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  1. Murphy Robbinsville Swain Asheville ACR Brevard Pisgah Owen Hendersonville Franklin Tuscola TCR Polk Mitchell Erwin Mountain Heritage West Henderson Smoky Mountain North Buncombe Avery Cherokee Hayesville East Henderson Rosman Andrews Enka McDowell North Henderson Madison I’m no old timer but this is my best guess at it.
  2. I figured reidsville would win but I didn't figure it would be a 50 point beat down after how close Brevard played y'all, congrats to Reidville and good luck in the Championship, I'd say the real 2a championship would be between Shelby and Reidsville this year.
  3. Yeah my dad played from 85 to 87, played Mitchell twice every year he played and went 1-5 against them he said they were really good when coach Robinson was qb there and had Mitchell's most successful season prior to 2011.
  4. Sorry I quoted the wrong comment lol
  5. In your opinion who is Mitchell's best team? 11,15,16,17,18? All but one of those teams lost to Heritage and the other one very well could have in one our worst seasons in the past 10 years.... Mitchell has blown out teams this year (Owen, Polk, and Swain) that in the last 4-5 years would have gave them all they wanted was my rationale
  6. You guys can just come out and say it... You wish you had coach Robinson as your head coach lol
  7. I've never been the type to root against Mitchell just because their our rival, in fact in 2016 and 2017 I was pretty ticked off because I thought you might of layed down a little against Murphy and Cherokee, but I'm telling you now that this might be the best Mitchell team ever and I think you guys have a real shot at East Surry next week so if you guys end up getting beat by 30, something went bad wrong...
  8. Congrats to all the Heritage senoirs on a great year, we very easily could be playing Reidsville at the pit of a few things go ou r way, good luck to west stokes next week I'm expecting a shoot out.
  9. I knew I was wrong first half of that Brevard game, but I thought we would win this game by at least a couple of scores, Owen wanted it more tonight.
  10. I feel like the players are there for Owen this year, if all goes well we might be seeing each other again in the playoffs.
  11. Heritage didn’t deserve to win that game, Gibbs and Owens D line kicked our butts all night, Owen has nothing to hang their heads about the better team didn’t win tonight.
  12. MHHS09

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Lol it's only just begun for Mitchell fans who have to go into work with their Heritage buddies on Monday.