Gabriel doesn;t have football, CTK is a start up to put it nicely. So if one school can corner the market on a certain type of player they have an advantage. The same thing at Cardinal Gibbons. You get a monopoly on the market.
  6. Paul I guess you are missing the point. Placement test are a "selective qualitative" measure to ensure only a certain type of student attends regardless of whether they meet teh other qualifications. Placement test help strengthen a product much more than it restricts. 2nd most public high schools share feeder middle schools, and the feeder middle is not always academically similar to the feeder high school. In CC case the feeder middle school Holy Trinity is almost identical in teh type of student, academics, enrollment process, and guess what they are pretty good at football too. Have you seen their facilities vs. other Middle schools? They routinely beat UC schools. But you are right no advantage. Take 2018 Ranson Middle football team. Probably one of the best Middle school/jr. high teams ever in Charlotte. Those players went to Vance, West Charlotte, North, and Mallard Creek. Now take Holy Trinity and their top players. The vast majority ended up at Catholic. Had all those Vance guys gone to the same highschool they could have changed a program over night. Catholic is one of the best highschool programs in America. Hard working and dedicated. But we cant simply over look that they are a private playing with public schools. This debate has been talked about in FL, NY and many metro areas.
  7. No; Catholic never accused Catholic of controlling any numbers. Just noting that its an advantage by being able to be selective in the entrance requirements and the type of student you receive. Public schools get who they get and have no right of refusal. if you live in the boundary area you can attend. A general student even if he wishes to pay the tuition and get a Charlotte Catholic education can not just move into the Catholic "boundary" . At Catholic you must take a placement test and your application is reviewed. Thus a selection process to control who/type of student it receives. Public Schools don't have this option. This is a distinct advantage. Just like when it was discussed about putting them into the NCISAA folks over there didn;t want them. Paul, Catholic is the epitome of a great high school program. But they are a private parochial school by definition. To even compare or have them competing against public schools is unfair. A feeder middle school, no attendance boundary,. Cardinal Gibbons shouldn;t play with public schools either.
  8. Catholic didn;t beat my team. I'm just biased towards a level playing field for public schools. Btango I'm fully aware Catholic is not like the Catholic schools they play. I'm saying they are more similar to those typ of schools/private schools than they are public schools they compete against. When Catholic guys say they have no built in advantages by being a private school competing in a public school league they are being disingenuous. Just the sheer facts of controlled numbers gives them an advantage, before we even talk about boundaries, and the elective process to get in. They work hard and have a great program,. but dont overlook these advantages. Work Weddington is an anomaly. Now add in all other public school games and Catholic's win percentage is likely close to 98%. When was the last time they lost a conference game before this? I'll hang up and listen.
  9. SP, and Rocketman The Catholic guys will never admit they have an advantage. But its very obvious they do. As you mentioned what public schools are packing up and traveling all over the country? Of the Catholic losses recently most were against like minded football playing Catholic Schools. They have economic, social, boundary, and residency advantages that public schools just dont have. They are more similar to Christian, Country Day, and Providence day than they are Butler, West Charlotte, and Olympic. But they will stay in denial as long as they reap the benefit of these advantages playing in a public school league playoffs.
  10. Work mentioned it too. Adults have monetized travel sports/ off season sports. AAU basketball has morphed into expensive travel teams that basically get 5-6 suckers to pay all the fees for the 3-4 great kids to play for free. Its a big money grab with a new team starting every week. The same is happening with 7 v7 and these pop up camps. They are selling a false dream. Registration fees, expenses, travel cost. Its a big money grab orchestrated by adults preying on moderate to low level talent kids selling a pipe dream
  11. Great Topic. Its two-fold IMHO. I've found that too much practicing is more damaging than not enough practice. It sounds crazy I know. But the quality of the practice is key. Give me 2-3 great weekly practices vs. 4-5 avg to bad ones. The more you practice badly the worse the team performs on games. Players are more confused and worn down mentally with so many practices. With a large quantity of practices you tend to have lesser coaches coaching important position groups, missing players on different days, and a feeling of apathy if a season starts to go bad. Try having 4-5 good practices when you incur a few losses. Players/ and families need time to reset and refocus. This is worsened by this travel ball, play for any team, or stack a team or me type mentality. Practice is just not as important growing up as it was in rec/travel leagues so when guys get to highschool the wear and tear of a bunch of practices takes a toll on some players. Then you have ineffective practices. The best practices are when players are mentally motivated to learn and dominate. 2nd the injury/concussion issue is real. Its a primary factor in the decreased numbers. You just saw Long retire from the Bears at 31, in what many would consider prime time to land that last big contract. But the more free thinking youth are thinking about their bodies more and long term effects. Football can;t just be bad at the NFL level. When a legit study comes out that shows effects of concussion at youth ball, MS and HS levels watch participation really drop. You just can't play football safely. Its the inherent nature of the game. We will see more and more NFL players take the money and retire just like guys skipping bowl games. Same mindset
  12. J-Heat1110

    All Decade

    Btango. Errol is the father. LOLOLOLOL. I know what you mean though. To me there are two levels, great and generational. Zamir White, Crouch, Echols, Dorn, Hood, Gurley, Samuels, simpson, are beast. Dyami Brown at a MC, Vance or Butler would have broken every receiving record known to man kind. Really underated
  13. The MC win is the win that set the tone. No one realistically felt Vance had a chance. The teams I fear most in the playoffs are teams that have a very string defense and are confident! Right now Vance has both of these things in abundance. Offense is fickle as Richmond County found out. Most games that are close or controversial come down to offensive play or issues. If your defense is lock down there is no way to be cheated, embarrassed, or blown out. The goalline stop early in t he game let Vance build confidence. To me the game was won there. Vance may humiliate Leesville road. 704Cougar If Brand were here they'd be in same spot IMHO. He built that energy and program from ground up. They may even be better. The big key was Vance hiring a great coach, great scheme, and keeping assistants at the school. Felt MC was too cooky and smelling themselves as many say. Vance has had a run of players the past 5-6 years that truly brought into what Coach Brand was preaching and it set a culture thats bigger than a single coach. As long a Vance has a good to great coach they will challenge. Remember Independence 2004? Maybe one of the best Indy teams of all time. Knotts wasn;t there, but his finger prints all over that team. Same with Vance 2019. Brand attitude all over this team. What transpired in RC Friday was a coaching clinic. Coach Ferbe gets 100% credit for that masterpiece.
  14. Glen I agree coaches should have a say. My point is that when everyone complains or thinks its unfair it leads to further chaos. No one wants to work hard or deal with the hand dealt. They just complain. Its not a liberal/conservative, black/white, rich/poor, or coach/player issues. Its a societal issue in which everyone wants instant gratification and the focus has shifted from the team, to the individual. People are more selfish in American society. Everything people consider is for their benefit. That's why social media has the "Like" function. Its about self. So when people only consider their best interest and not other s the system breaks down into foolishness.
  15. LOL. The reason the rules are made is because of threads like this. everyone wants a handout when it benefits them, and everyone wants to complain about what does not benefit them. The coaches want expanded playoffs, the coaches like the multiple state title teams because it benefits them. When the playoffs were not expanded the coaches felt it was unfair. We are our worst enemies.
  16. J-Heat1110

    Richmond Lights

    Glen, the concussion issue is real. I worked with USA Football a few years back and that was one of our biggest concerns. As you mentioned the trickle up effect had already been felt by the NFL. The Heads up program was specifically designed by the NFL to offset suburban movement to other sports like soccer, lacrosse, and baseball, and urban youth from AAU basketball. The studies found that youth were abandoning football altogether at early ages in lieu of these other sports, and the quality of youth football declined significantly. To make matters worse as the quality and participation levels dwindled, we saw a big rise in elite/travel type football teams which then "stacked" youth teams and they played in regular leagues and just killed teams until the post season or travel season. Like AAU basketball, they used the rec. leagues to basically have a regular season sked, not thinking about the overall effect on the game. Most of the physical mismatches which lead to big hits, unfair scores, injuries, happen in these Allstar vs. regular team games. Kidson the regular teams sometimes give up football altogether. Bottom line is football is dying and will likely die unless we can find a clear cut way eliminate the effects of concussions or determine exact causes or who they effect the most. We would be silly to think running into other people at full speed repeatedly would;t have an effect on our brains/body. Then the less we hit the worse the game becomes especially along the lines. Not sure of a clear cut solution, but I applaud Richmond for a first class game day experience.
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    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    704Cougars ding, ding, ding. Its crazy. Had MC got Adrey Kell they are still playing. The joy of the playoffs was playing top rivals/local schools deep in the playoffs. Having to sit a week in HS football is not a benefit, its a detriment. Getting prepared mentally, hitting someone, staying fresh, the game motions mean so much at this level. You see top colleges schedule cupcakes before rivals not so much for the win but the rhythm. Football season has a process, and playoff bye weeks are not part of it. Playoff blowouts are. Then to get a top 5 in state rival game 1? Vance is really good. let me repeat. Vance is really good. One more time. Vance is really good. Did I mention Vance is really good?
  18. J-Heat1110

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    Btango its arrogance, dumb bye weeks, and opponents making adjustments and playing better. Having a bye week then playing a top 5 in the state type opponent thats a rival is a set up. Had these teams been teams outside of Charlotte MC wins. But because they all were rivals, it makes it so much tougher to win the 2nd game. Football in Meck Co is loaded at the top. Richmonod gets Hough, whereas MC got a loaded Vance team with a chip on their shoulder. If MC had gotten any type of game last week they are better offensively. This is where penalties/personal fouls come in. Guys are just too juiced and lose focus. The rhythm of preparing for a football game is mental toughness/focus. Nothing can replace it from the youth level, HS, college. To me many games are won with football related prep, rhythm, and momentum. beating Butler gave Vance a mojo, that a bye week rematch can;t match. Also MC players are a little arrogant. D1 chasing type attitude vs. hard work attitude. Wont even mention the "rental" QB going down in flames two years straight. MC has played a 1top 10 regular season rematch every year since the 2015 title. This makes it very tough , and you have to be laser focused in these type of games vs. thinking someone going to lie down for you.
  19. J-Heat1110

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    Raider7967 hwy1/raider stadium is awful to get in and out of. Meyers Park is close, but not as bad as MP has some parking on the student/bus side. If RC losses the oarking aint as bad. If RC wins plan on being at the stadium 1-2 hours after the game ends. LOL
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    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    Dreboy, yeah 218 is a breeze. Still will be a mess getting into Rockingham off of Hwy 1. Getting in and out of that stadium if MC plays there will be crazy. As I mentioned before its a transitive property between MP, MC< and RC. MC>RC, MP > MC, and RC > MP. Really think MP is gonna have a hard time dealing with Hood and #33. Its a different RC team this year. Just like MC is different. Can't wait!
  21. MP bigly. AK great season, MP bigly though
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    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    Wiseman, not sure what part of town you live in but parents had huge issues with sending their children to Vance. Vance just had Brand who was an excellent coach and could work in that type of environment. Remember he went 9-4 at WC and won the conference with a team that had heavy losses from the prior year. Guys can and will win big anywhere he goes. He had success with core Vance guys, but a lot of guys that were in the Vance district transferred back into to their home school, and guys from other schools came in too. Think Ifedi, and Roberts both zoned Vance guys that went to Berry. They just came back home when Brand got to Vance. Brand created a new culture at Vance. he took those same talented players and got 110% out of them. Mentioned it previously, look for a Vance dip in the next few years. You can see it some now. Think MC hammers Vance tomorrow night. Maybe 14+ point game. Look for a MC/MP final at MC. The ride to RC is long and boring. But if MC or Vance go there I'm there. LOL
  23. J-Heat1110

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    Btango, Wiseman wont say it, but I will. Thugs. Butler has more Thugs then previous and the demographic has changed considerably. Its a turnoff to some parents. Many will say its recruiting or offers at other schools, but bottom line school perception/academics mean alot to families not just chasing scholarships. Agree with Wiseman that many of the transfers didn;t fair much better or even worse. But thats the nature of transfers. Especially Senior year. Alot of it is personality conflict and then players realizing they aren;t that good. Its a hard pill to swallow. A good to great HS player just isn't good enough for college. But we live in a day and time that if your child gets a schooly, why can;t my child? Same as the participation trophy family. Everyone doesn;t win when it comes to college football school offers. Just to be a college football player at a low level is a great accomplishment. -Look back and remember being at JCSU for a basketball camp and some of the campers laughing at or picking at the Smith players for not being at Duke or UNC or thinking they were not good. Coach Joyner replied that just to make it to college to play ball at any level is a great accomplishment and shouldn't be frowned upon. Looking at the stats less than 3% of HS seniors end up playing basketball, and around 6% of HS seniors pay football at the college level. This is any level. So parents must realize changing schools, private trainers, exposure camps, etc etc can only do so much. But everyone thinks they are special.
  24. J-Heat1110

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    They got some thugs there now @Wrigley.