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  1. Just wondering if my40 is covering wnc games this year? Haven’t saw it posted anywhere yet...
  2. MHHS09

    WHC Season Opener (Aug 23rd)

    Ashe 36-18 Owen 28-21 Carver 14-12 Mitchell 21-20 Polk 30-14 Heritage 30-7
  3. MHHS09

    SMC week 1

    Does anyone know about this Life Christian Academy? Heritage added them to the schedule week 3
  4. MHHS09

    Mountain 6 2019

    I’m almost afraid to ask what’s going on...
  5. MHHS09

    WNC Top 20

    Just for fun here’s my WNC teams west of Charlotte top 20 1. Reynolds 2. Shelby 3. Kings Mountain 4. Watagua 5. Crest 6. Hunter Huss 7. Hibriten 8. South Point 9. Mountain Heritage 10. Freedom 11. Asheville 12. Pisgah 13. East Rutherford 14. Murphy 15. Alexander Central 16. Mitchell 17.Erwin 18. North Lincoln 19. Smoky Mountain 20. Tuscola
  6. I agree they have a lot to prove, but from everything I’ve been hearing about them this could be one of their best teams in the last ten years, again we’ll have to wait and see. We’ve got them in Canton week 4.
  7. I’d have Heritage a few spots higher and I’m not sure Brevard will repeat the success of last season, other than that good list, I say Pisgah or Heritage breaks into the top 10 at some point.
  8. MHHS09

    Mountain 6 2019

    Yeah, Hendo, Franklin and Brevard are interchangeable imo, they all should be pretty solid.
  9. Not 100% on who’s who in this conference but from everything I’m hearing Pisgah and Smoky mnt. should be the favorites everyone else loses a lot to graduation I say it goes 1.Pisgah 2. Smoky 3. Hendersonville 4. Franklin 5. Brevard 6. East Henderson
  10. Yeah in years past we’ve always ran into a team that were more athletic, these last couple of years we’ve certainly had some great athletes but I think a lot of it has to do with how hard our players work on conditioning in the off season.
  11. I honestly don’t remember that, back in 05 we had a pretty good kicker but even then I don’t think we kicked a field goal on every punting situation, but I wasn’t even in high school then so maybe I forgot about it, I can barley rennet my freshman year lol
  12. MHHS09

    WHC 2019

    Is that Gibbs in the drill? You can tell he’s been hitting the weight room for sure lol, Sorry if my picks are a little bit off I have yet to talk to anyone who knows what’s going on in the conference this year, I was basing most my picks off of last year, I know back in 07 we were terrible and in 08 we were a totally different team so I think Owen could have a break out year.
  13. I figured I get this one started being that the season is less than 2 months away, I haven’t heard anything new but I’m going to guess how each team finishes based on their schedules 1. Heritage 9-1, 5-0: Honestly with Heritages non conference schedule it’s hard to pick out a garunteed win, but with what we return and knowing how hard these kids play I say we go 4-1 against non conference opponents, I say we slip up somewhere maybe Erwin or @ Pisgah but win the rest, in conference play I really don’t see anyone challenging us except Mitchell and luckily we’ve got them at home, we’re going for 5 straight in case you Mitchell fans have lost count 2. Mitchell 9-2, 4-1: Their non conference we’ll be a bit easier they’ve got 4 games that they should win by at least 3 or 4 scores but they do have two really tough games @Franklin and @ Erwin I say they lose one of those two, in conference they’re in the same boat as Heritage the winner of the Mitchell-Heritage game will win conference. 3. Owen 5-5, 3-2: Really only two games I see them winning in their non conference schedule and I’m giving them both East and North Henderson, in conference I say they beat Polk in a close one and beat Avery and Madison by 3 or more scores then Heritage and Mitchell beats them beating by 3 or more, they’ll be improved even if it’s a slight improvement. 4. Polk 5-6, 2-3: I think Polk could potentially win their first 4 games @Cherokee, @ North Gaston, RS Central, East Henderson, but I say they slip up in at least one of those, I really don’t think they have enough fire power to compete with Hendo or East Rutherford either, in conference I think they are in the same boat as Owen, win by 3 scores or more against Avery and Madison and lose by 3 or more scores to Mitchell and Heritage, and in their game with Owen I give Owen the slight edge since it’s at Owen, so not much better this year but who know maybe they’ve got another deep playoff run in them. 5. Madison 2-9, 1-4: Really these last two are just guesses, the only game I see Madison winning for sure is against Rosman, Chase could potentially be a close one, but I’ve got them beating Avery at home to avoid finishing last 6. Avery 2-9, 0-5: From what I’m hearing Avery could be improved this year but by how much I’m not sure, I think their games with Ashe and Cloudland will be a bit closer this year which would be an improvement and I think NB will beat them by 2-3 scores, they’ve got 3 winable games against West Wilkes, North Wilkes and @ Draughn, I think they win 2 of the 3, and then I think they lose to Madison making the third time in 3 years they finish with only 2 wins and the 4th time in the last 5 seasons that they’ve finished last in the WHC.
  14. MHHS09

    Mountain Valley 2A/1A Conference

    1. Starmount (8-3, 6-1) 2. Ashe (8-3, 6-1) 3. Wilkes Central (7-4, 5-2) 4. East Wilkes (7-4, 4-3) 5. Elkin (6-5, 3-4) 6. Alleghany (5-6, 3-4) 7. North Wilkes (4-7, 1-6) 8. West Wilkes (2-9, 0-7)