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  1. But we shouldn't have to, we have 376 kids. Bottom line is we do what we do and the powers that be don't like it, so they stack the deck against us, that's the way it has always been and we are at the point we don't care. We will always be here!!!!!!!!
  2. rville20

    NCHSAA 1A- 8 Man?

    I don't have a problem playing schools with 45 more students than us, we have 376. The problem comes with schools that claim to have 550 after taking out the ec, the alternative school, the special needs kids and every other advantage the lea can come up with to drop their number to 550. We already have to beat the charters, and city schools that can draw from 1000's
  3. rville20

    NCHSAA 1A- 8 Man?

    The problem is you are going to want to drop those 12 schools out of the 1a bracket then drop the lowest 12 from 1aa down to take their place in the new 1a bracket
  4. rville20

    NCHSAA 1A- 8 Man?

    Who wants to watch a game with no defense, the team with the fastest kid wins. We already have a league like this called rec ball.
  5. WE already tried this, schools with less than 400 students can't compete with schools that have 550 students.
  6. rville20

    NCHSAA 1A- 8 Man?

    We haven't been picking on anybody, I'm not aware of Robbinsville ever playing any of the teams mentioned in this thread.
  7. rville20

    NCHSAA 1A- 8 Man?

    Football is a sport of 11 on 11, if people want to invent a sport with 8 on 8 let them invent a name to call it because football is already taken.
  8. rville20

    NCHSAA 1A- 8 Man?

    Robbinsville has had several state championship teams with numbers in the low 20's. If the schools mentioned can't field an 11 man team, they shouldn't be playing football.
  9. rville20

    NCHSAA 1A- 8 Man?

    Not needed at all, that's not football that's a track meet
  10. Why should the Knights be nudged up? Because of our past performance? The Black Knights are unique among the small schools, lets look at the rest of the small schools, they have no chance against the Murphy's, Tarboro's, and Mitchells in your purposed 549 #.
  11. I never said anything about the 350 # , that is being facetious on your part. I just don't want the # to be 550, because you and I both know the number of 549 is really 700 plus when you add in the EC, alternative school, and the exceptional children that are in district kids that the primary school don't count on their role.
  12. You are killing 36 of those schools, with a # of 549. They will have no chance competing with the top 21.
  13. Maybe, but the west this year choked the powers that be in a way they do not like. I just don't think the NCHSAA have our best interests at heart.