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  1. MHHS09

    Erwin 48 Alexander Central 21

    Good win for Erwin hope you guys keep it rolling throughout the playoffs.
  2. MHHS09

    1st round scores

    Google wwncscores if you haven’t already
  3. MHHS09

    1st round scores

    Hibriten 49-0 over East Hendo Parkland 26-6 over Asheville North Lincoln 35-6 over Smoky Mnt. Swain tied 6-6 with MIC Reidsville 21-7 over Owen Erwin 21-7 over Alexander Central Northwest Cabarrus 49-7 over North Buncombe Pisgah 10-7 over East Lincoln Cherokee 25-12 over Albemarle Tuscola 14-7 over J.M. Robinson Rosman 27-14 over Elkin Hendo 14-0 over North Surry Brevard tied 7-7 with Eastern Randolph Mooresville 35-10 over McDowell Reynolds 21-20 over A.L. Brown Polk 20-8 over East Wilkes
  4. MHHS09

    2A West Powerhouse Is On Their Way To 1A

    If Heritage were to drop I was kind of hoping we’d get to see them and Mitchell in the playoffs lol
  5. MHHS09

    2A West Powerhouse Is On Their Way To 1A

    I’d love to see a Reidsville-Tarboro Championship if both teams are still at the top of their game by then, Mountain Heritage and Wallace Rose Hill will probably be in 1aa by next realignment as well.
  6. MHHS09

    Call Your Shot: 2AA West Playoffs Round 1

    Well they were losing to RS Central at half time earlier in the year, they’ve buffed up their resume since then but it wouldn’t surprise me if Pisgah won this game by less than 20 points.
  7. MHHS09

    East henderson@ Hibriten

    Hey winless in the Mtn 6 is like being undefeated in any other conference in the state lol, that being said Hibriten 61-0
  8. MHHS09

    Providence Grove at Mountain Heritage

    That must be number 12 I was seeing in their highlights, he seems to be pretty athletic for his size.
  9. MHHS09

    12 McDowell at 5 Mooresville

    People are stupid, they used to be able to read a map lol
  10. MHHS09

    #11 Alexander Central at #6 Erwin

    gotcha lol
  11. MHHS09

    Eastern Randolph at Brevard

    I think he and everyone else knows that lol, point being he was hurt
  12. MHHS09

    Providence Grove at Mountain Heritage

    Yeah sounds all too familiar, just guessing here but I’d say if Heritage plays well we should win in a 36-14, 44-22 type game.
  13. MHHS09

    Providence Grove at Mountain Heritage

    How are they speed wise? Saw a couple highlights of them on max preps and they have a couple of decent sized kids upfront and in their line backing core, but most years mountain teams have to worry about the speed of the teams down in the peidmount.
  14. MHHS09

    #11 Alexander Central at #6 Erwin

  15. MHHS09

    How can this be

    I wish they’d give us Mitchell’s 2 seed since we beat them lol