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  1. J-Heat1110

    Who was the best 4A team ever in N.C.

    Dudley 2008 was a monster too. Can't forget the D boys.
  2. J-Heat1110

    Who was the best 4A team ever in N.C.

    Down year Crest. TBH I think the RC team that took Indy to the wire was really good, and the one that slipped up and won the title in 08 was really good at the end of the year. Wouldn;t bet against that team. But with the 3 losses they can't be considered all time great. But once they got that 2 Back option down pack, no one in the state was touching them. It was a thing of beauty. Its like those old time FSU teams. 93 may be best ever but had a loss, 99 was really good and undefeated, but many of the prior years teams could be considered better.
  3. J-Heat1110

    Who was the best 4A team ever in N.C.

    Crest IMHO Richmond 98 wasn't as good as Richmond 97. ALso Ricmond 97 practically had a ref cheat vs. WC in a late playoff game. Bunch of non-calls that really took the integrity out of that win. Was glad to See Indy go down there and smoke them to make a point about playing at RC. IN 98 the entire state was really down. WC 98 wasn't that good at all in comparison with other previous 90 teams. Crest was down, Byrd was down too. Northern Durham was down too. No other real challengers til AC reynolds popped on the scene.
  4. J-Heat1110

    Who was the best 4A team ever in N.C.

    MDevil06, nothing wrong with that! support ya team. Thats a great fan there.
  5. J-Heat1110

    Who was the best 4A team ever in N.C.

    To be on an all time list there are two minimum requirements to me. A state title or a one loss season. Mooresville 11 has neither of those. Good team, but many highschools have good teams. They didn;t even win their conference IIRC.
  6. J-Heat1110

    Who was the best 4A team ever in N.C.

    NO offense but why is Mooresville 2011 even being mentioned in this conversation? Didn;t they get run in multiple games in the regular season? EVen losing to Porter Ridge? I'd say Scotland 2011 needs more mention and Mooresville removed from convo just for that year alone.
  7. J-Heat1110

    Who was the best 4A team ever in N.C.

    ND 1993 is tops on my list. Some of the Indy teams and MC teams were good no doubt. Richmond 98 was really good too. These Wake Forest teams are undervalued in debates like this. Really think they are becoming or currently are a dynasty with their style of play.
  8. J-Heat1110

    Bowles leaving Providence

    Steelers exactly. Its really become selfish on both sides with everyone looking for the best opportunity for themselves. The overall team/community concept has been eroded. This just doesn't apply to sports, but work, life, church, and personal relationships. As we become more and more individualistic as a society it will reflect in sports more and more. But the key difference is most sports are built for team effort and working together. Really dont want to see the state of HS football in 20 years or so. will be interesting. Another thing that gets lost is coaching ethics at the youth level. Growing up coaches were more of value teachers vs. win/loss types. Now take my sons AAU team for example. We have had a group of 7-9 guys play the entire season and work hard. Pay fees, practice, trainers etc etc etc. Now that is time for nationals we have other players just show up for the nationals at the request of the coach. Hired guns so to speak. So the kids that have worked all year, practiced and gave their all are out and on the bench for the new guys. How can that coach teach work hard, do your best and you will be rewarded to the players? Or is he teaching the best man plays regardless of what you have done previously? Just think with the proliferation of travel teams, 7v7, AAU, win at all cost, and devaluation of practice we have lost the fundamental aspect of coaching which is to build the player and build their character. The definition of coach used to mean teacher. So when these same youth ball players get older and they perceive a slight or injustice they are ready to leave just based on experiences they had at the youth level. This transfer/coach issue starts very early in most player's lives even before middle school.
  9. J-Heat1110

    Bowles leaving Providence

    Reread my post. Want to change slave to an authoritative relationship. Its the same with good and bad pastors leading flocks, CEOs over companies. etc etc. The one at the top never gets the same amount of criticism the ones at the bottom do. A bad pastor can cheat on his wife, beat his kids, but because he is pastor he is given more forgiveness. If the deacon or usher do the same thing they are ostracized and talked about. The issue is the foundation of the system is overturned when too many players/workers/members revolt so good leadership is key.
  10. J-Heat1110

    Bowles leaving Providence

    Wrigley, TBH its a slave mentality. Not trying to invoke race at all. But its a mentality of the coach knows best and that the coach has these players as their possessions. If the possessions get out of line the coach can let them go, but if a player leaves on his on the player is selfish. Coach leaves its for a better opportunity. The coach has an expanded life in the business whereas a player only gets 4 years. So parents and players must do whats best for them. The problem comes in when there are outside influences on players to leave certain schools and go to others. Also a player can be labeled as being bad or a malcontent, but never a coach. From personal experience if you get stuck in a bad situation with a coach its very hard to "work" your way out or get on the coaches good side. The player is stuck. Then you have some great coaches that motivate all their players and players will run through walls for them so players flock to them. You have services that "rank" players routinely or judge them. If the same standard was applied to coaches what grades would some of these coaches get? My point is just the word coach gets a lot of horrible coaches more leeway and authority over the players just by definition no matter the level or experience of the coach. Bottom line is this. Its a selfish business on both sides, but coaches fair much better long term. It hurts a coach when players leave because its an indictment on them in many ways that they dont want to accept.
  11. J-Heat1110

    Evans to South Meck

    Great hire. Congrats Coach Evans!
  12. J-Heat1110

    Early Thought On I-Meck Conference

    CAn someone tell me whats so appealing about Hough or do they just have the best boosters or something at convincing players to come to them?
  13. J-Heat1110

    Where does Vance turn?

    Yes Looks like a very impressive hire in a short amount of time.
  14. J-Heat1110

    Early Thought On I-Meck Conference

    1. Mallard Creek: Loaded, Loaded, and Loaded. Will see some more talent arrive with Brand leaving Vance. Really a one team race if I'm being honest.  2 Hough: Hough beat MC when it counted last year, but that game felt more like a MC letdown vs. a Hough win. Hough will be loaded, and has had a summer refill of players. 3-4 West Charlotte/Vance Vance is absolutely loaded on defense and at the skill positions. Only drawback is losing Brand. Brand was an excellent coach that made Vance into a power.With Brands gine they will take a step back. It just depends on how much of a step ack they take. If Aldridge gets it they will stabilize and compete. If anyone else gets it I see them having issues similar to Harding last year. Some coaches are really dialed into their players lives and Brand was one that set a culture similar to Greiner at Harding. West Charlotte is gonna be sneaky good. Coach Harris has implemented a slow build which is the best way to do it. WC is queitly building from the off season player movement. Vance will need to make a great hire quickly. 5. Mooresville -Will be coached very well, but lose a ton of players. Think the coaching helps them maintain and compete. 6 North Meck- Will compete, but this conference is so loaded they may be better but finish further down the ladder. 7. LKNM 8. Hopewell
  15. J-Heat1110

    Brand leaves Vance

    1WHoknows is spot on. Parents are making sports/academic choices about high schools at early ages. We focus so much on transfers we forget about zipcodes. The assignment zipcodes dictate the type of player/student a highschool gets. South Meck was in a very bad spot with the Big 4 privates, and having a larger free- reduced lunch etc population. It just wasn;t a big draw academically or athletically. A great coach would have had to go there and build that football program up. He made teh point about Vance and James Martin. Before those kids get to Vance/WC they are a mess at Ransom/James Martin. It takes a special coach to win at Vance. One willing to go beyond X/O. Takes a special coach at WC. One beyond X/O. Myers park is the perfect mix of great academics and sports. Just needed a good coach. Also add in the coordinated effort of the youth football programs to feed players into MP. Would bet 50% of the dynamic players from MP came from the Hammer Down Harheels or associated with UNC alums........ But I wont touch on that. To be successful now you must have good academics, low free-reduced lunch numbers, talented athletes and a great coach. if you dont have 3 of 4 you DOA.