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  1. MHHS09

    Way too early WHC predictions...

    I know heritage picked up Pisgah for next year, if I was my40 I'd go ahead and book that one and if murphy and mitchell plays that one has game of the year implications written all over it.
  2. MHHS09

    Way too early WHC predictions...

    I could see it happen, but I’d still flip Polk with Avery, like you said making chicken salad out of chicken s*** lol
  3. Seeing as basketball might be a bit of a one team show in the WHC this year I figured I’d start an early football thread to see what everyone has got coming back, Here’s my not so informed predictions 1-2 Heritage and Mitchell, still think these two are top dogs in 2019, while I think Mitchell might be returning a little more talent I think they take back seat to Heritage until they prove otherwise. 3 Polk, after polks impressive post season run I think there is a lot to be optimistic about for the wolverines 4 Owen, should be improved this year but i’d Give the edge to Polk in coaching 5-6 Madison and Avery, both have nowhere to go but up, not sure how either will look this year
  4. MHHS09

    2A West: Reidsville 21, Mountain Heritage 14

    I wasn’t at the game I had to listen to it on the radio, our announcers seemed confused to why the clock was running on an incomplete pass and never corrected themselves.
  5. MHHS09

    2A West: Reidsville 21, Mountain Heritage 14

    21-14 reidsville final, not sure why the clock kept running on an incomplete pass but good hard fought game by the cougars proud of what these boys continue to do for our program, and good luck to the rams the rest of the way y’all got a hell of a team this year.
  6. MHHS09

    2A West: Reidsville 21, Mountain Heritage 14

    7-0 reidsville at the half
  7. MHHS09

    2A West: Reidsville 21, Mountain Heritage 14

    Haven't made it to this game the last couple of years but I'm definitely going to make the trip this year, how well did we travel last year?
  8. MHHS09

    1A West: Murphy 33, Mitchell 29

    Mitchell is going to have to play better than they did tonight if they're going to win this game, but that said I think they are every bit as good as the bulldogs are this year home field will be a big advantage in this one, hopefully we will see better weather in and next week
  9. MHHS09

    2A West: Reidsville 21, Mountain Heritage 14

    Heritage will have to play there best game of the season to avoid going 0-3 against Reidsville, that being said I think this Heritage bunch is going to be ready.
  10. MHHS09

    3AA West: Mount Tabor 49, Erwin 28

    Looks like Erwin ran into really good team tonight, good season for the warriors regardless
  11. MHHS09

    1A West: Mitchell 21, Cherokee 13

    Good win for Mitchell tonight, Heritage will be rooting for guys next week win it for the WHC!
  12. MHHS09

    Congrats to Mountain Heritage

    Thanks Scare sorry about the jawing through the week Hendo's got my respect as they always have, y'all played a great game tonight.
  13. MHHS09

    2A West: Mountain Heritage 56, Hendersonville 34

    Thanks Truf y'all played a fine game tonight, we got Reidsville coming up that's going to be a tall task.
  14. MHHS09

    2A West: Brevard 21, Randleman 13

    Great win Blue Devils if everything goes right we could be seeing each other again!
  15. MHHS09

    1AA West: Polk County 13, North Rowan 7

    Polk that a babyyy!!!