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  1. BulldogDad

    Final CP 1A Power Rankings of 2018

    Thinking about how they would match up is why I made the statement I did.
  2. BulldogDad

    Final CP 1A Power Rankings of 2018

    Robbinsville being higher than Mitchell is weird. Mitchell beats rville very easily.
  3. BulldogDad

    Most Intense Game You Remember

    Murphy vs Swain in 1991
  4. I agree with the leaving a good team and you are right you never know. He may coach my little ones. I hope he does.
  5. 2020 will be another really great team. I'm guessing he as the helm.
  6. BulldogDad

    1A State Finals: Murphy vs. Pamlico

    Thanks. Do they have a big time back on offense?
  7. BulldogDad

    1A State Finals: Murphy vs. Pamlico

    What kind of offense and defense does Pamilco run?
  8. BulldogDad

    1A West: Mitchell 21, Cherokee 13

    I believe if Cherokee can put 4 quarters together like the first 2 they played against Murphy, then they very much have a chance Friday night. I think that is very possible after beating Mitchell so handily last year on their field. Cherokee won a state championship last year because of doing so. Do you think Cherokees players or coaches forgot that? I have only seen Cherokee play against Murphy, but I left the game wondering why they didnt win more games this year. They are very athletic and big all around with speed. I haven't seen Mitchell play in person so I cant really make a pick. But I will say that I believe for anyone to say that Cherokee has no to little chance is being silly.
  9. BulldogDad

    Mitchell and Murphy

    I agree with what you say about the D, SMC O. I know where you are coming from. Powell was a beast up front and that was a really good D. Powell was one of the best ever. I just think over all this group is hungrier. Been along time since I have seen a D fly to the ball as a group like this year. Same LB core basically as '16 minus Farmer. I think this year we have 3 studs up front and are deeper in talent there than in '16. Still very close in comparison but I go with a short whisker with '18 D. I definitely agree with you about getting our injured guys healthier over the next couple weeks. I think it will help #2 (qb) a lot. As far as the other two ,I look for them to play less offense in the early rounds. I think they will be just fine by the later rounds.
  10. BulldogDad

    Mitchell and Murphy

    I haven't seen Mitchell play this year. I know Pitman is a weapon for sure. I have heard they have a great line also. But by all means I do believe that Murphy does have some pretty good equalizers. Like a very good O line followed by a great D line and imo the best overall D in several years. Four of the top 5 backs in the smc suit up for Murphy. Our qb probably has more fb smarts and athleticism as any player on the field at any time. The seniors we have are very experienced in big games. With all that being said I believe it would be an epic game. Murphy has nothing but respect for Mitchell and most of the folks I talk to are looking forward to the potential matchup.
  11. BulldogDad

    SMC leading Rushers after 10

    Thanks for the info SMC. That's what I was meaning with 71. Havent heard of Davis yet. Was he on jv this year?
  12. BulldogDad

    SMC leading Rushers after 10

    76 will be hard to replace. He totally dominated last Friday night,again. But they should be lights out next year also. Hope 71 can just play D again next year. He has been hard to deal with, and only a sophomore.
  13. BulldogDad

    SMC leading Rushers after 10

    Still haven't seen the box score from the Swain game. I wonder what they averaged then?
  14. BulldogDad

    SMC leading Rushers after 10

    Thanks for the info SMC. Them boys are burning it up. Hats off the O line. Really came along way since week 1 and still getting better.