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  1. This will be a good game if we clean up the flags and play a clean game it may just be like before. I don’t think we are going in saying it will be easy and I am sure Jax is ready to snap this drought against us. It is put up or shut up time, this is the Eastern Finals everyone will be on top of there game. Good luck to whom ever wins glad it is two Coastal Conf teams, our conf has always done well in the playoffs every year. Whomever comes out victorious Get your game up to knock off the western Conf Team I am sick of them lol
  2. Hate to tell you Chris HHS didnt struggle at all we scored at will the game was killed with person foul penalties all night by Franklinton. There big line was sort of effective but for the most part we just played a basic game nothing fancy. I thought it would be a harder game. But as the Franklinton coach told us that he wasn’t impressed we sure weren’t impressed at all by his team we thought it Would have been a tougher game since the word was they had such a hard conf schedule. Looking forward to Terry Sanford
  3. Great win Jax one more win for both of us and we are looking at Round 2
  4. I saw that how do you give up 22 in the 4th Qtr maybe the Big East was all hype
  5. Yes that’s the word and we see the results lol
  6. Rams4life

    3A West: Hunter Huss 35, Crest 0

    I am going to miss the crest fans
  7. Rams4life

    No Wake Forest for NCHSAA

    Conflicting schedules something was already booked for the same weekend
  8. NFL gets paid HS don’t, you don’t see it in College either. Nothing more than a Chest bump in the air which is fine. No comparison
  9. That team was stacked, and they were playing together for a long time mostly SR driven. You know we ran the same old plays mostly run and 4-4 defense don’t get me wrong I loved coach sasser hard nose great guy. Funny as hell, I would have loved for that team to throw it down the field more but we weren’t that creative he stuck to his guns. The Defensive was off the charts we stopped everything. Shelby had the better team that night. Teams opened up more and we didn’t we won a lot of games we even did well when we had that brief time as 4A. With all the athletes in the Havelock area and I am not talking about the Base HHS should have won more titles. Before 2009. I can talk to you about this for hours. We all had fun playing for him but all of the players knew we had players walking the halls because they wanted nothing to do with the program because of lack of opportunities unlike now. Every year we have 3-5 signees to play at the next level from D1-D3 as you know HHS has one of the winnest programs in the state. Finally the talent is showing we have either been in the title game or Regional finals all but once since 2009.
  10. Actually it was they were both fined $1000 by the NCHSAA and banned
  11. I agree but kids are different these days. This is not the norm at all you usually hear about an ineligible player playing more than fighting. Even that has gotten better. Well what’s done is done I don’t think those last two teams were in anyway, someone else will take that spot I am sure their are a few teams on the line.
  12. Not good for our game this week... I wonder if we should even play. Sometime kids take it out on other teams I get them to start something. This has been an odd year with so many teams being thrown out of the playoffs