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  1. MHHS09

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Lol it's only just begun for Mitchell fans who have to go into work with their Heritage buddies on Monday.
  2. MHHS09

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    In all seriousness good luck to Mitchell the rest of the way, number 7 is a helluva player and still think Mitchell has a good shot of winning it all, I like to joke around with you Mitchell fans but you guys are good people I ain’t got any animosity for yuns lol
  3. MHHS09

    Brevard vs Smoky Mountain

    I’m wondering what happened in the Brevard-Franklin match-up Brevard was looking good up until this game...
  4. MHHS09

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    The way traffic was after the game those Mitchell players probably felt like they were walking the green mile lol, that’s 5 straight now for you Mitchell fans that lost count...
  5. MHHS09

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    https://www.citizen-times.com/story/sports/high-school/hshuddle/2019/10/17/joey-robinsons-success-mountain-heritage-changed-rivalry-mitchell/3974175002/ this would have been my pick
  6. MHHS09

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    I mean it was a good game, but it also happened to be the last time we lost to Mitchell at home lol
  7. MHHS09

    WNC Picks, Week 9

    It would be a tie between that and the Mitchell-Heritage game imo
  8. MHHS09

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Why is it mostly clips of the 2011 game lol?
  9. MHHS09

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    On a side note the Heritage-Mitchell thread on the other site is about 95% Mitchell fans, 4% other people saying Mitchell’s going to win and 0.5% Mitchell fans digressing in hopes of jinxing Heritage, I think I’ll keep it here with the smart folk and let the guys over there talk in circles lol
  10. MHHS09

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    “ Mama said Mitchell fans are ornery because they got all that talent and still lost four straight to the cougars” -Bobby Boucher
  11. MHHS09

    WHC week 8

  12. MHHS09

    WNC Week 8 Picks

    To be fair if Avery hadn't thrown on some of those interceptions they would have turned the ball over on downs, two of the picks came in 4th down late on the game after Heritage already had a big lead and another happend when Avery was pinned 3rd and long on their five yard line and we fumbled it right back to Avery they ended up getting 15 yards and first down out of it. It's no secret that Heritages offense is struggling bit this year but, we did break a run for 60 yards and TD that got called back tonight. We're going to have to do a lot more offensively if we want to beat Mitchell.
  13. MHHS09

    WNC Week 8 Picks

    I’d be surprised if the game is close let alone us losing, I could be wrong but Draughn and North Buncombe beat them by a combined 92-43 and we would beat either one of those teams by 21+, I guess we lost some street cred losing to Pisgah but we should get it back in the coming weeks.
  14. Not a big gripe but, I think Owen at 69 is a little low. North Wilkes at 54 and Ashe at 61 both got blown out by Avery and if I was betting I’d say Owen will play Avery to a one possession game if not beat them, they might give Heritage and Mitchell a tough game. Not saying they deserve to be a top 25 team but, they will be competitive and might be a tough match up for someone in the first round.