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  1. Buddy of mine said long time wilkes county coach leaving for Virginia? Wonder who will be in line for the Vikings job?
  2. LNWC

    NC QBs to watch in 2020???

    Whoever is playing on Friday night and Sam Howell
  3. LNWC

    East Gaston?

    Give the man the benefit of the doubt, he may just be trying to set a state record of number of schools coached at in a career?
  4. I have spoken to several coaches who have mentioned a theory as to why football numbers are down. Used to be a student athlete had some time out of season and over the summer to be a kid and enjoyed that age of life. High school coaches think they are college coaches and have to do all the things colleges are afforded thru out the year. Spring ball, summer 7 on 7, practice in season and out plus the weight room. No wonder kids are getting burned out and their bodies used up by the time they reach college. Plus if they play multiple sports, every coach wants to win so bad that they steal kids away every free second they get. Just a feeling that they be doing more harm than good. 11 games plus post season is a lot in football. I have seen a lot of good football since the 70's and they used to do just fine running the ball and not throwing it every play and not practicing year round. I think truth be told a lot of coaches are burning them selves out as well.
  5. Is he taking a position at another school opening?
  6. Did not think I was going to get free from my job in Charlotte to make it out to a game tonight but a friend of mine invited me to go with him to this game tonight. When I say Kings Mountain whipped Statesville's ASS, I don't mean whipped I mean Kicked. It was never close. We left and I think it was 31-0 and KM had demoralized SHS. I have never been to a game at SHS but let me say that their announcer was the worst I have ever heard. One time there was a stop in play and he said this stop in play is brought to you by the u.s. Senate specializing in Fillabusters. I think instead of taking volunteers to do that job, they should have to do a mock reading of a game situation. He was clueless and the person running the clock was a bit bias as well. I bet SHS had over 100 yards in penalties. Shame a team that goes 12-0 season is over just like that.
  7. LNWC

    My Championship Picks

    I'm going out on a limb and say Statesville bows out this week, but you never know with them how bad they want to get out of the cold and into a warm gym .
  8. A buddy of mine's son plays for West Iredell. He said everyone is playing for second place. Said Shelby's team had no weaknesses and could probably beat whoever wins the other classifications. Must be nice to just reload every year.
  9. LNWC

    Lake Norman at Hough

    Man was I way off, I thought we would have a little more for MC but we did not show very well. I am afraid that we will not be a good match up athlete wise for Hough. Maybe we can control the clock and limit turnovers and mistakes long enough to keep them off the field. Go cats!!!
  10. Chavion only worth 4 points? 6 points down to 2 points? You must have some serious insider betting information . Statesville should be good every year, they have the most athletes and have plenty of bodies. There 2's and 3's could be starting at some of the other schools around the county. That's why SHS is looked at as under achievers every year. Just my thoughts from the lakeside, also congrats to Lake norman middle school on their undefeated championship season.
  11. Heard he was out for the year, torn ACL?
  12. I have seen both these teams play Lake Norman but SHS had there running back. I would have said SHS by a bunch but now it may be closer than earlier believed. If South loses they will struggle to get out of first round playoff game.
  13. I did not get to make it out to the JV game last night. What was the outcome?