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  1. rville20

    1a dual team wrestling playoffs

    It don't get much more intense than tonight's match, what a win for Jaden
  2. rville20

    Rville Wrestling

    Rville vs murphy 71-12 murphy had 1 kid to score the other was a forfeit.
  3. rville20

    Robbinsville youth wrestler

    Final 66-36 we gave them 36 points in forfeits
  4. rville20

    Robbinsville youth wrestler

    We wrestle murphy tonight, middle school already 30 -0 us. Another take DoWWWWWWWWWnnnnnn Black Kniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiights.
  5. rville20

    Robbinsville youth wrestler

    2 tough wrestlers right there, both in the top 5 in the nation
  6. rville20

    Kage at the Dixie Nationals in Atlanta.

    Final score 4-1 Kage in overtime, the kid Kage wrestled is in the top 5 in the Nation at their age and weight.
  7. rville20

    What Goes Around Comes Around

    You mean 1AA don't you
  8. rville20

    Snow Effecting The Playoffs

    practice ain't going to help ES beat Tarboro
  9. rville20

    1AA State Finals: Tarboro vs. East Surry

    R'ville did that 76 77 I think Tarboro finishes the task next week.
  10. rville20

    1AA State Finals: Tarboro vs. East Surry

    not a record there yet
  11. rville20

    If realignment happened in 2019 (20-30-30-20)

    Now it makes sense about the other school dropping so far this year
  12. rville20

    1A East Finals: Pamlico 16, Rosewood 12

    true that, either way the west goes
  13. rville20

    1AA East Regional: Tarboro 48, Holmes 7

    Not riled up at all, sorry if my post seemed that way. Nobody in the west at the moment has anything for Tarboro, the only school today that has any chance to compete with you all this year is playing 1a
  14. rville20

    1AA East Regional: Tarboro 48, Holmes 7

    R'ville was 1a in the 60's and 14 ships later we are still 1a, you have a ways to go before you can claim to be the best ever.