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  1. rville20

    Allegheny at Robbinsville

    After you win several State Ships you will understand.
  2. rville20

    1AA West Bracket Discussion

    Were not supposed to we only have 360 kids in our school
  3. rville20

    Allegheny at Robbinsville

    Now you are commenting on something you know absolutely nothing about, Rville fans don't have a lot to say about games like this one.
  4. rville20

    1AA West Bracket Discussion

    we all know you comment a lot that's for sure
  5. To be brutally honest it won't matter
  6. rville20

    Football Friday Trivia

    heath shuler swain
  7. rville20

    New adm and classifications

    Small 1A should top out at 450 or fix the ec scam.
  8. rville20

    New adm and classifications

    The 1a at 9.5% is more fair to the little guys like us.
  9. rville20

    ADMs are out

    When are the powers that be going to realize the EC program is segregating high school.
  10. Those numbers are almost double the number of students we have, plus the ec numbers all the bigger schools take away from their true numbers. You do know how that works don't you, none of the kids going to these ec schools play football anyway so the primary schools still draw from the higher number of kids, getting to subtract those kids automatically drops those schools a classification, While little schools like R'ville just go with what we have and compete. Don't make it any harder on us by raising the numbers back to where they were in the 90's. Madden put us out 1 year then Graham put us out another, both schools twice our size.
  11. Tenn. has 6 classifications with 1a around 450 I think, that seems to work for them.
  12. All this will do is make it harder for the 1a size schools to compete like it was in the 90's. R'ville would have at least 2 more state ships if they didn't have to beat schools twice their size in the 90's. To be honest the number of students doesn't affect schools in the 3 and 4 A class like it does the small schools.
  13. We got this, and for next few years also. R'ville is getting back to the tradition of putting #'s on the sign. The only thing that could change this fact is if they make us play schools twice our size like they did in the 90's
  14. Most of the SMC has resorted to playing the private schools, which I hate but some of them will give your team all they want and then some.