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  1. J-Heat1110


    Much respect to Todd Gurley. My son went to his football camp a few years ago and he was nothing short of outstanding! Had his mother at the camp and treated her like a queen. Never had met him before the camp, and was never a UGA or Tarboro fan. But after speaking with him he has a lifelong fan in me. Very humble and non-celebrity like. Took time out with every one that approached him and he didn't have an entourage. Did all the drills with the children but said he wouldn't run. LOL. As a Pro athlete his knees/legs are his money maker so completely understood.
  2. J-Heat1110

    Mooresville HC Change?

    Man the panic already starting to go crazy. We cancelling 7 v7 youth sports, spring youth sports and youth basketball tournaments. when fooolishness reches the youth level you know its serious at the top. Would be surprised if there were any sports til mid early April.
  3. The post and board turned political because of their comments. Its funny how the bully is the one always offended. Me and a Co worker who is Pro trump discussed this so civilly. Comparing the flu vs. virus is difficult at best. As a virus Corona has been much worse than any virus previously and is considered a pandemic with no vaccine. The reason for all of teh cancellations is because of how easily spread the virus appears to be. Also 2009 was not that long ago and people remember getting sick and people dying from swine flu so they are more careful than normal. Also the crona virus has been like a story and we are just getting to the US chapters. Chapter one was China, chapter 2 middle east, chapter 3 Italy. Now its our chapter that happens to coincide with a presidential election, oil price plunge, sports seasons, and stick market plunge. So all are factors in the cancellations but some are really afraid, and Gobert acting silly really doesn't help. People getting the virus in Austrailia, ME, europe, US china, japan basically everywhere doesn;t help. To me the biggest take away from this are businesses using it to test new business models. NBA shortened season, schools pushing online only agenda, jobs eliminate employees and wFH full time. making s a secular society that just stays home and orders everything. Makes me think of teh movie Idiocracy when thinking about all these cancellations and where its taking society.
  4. FNF, could care less about trump politics, Bernie, or Joe. Just stating that this is a little different than H1N1 in its scope. Its more widespread and unk. Its also the subject of a book that was written in the 90s so folks will feel a little different. Is it a presidential year? yes. Will this be used as debate? yes.Just like Katrina, wars and other illnesses. Not a trump fan but glad he closed the travel. Ok with the cancellations/suspending until we get more info. Its just using common sense until we get more info.
  5. Here we go. The Trump supporters are out in mass. Now its the democrats fault because of a virus that started in Wuhan, China. A virus that we dont know much about the transmission rate or just how its transmitted. So now its an agenda that's being pushed to oust trump. H1N1 was a big deal. But because we live in a litigous overly capitalistic society everyone has to look out for their best interest. Better to cancel/suspend and get more info then to play the politic game. Just sad that this football baord would go politics but trumptards just cant help themselves. Flu vs. an unk virus. The big difference is the depth and numbers of people infected. Its not as deadly but more easily spread and more countries involved. Thats why its more of a push and there are cancellations. Nothing about politics, but don't let science interfere.
  6. J-Heat1110

    Cabarrus County Jobs

    Great move Coach Morman!
  7. J-Heat1110

    Mooresville HC Change?

    Wow. He just got to Mooresville. Coaches asking for commitment, admin ask for commitment, players commit, the word commitment needs to be redefined as " just for now we good"
  8. Seems like a good move on the surface, but Maye is a great fit at Bama. Do well at Bama and the exposure is much greater. Im 50/50 on this one. There is competition everywhere. When Maye committed to Bama I thought he's a much better Jacob Coker, or a much better McElroy. Both championship QBs. Maye at Bama is the Trevor Lawrence effect of Clemson. He's just that good.
  9. Looks like the AD job is open at NM as well as the AD job at West Charlotte.
  10. Yeah frustrations with being able to keep players at North reached a boiling point. Coach Morman will do well at NW Cabarrus. A better fit for him until the RC job opens up again. LOL
  11. With better pay and perceived better comp its going to continue to happen.
  12. Yeah Vernon is at Indianland forgot about that. West Charlotte should have never let him get away. Indian land is building a nice little AD/football coaching staff. Very impressive.
  13. Lagde whats the career advancement on a move like that? Any other openings? West Meck loses some players, but have a great nucleus returning for a great season.
  14. Huh? Wow thats a shocker. Thought Mata was doing well at West meck.
  15. J-Heat1110

    Lexington Job Open

    Chris agree fully. Just think there are more issues with transfers to NDHS, and other sports at Lexington. Lexington lost too many guys to compete, Thats why I say the coach on staff would have done better because he knew the situation and the players internally. Lexington reminds me of the situation Harding was in for a period before losing its magnet designation and Waddell closing. It didn't matter the sport or coach but when players reached their Jr and SR. years they left to other schools. lexignton is being used as a training ground. You invest in young players then they leave to NDHS. revolving cycle.