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  1. Work7, and Wrigley I agree that Kelly performed well before that game and that it was a team loss. Just noting that there is more fluff that goes along with these one year rentals than actual play on the field. To me, and IMHO a QB that has been in the system and grew up among teammates fares better in a win or lose one big game situation. Regular season and the rest likely doesn;t matter with the talent at a school like MC. But when the money is on the table. Should be a great game. Just hoping the weather holds up.
  2. Wrigley and Work agree that Washington was not a rental. My point being that to me he would have done better than the rental Kelly. it was mentioned that Vance, Hough, MP had rentals and they did somewhat. They had a multi year starter at QB even though they did transfer in. Its a difference to me in leadership ability and growing with guys when you are a senior one year rental. It undermines the program. Have had MC parents even mention to me that Washington would have done just as well or better than Kelly in 2018. So its an issue. When I look back to Knotts going all the way back to Harding to Dutch Fork I can only think of 1, one year rental and that was Tim Funderburk at WC. The rest of his qbs were at the school and learned the system as an underclassman or started as a soph or Jr. Senior leadership from the QB is big. The QB is the leader. If you cant see the advantage of having a 4 year guy vs. a one year guy in a game like this not sure what to say. As for the game. Agree fully work7 that MC is the best coached, trained, and hardest working HS in the state of NC. Problem is Dutch Fork is in SC. Now I'm all excited thinking about this game. Last year had me heated so I'm trying not to over hype myself for this year. Just think Knotts has had time to prepare and lives for games like this. Ill be cheering for MC no doubt. Just MHO. Also dont see MC losing any game the rest of the way and that it will get brutal for some schools on their sked.
  3. Work7 you hit the nail on the head. Tommy Knotts. I'd pick his team in 90% of matchups blindy just knowing he is the coach. Factor in Homefield advantage and Mallard creek learning a new offense I'd take DF all day. One factor I look at is the celebrity QB. How many teams are better the next year bringing in a QB vs, a homegrown QG. MC hasn;t been the same since they went the rental QB route IMHO. 2016 Chauncey, 2017 Washington, 2018 Kelly. nOw 2019 Noller. Think Washington beats Hough if given the chance last year. Dutch Fork on the other hand has a home grown QB that has been withthe program a while in Olenchuk. Thats a big advantage in games like these. While my heart will be cheering for MC, think DF wins big and ugly vs,. MC. DF 35, MC 14. Hope I'm wrong though.
  4. J-Heat1110

    Week 1: Butler vs. Hough (Thursday)

    Butler in the mild upset by 7
  5. J-Heat1110

    Hoover Elite 7 on 7

    congrats Creek!
  6. This will be a GREAT game. Just dont see Dutch Fork losing. There are only two teams in the Carolinas I'd have above Mallard Creek and they are Dutch Fork, and Wake Forest. Think they play then both this year. MC is loaded. If game was at Memorial it would be a pick em. At Dutch Fork. Gimme Dutch by 14
  7. Dudley 2008 was a monster too. Can't forget the D boys.
  8. Down year Crest. TBH I think the RC team that took Indy to the wire was really good, and the one that slipped up and won the title in 08 was really good at the end of the year. Wouldn;t bet against that team. But with the 3 losses they can't be considered all time great. But once they got that 2 Back option down pack, no one in the state was touching them. It was a thing of beauty. Its like those old time FSU teams. 93 may be best ever but had a loss, 99 was really good and undefeated, but many of the prior years teams could be considered better.
  9. Crest IMHO Richmond 98 wasn't as good as Richmond 97. ALso Ricmond 97 practically had a ref cheat vs. WC in a late playoff game. Bunch of non-calls that really took the integrity out of that win. Was glad to See Indy go down there and smoke them to make a point about playing at RC. IN 98 the entire state was really down. WC 98 wasn't that good at all in comparison with other previous 90 teams. Crest was down, Byrd was down too. Northern Durham was down too. No other real challengers til AC reynolds popped on the scene.
  10. MDevil06, nothing wrong with that! support ya team. Thats a great fan there.
  11. To be on an all time list there are two minimum requirements to me. A state title or a one loss season. Mooresville 11 has neither of those. Good team, but many highschools have good teams. They didn;t even win their conference IIRC.
  12. NO offense but why is Mooresville 2011 even being mentioned in this conversation? Didn;t they get run in multiple games in the regular season? EVen losing to Porter Ridge? I'd say Scotland 2011 needs more mention and Mooresville removed from convo just for that year alone.
  13. ND 1993 is tops on my list. Some of the Indy teams and MC teams were good no doubt. Richmond 98 was really good too. These Wake Forest teams are undervalued in debates like this. Really think they are becoming or currently are a dynasty with their style of play.
  14. J-Heat1110

    Bowles leaving Providence

    Steelers exactly. Its really become selfish on both sides with everyone looking for the best opportunity for themselves. The overall team/community concept has been eroded. This just doesn't apply to sports, but work, life, church, and personal relationships. As we become more and more individualistic as a society it will reflect in sports more and more. But the key difference is most sports are built for team effort and working together. Really dont want to see the state of HS football in 20 years or so. will be interesting. Another thing that gets lost is coaching ethics at the youth level. Growing up coaches were more of value teachers vs. win/loss types. Now take my sons AAU team for example. We have had a group of 7-9 guys play the entire season and work hard. Pay fees, practice, trainers etc etc etc. Now that is time for nationals we have other players just show up for the nationals at the request of the coach. Hired guns so to speak. So the kids that have worked all year, practiced and gave their all are out and on the bench for the new guys. How can that coach teach work hard, do your best and you will be rewarded to the players? Or is he teaching the best man plays regardless of what you have done previously? Just think with the proliferation of travel teams, 7v7, AAU, win at all cost, and devaluation of practice we have lost the fundamental aspect of coaching which is to build the player and build their character. The definition of coach used to mean teacher. So when these same youth ball players get older and they perceive a slight or injustice they are ready to leave just based on experiences they had at the youth level. This transfer/coach issue starts very early in most player's lives even before middle school.