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  1. GSOFootballFan

    No Class!

    Nothing to add. Spot on!!!
  2. GSOFootballFan

    3A Rankings

    It appeared it caught Northern by surprise too. NE came to play and Northern was flat from the first snap of the game. Kudo to coach Bates for having that NE team prepared. I will say that the young QB for Northern was a bright spot. Kid ran around for his life most of the night and made some great plays without turning the ball over. Don't know what his final numbers were but he did get 3 TD passes even with what looked like 10 -11 dropped passes from his Receivers. Great effort and never gave up. Looks to be a good one over there at Northern.
  3. Why is that everywhere in the state has a 7pm kickoff time and the Piedmont Triad insist on a 730pm kickoff?
  4. GSOFootballFan

    Page @ Dudley, 9/6

    ConnerP I am not saying it doesn't happen everywhere. You can take the banners and throw them out. That is the past, that regime no longer exists, I am going off of what I have seen happen over the past 3 years and as Glenn said above kids leave all the time or parents move their kids because they think they have a better chance at a scholarship. That is crazy!!! I have that experience with my own kid who thought he wasn't getting a fair shake and wanted to transfer. Even when he saw buddies leaving I told him that is not how the real world works. Every time you don't get a fair shake at work are you just gonna up and quit and get a new job? He worked hard and played out and ended up with a scholarship playing football. If you are good enough for that the college coaches will find you. Football is the ultimate team sports, not anyone person is bigger than the game.
  5. GSOFootballFan

    Page @ Dudley, 9/6

    Reliable source is all I'm saying. It's fine kids and parents want to move nothing they can do about it in GCS apparently. Becoming a far to prevalent practice these days. Might as well open the borders.
  6. GSOFootballFan

    Page @ Dudley, 9/6

    Several Transferred out to Dudley and Grimsley this year and yes there has been complaints from Coaching staff and administration to the county about it. Didn't hear any complaints either from them when they were pulling kids in from Northern over the last 2 years either. Karma is a bitch!!!
  7. GSOFootballFan

    Page @ Dudley, 9/6

    Finding out what it's like to lose players to graduation and um other schools. They had been getting players from other schools, how I don't know and now are complaining about kids leaving. They are a young team with a lot of talent. Some in the area say its the 3 year curse of the staff. Apparently happened across town when they were at NW Guilford. Along with a young team they have a VERY tough schedule, that doesn't help the reloading process.
  8. GSOFootballFan

    Artificial Turf

    Natural Grass Field Turf Base preparation $150,000 $320,000 Materials $2.75 per sq. ft. = $220,000 $4.75 per sq. ft. = $380,000 Maintenance $20,000 x 10 years = $200,000 $5,000 x 10 years = $50,000 Total $570,000 $750,000 Scheduling Possibilities 25 hours x 25 weeks x 10 years = 6,250 hours 68 hours x 44 weeks x 10 years = 29,920 hours Average Cost Per Hour of Use $91.20 $25.07 Never happen in Guilford County, at least not until certain schools get before any others.
  9. GSOFootballFan

    7 on 7

    Basketball on Grass!!!
  10. GSOFootballFan

    Spring Practice in the air...

    Been told to keep on eye on rising Jr. QB @ N. Guilford, been waiting in wings and has a big target in Wake Forest commit Michael Frogge. Will be interested to see how he does this year.
  11. with that being said what QBs do we need to keep an eye on? Who are the obvious ones? Who are the ones that might surprise this upcoming season in NC?
  12. GSOFootballFan

    Greensboro Page AD Rusty Lee to step down

    Things that make you go Ummmmm!!! How many weeks is in the coming weeks?
  13. I witnessed Cleveland firsthand in the first round of the playoffs. Very fast Defense that tackles well. LBs fill holes quick. Offense has QB that can sling the ball, not super fast but if he has time to throw he will beat you, have to pressure him. The times NG got pressure on him he was sacked or threw the ball away. Couple of tall WR that can run and against NG 50/50 balls they won all day long. RB very strong, better tackle him at the legs for him to go down. Haven't seen SE play but here defense is good. All I can say is better be able to match scores if you can't stop them or it will get away from you quick.
  14. Not saying it didn't happen at Northern. As a matter of fact I am willing to bet it did go on at Northern during that time because the same recruiting coordinator was on staff there as well. No you can't control when a family "moves" attendance zone I understand and it appears you can't control when someone gets in their ear either. Page is a much bigger and faster team and they put it on Northern in 2nd half.
  15. Will be fun tonight for sure. I am sure NG wants them at full song. It is always good to have a strong recruiting coordinator on staff being there are 5 or 6 former NG players over there. Also nice to see that the "Play for the Brand" moto has been pulled out of the NG closet for another original run. Things that make you go MMMMMM!!! Makes you wonder what side of the field Coach Roscoe will be standing on. Looking forward to this evening and will be a great atmosphere.