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  1. Yikes concord. They are really bad. Hopefully a proud program can turn it around.
  2. Hmmmmm. doesn;t seem like Coach really wanted to go.
  3. J-Heat1110

    Mooresville vs Vance UNCC (10/12)

    704 Think Kromah would be a bog help to the Vance offense this year. Haji aint bad either. Got to stick up for my boy. LOLLOL. He is a passionate father that understands the business of high school football. He was a beast at WC in his day and had to sit behind some other great QBS. QB is one position where I do understand transferring sometimes. Maye to MP, Cruse to WC, Noller to MC, next QB up at Hough. It happens. Grier to Vance.
  4. J-Heat1110

    HS Venue ( Waddell)

    True, but we used to do that quietly in CMS Btango, and folks really didn;t cry about it much as the learning field was close to even. If you wanted to learn you could. You still can now, just more knuckle heads to deal with.
  5. J-Heat1110

    HS Venue ( Waddell)

    Btango great points about busing. WC as a community school pulled generally from a different area than they do now. Thats the old bait and switch that was pulled on WC. With those that typically went to WC from the neighborhoods that were closer to Garinger, but got assigned to Butler. West Charlotte and harding then got those assigned to Waddell, Myers Park, and North Meck. Harding wasn;t struggling anywhere close to what happened when they dumped waddell students on them. Waddell academically was a complete mess. Think the key to this is bringing back the MSAC program at Smith, and starting an academy at UNCC. They using a CMS school as a tech school or prep school for those that dont want to learn. You have to eliminate the non-learners/fighters in a way thats humane.
  6. J-Heat1110

    HS Venue ( Waddell)

    BlueDevils, you are right. They protect Ardrey Kell, Myers Park, and South Meck now because of white flight to private schools. If they allow a large number of low income blacks into these schools the remaining majority white highschools in Charlotte are gone. CMS is already a majority, minority district. They will do everything in its power to protect Ardrey Kell, MP, Providence and South at this time. To be honest I dont blame them. They have to think survival. The northern and southern areas were talking succession from CMS. If that happened the school system would fold IMHO. The 2nd group of flight thats less talked about is middle class and affluent black flight out of CMS and to a lesser extent to certain CMS schools like Mallard Creek, Olympic, Butler, Berry, Hopewell, West Meck, Myers Park. Historically these upper class blacks would go to Harding or West Charlotte, but since CMS destroyed those schools to appease busing parents and demographics its left a huge void. You see symptoms like Harding football stadium, West Charlotte gyms, Garinger, closing Waddell etc etc. Its two main factors and I'll say it. Hidden racism/politics to protect the affluent and their schools while over looking predominantly black schools, and affluent/ middle class blacks not wanting to go to school with lower class blacks who act out, and don't want to learn, and bring violence/fighting to schools. This causes flight from CMS schools. Who is leaving? The parents with the money, and the smart children, this leaves a disproportionate amount high poverty low performing schools. Busing was able to mask some of these equity issues. But with no busing, neighborhood schools, and flight from CMS we have a major problem. Thats why CMS churns out superintendents. The question we need to ask is how do we educate students that dont want to be educated? It starts with families and repairing broken homes.
  7. J-Heat1110

    HS Venue ( Waddell)

    Blue Devils its a touchy subject going both ways. No one really wants to touch it. You have two areas of flight in CMS that has changed the dynamic of all of the schools, and its left CMS in a touchy situation. Thats why Harding doesn't have the upgrades it needs. It was never planned long range. With a new West Charlotte set to be opened and Berry down the street why would they put a bunch of money in sports upgrades. Think behind closed doors CMS master plan is to close Harding or use it as a non-sports behavioral/tech school and send students to the new West Charlotte and POB. Thats just me talking, but it makes sense for all involved.
  8. J-Heat1110

    HS Venue ( Waddell)

    Raider Debator you hit in on the head. CMS turned a great performing Afro-American school into a dump of low performing children to protect Myers Park, South Meck, and Adrey Kell. Catholic, the effects of Harding being changed into a neighborhood school were directly related to the ship in 2017. It takes time to filter out the IB students and bring in the neighborhood students. Harding football was complete garbage before the neighborhood school, and Coach Greiner. Now look at Berry that picked up some of the Harding programs/students. They haven;t been competitive in basketball or football in a while. Coincidence? I think not. Do you think Crouch or Murphy are at Harding as a full IB school? Harding football is decent and respectable now. For almost 20 years it was a joke. From 1990 til now Harding has only had 3 winning seasons. It was Garinger and Harding as teh worse schools. When Harding changed over it went from the highest performing CMS school or a title 9 school in one year. The fights went up, issues went up. But sports got better.
  9. J-Heat1110

    HS Venue ( Waddell)

    Waddell was closed to appease suburban parents that didn't want their children going to Smith Language Academy on Tyvola road. When there was crowding on the south side of Mecklenburg students were assigned to South Meck , Olympic, and Waddell. To appease southern CMS and further reduce white flight from CMS they built Ardrey Kell, which then took the whites from Olympic, South and Waddell leaving Waddell as a now low performing school. CMS initially mentioned closing Harding or making it the language school, but hte campus layout and the history of Harding made it tough to close. You have to remember back in the day Harding was a prominent white school in CMS. So there would be no Berry/Harding right beside each other. So they closed Waddell as it was newer facility, and wouldn;t be as much alumni blow back vs. Harding. The one caveat is that Harding had to get rid of its IB program, and full magnet status and go to a neighborhood school. This is why you saw Harding suddenly get so much better in football and other sports. The demographic changed greatly from upper middle to high class blacks to lower income and low performing blacks. This upset some Harding faithful, but CMS pushed it anyway. These changes assured CMS that Waddell would be a language academy for youth, closed Waddell as a Highschool, sent low performing blacks away from South Meck, and Ardrey Kell making them predominantly suburban schools, and making Harding the new dumping ground for low performing blacks. Then they sent the high performers to Phillip O Berry, and West Charlotte hoping to build those brands. This is why Harding and Berry are so close. Waddell has a very nice statdium.
  10. BIG underdog. Homecoming game. LOL. Can it get much worse for WC? This is a good measuring stick for them as a program builder as Coach Harris is doing a great job. But MC is 2-3 levels above West Charlotte right now. WC could easily be undefeated which shows definitive growth as a program. WC defense will play tough, but offensively they do not block well upfront and they pass too much. Whereas LKN could use ball control and try and slow game down vs. MC> West will have a ton of incomplete passes which will make the score much worse. West Charlotte defense is sturdy and will get a few stops, but not many. MC is the odds on state title favorite and I believe they will use this game to stat whore some. Get some guys some looks/stats. MC has played the grunt of its schedule and this will be a cakewalk, whereas WC is entering thr grunt of its scheduling and plays the big bad wolf. MC 42-WC 0
  11. Wrigley. They got the coach they wanted too. Funny how those things work out.
  12. J-Heat1110

    Best RB in N.C.

    Iwaun Jackson West Charlotte is great and very underated. Faust and Thompson from Harding are very good too.
  13. J-Heat1110

    Hopewell (2-2) at Hough (1-3)

    Hough should win comfortably, but Hopewell may surprise and take the game into the 2nd half. Think this says more about West Meck than it does Hopewell. West Meck has no consistent offense and are not as explosive as years past. Losing the Brown brothers and other talent and Coach Davis seems to have caught up with them. Agree Hopewell can sling the ball.
  14. Creekprogram agree wholeheartedly. Dont think folks realize how good this MC team is with the MP hype going full force.
  15. Thanks Chris. Was just curious. MC has like five I would think would be a part. Simpson, Culp, Williams, Noller, Washington, Holmes,