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  1. Due to my one month subscription to NFHS Network, I saw a QB in Maryland, from Oakdale, HS in Frederick County, Maryland. He's going to Kent State University. He has a beautiful throwing motion and was impressive in Oakdale's 35-7 , class 2A state championship game against Glenelg. A link to video from that game is below. http://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/collin-schlee/Yfdac2DOEea-8KA2nzwbTA/default.htm
  2. Mr. Honda

    Honda's 3A/3AA State Championship Predictions

    Correction: Jacksonville is averaging 53ppg in the playoffs, not 22
  3. 4A Scotland vs East Forsyth Scotland Scotland comes into this game looking for their first state title since 2011. They have a record of 9-5 and finished tied for third in the Sandhills Athletic conference. They began the season with a 47-19 loss to Butler and started 4-4 in their first eight games. But, the Fighting Scots have won six of their last seven games. This includes a 28-0 win over 71st last week in the playoffs, after losing to them 21-6 earlier in the season. They are averaging 22ppg and allowing 19.64ppg. During the playoffs they are scoring 22ppg and allowing 13ppg. They are led in rushing by running back Syheam McQueen, a 6 1 215lb sophomore. He's carried the ball 228 times through 11 games for 1,254 yards and 12 touchdowns. They also have 5 8, 190lb senior Joseph McKoy. Through 14 games he's carried the ball 155 times for 1,018 yards and 9 touchdowns. East Forsyth After several years of futility in getting over the regional hump, East Forsyth crashed the door down this season with their 32-14 win last week over Porter Ridge. Coach Todd Willert is trying for his first state title at East Forsyth, after losing a heartbreaker to Mallard Creek in the 2015 West Regional Finals. East is coming in with a record of 14-0, finishing as champions of the Central Piedmont conference. The Eagles are flying high, averaging 43.64ppg and allowing 12.21ppg. For the playoffs, they're averaging 38.33 ppg and giving up 9ppg. They average 253.7ypg rushing and 149.7ypg passing. They are led by Quarterback Ty'Shaun Lyles, a 5 11 195lb sophomore. He's 105/189 passing for 2,085 yards, with 22 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. He has a rating of 122.1. Rushing the football, the Eagles are led by 6 1 205lb running back, Ahmani Marshall. He's carried the ball 144 times for 1,097 yards and 20 touchdowns. The Eagles also have 5 8, 175lb junior Robbin Smith. He's carried the ball 96 times for 625 yards and 11 touchdowns. Prediction At first glance, I'd have Scotland as an upset alert. I've picked against them in every playoff game and they have proved me wrong each time. But, in this game, I think East Forsyth has a little too much firepower for the Fighting Scots. Their time is coming again but not this year. The Eagles break through for a state title. East Forsyth 38 Scotland 14 4AA Vance vs Wake Forest Vance There's one guarantee in this game. A team named 'Cougars' will win the state title in 4AA. The Vance Cougars come into this game with a record of 14-1, having finished second in the rugged I-Meck conference to Mallard Creek. This is their first trip to the state finals after being knocked out during the West region finals the last two years. Vance averages 34.32ppg while allowing 9.6ppg. During the playoffs, they're averaging 34.75ppg while giving up 10.25ppg. There were no individual statistics available. Wake Forest What do you say about the Wake Forest Cougars? They come into this game as the two-time defending state champions. Not only that, but they have shut out their opponent in the last two championship games. They defeated Page 29-0 in 2016 and Mallard Creek last season 21-0. This year, they are the champion of the Northern Athletic conference. They are on a 44 game winning streak, the third longest, active streak in the nation. They have won 76 of they're last 79 games. They are currently tied for 6th with Richmond Senior for consecutive wins. A win over Vance will push them up, tied for 5th with Ayden. They're averaging 43.77ppg and allowing 8.92ppg. During the playoffs, they've averaged 48.33ppg while allowing 8ppg. They're a run heavy team, but can pass. They have rushed for 270.5 yards per game and passed for 104.5 yards per game. Wake Forest is led by quarterback Mateo Supido, a 6 1, 190lb senior. Through 13 games he's 31/54 for 708 yards. He's passed for 11 touchdowns and only 1 interception. His rating is 133.9. Running the ball, the Cougars are led by Maquel Haywood. He's a 5 8, 170lb junior. He's carried the ball 129 times for 1,202 yards and 18 touchdowns. Wake Forest also has DeMarcus Jones, a 5 11, 205lb senior running back. He's carried 161 times for 1,174 yards and 17 touchdowns. They also have 5 11, 188lb, senior running back, Keishmund Rogers in the mix. He's rushed 67 times for 548 yards and 8 touchdowns. Prediction Vance will be one of the most physical teams Wake Forest has faced this season. With a big and physical defense and one of the best linebacker corps, Wake Forest may need a little more balance in this game to be successful. This game features two very good coaches in Aaron Brand of Vance and Reggie Lucas of Wake Forest. Both teams have very good defenses. Like they say, defense wins championships, but defense plus experience gives you a threepeat. Wake Forest gets the third one. Wake Forest 20 Vance 17
  4. 3A Jacksonville vs Charlotte Catholic Charlotte Catholic The Cougars are making a return trip to the state finals. Last year they defeated Havelock 28-14 for the 3A title. They are trying for their third title in the last four years, in two classes; 4A and 3A. This season they're 14-1 and are champions of the Southern Carolina conference. They average 32.67 ppg and defensively have given up 6.4 ppg. In the playoffs they are averaging 35.5 ppg while allowing 5.25 ppg. The Cougars average 249.4 yards per game rushing and 101.4 yards per game passing. They are led by quarterback Chris Walton 6' 0" and 165 lbs. So far passing he's 85/122 for 1,309 yds, with a completion percentage of 69.7%. He's thrown for 16 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions. He has a rating of 130.8. Rushing the Cougars are led by Lamage McDowell a 6'1" 205 lb running back. He's carried the ball 192 times for 1,150 yds and 15 touchdowns. He averages 82.1 yards per game. Also for the Cougars is running back Michael Neel. He's 5 11, 175lbs. He's carried the ball 121 times for 1,056 yards and 13 touchdowns. Jacksonville The Cardinals come into this game with a record of 11-1 and a first place finish in the Coastal conference. They are averaging 30.7 ppg and allowing 10.4 ppg. For the playoffs they are averaging 22 ppg while allowing 15.5 ppg. Last week against Havelock, they trailed 28-7 at the half and made a great comeback to win 41-34. The Cardinals average 309.4 yards rushing and 103.6 yards passing. They are led by quarterback Justin Benton 5 10, 180. Passing he's 64/138 for 1,092 yds and 15 touchdowns. His completion percentage is 46%. He's thrown 4 interceptions and has a rating of 97.9. Rushing the ball, the Cardinals are led by Graham Brinker, a 5 9, 175lb senior running back. He's carried the ball 116 times for 1,202 yards and 18 touchdowns. Also they have Justyn Benton the Cardinals' double threat quarterback. He's carried the ball 131 times for 1,109 yards and 15 touchdowns. Also in the backfield, there's Kijier Finister. He's a 5 10, 200lb running back. He's rushed 101 times for 906 yards and 16 touchdowns. Prediction The Cougars' defense is tough. Last week they held Kings Mountain who averaged 40ppg to just 7 points in a 30-7 playoff win. The Cardinals will need a balanced attack and more production passing to keep the Cougar defense honest. Catholic is a very disciplined defensive team that tackles well. Their offense is efficient enough to use up clock. Charlotte Catholic 34 Jacksonville 19 3AA Weddington vs SE Guilford Weddington Weddington is coming into this game attempting to win their second state title in the last three years. They have a record of 14-1 and finished second to Charlotte Catholic in the tough Southern Carolina conference. They average 38.67 ppg while allowing 12.33ppg. For the playoffs they are averaging 42ppg and allowing 8.5ppg. Last week they won their regional final with a 45-12 win over Mount Tabor. No individual statistics were available. SE Guilford SE Guilford comes in at 14-1 after a first place finish in the Mid-Piedmont conference. They are averaging 30.47ppg and allowing 10.4ppg. For the playoffs they are averaging 22ppg while giving up 15.5ppg. The Falcons have a balanced attack, averaging 172.4 ypg rushing and 145.9 ypg passing. The Falcons are led by double threat quarterback Ryan Douglas, a 6 1 200lb senior. He's 154/276 passing for 2,178 yards, with 14 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. He has a rating of 86.3. Rushing the ball, the Falcons are led 5 6 155lb Jalen Fairley. He's carried the ball 183 times for 1,133 yards and 15 touchdowns. Quarterback Ryan Douglas is also the Falcons' second leading rusher. He's carried the ball 171 times for 855 yards and 18 touchdowns. Prediction This is the Falcons' first time past the first round of the playoffs since 2013. Weddington has been impressive all season. Weddington 31 Southeast Guilford 14
  5. 3A East Havelock 40 Jacksonville 34 3A West Charlotte Catholic 35 Kings Mountain 14 3AA East SE Guilford 28 Cleveland 24 3AA West Weddington 38 Mount Tabor 17
  6. 4A East Seventy-First 26 Scotland 21 4A West East Forsyth 38 Porter Ridge 28 4AA East Wake Forest 38 Pinecrest 14 4AA West Myers Park 28 Vance 24
  7. 1. Caledonia - Caledonia, MN - 54 2. Choate Rosemary Hall - Wallingford, CT - 49 3. Wake Forest - Wake Forest, NC - 43 4. Martinsburg - Martinsburg, WV - 42 5. Carthage - Carthage, TX - 39 6. Hanover - Hanover, KS - 38 7. Carl Albert - Midwest City, OK - 36 7. Garden City - Garden City, NY - 36 9. Dufur - Dufur, OR - 33 10. Roanoke Catholic - Roanoke, VA - 31 10. Southern Columbia Area - Catawissa, PA - 31
  8. Mr. Honda

    4AA East: Wake Forest 49, Pinecrest 7

    Yep, absolutely nothing to see here. WF cruises to the title game.
  9. Mr. Honda

    4AA West: Vance 21, Myers Park 13

    I'm concerned about those privileged MP kids. Hopefully their BMWs and Mercedes can hold up to get them to the school. Do they use gold plated footballs over there at MP as well? I'm thinking with their privileges, they haven't had to work at all to get where they are. Shoot, they may not even deserve to be there, because they got lucky with Butler not playing for awhile and RC not seeing that kind of offense before. I guess there were privileged circumstances that got them their other wins as well. Apparently the Vance kids aren't as privileged and have had to work much much harder than those MP kids. I guess when it comes down to it, with less privilege, Vance just deserves to win this game more. Thank you Mr. Brand.
  10. Mr. Honda

    4AA West Predictions Round 3

    There are two things very interesting about this rugged bracket. Hough secured a huge win over conference opponent Mallard Creek. Some thought this bracket became wide open with Mallard Creek's loss. Not exactly as this bracket was wide open from the time it was drawn. There were six teams in this bracket that were able to either strongly challenge for or win the state championship. Four of them are still standing. Of course the upset was Hough over Mallard Creek. Hough has had the talent. They've battle some injuries and under achieving up until that game. Vance and Richmond rolled on. Myers Park was my other upset alert pick from last week that won. I'd make Richmond a slight favorite to win this bracket mainly because they have home field. It should be a very fun and interesting bracket to watch. Last week I went 3-1 in this bracket and am 6-2 for the playoffs. This week's predictions are below. Vance 25 Hough 19 Richmond 29 Myers Park 28
  11. Mr. Honda

    4AA East Predictions Round 3

    This bracket continues to be Wake Forest's to lose as they continue to roll on in their impressive run. Like I said before, I don't foresee them stumbling on their way to the state title game. This week they'll be facing a relatively stronger challenge than they did against F-V. But stronger is all relative. Pine Crest and the Sandhills have done well in these playoffs. They'll be travelling to Wilmington to meet Hoggard. After a first round bye, Hoggard secured a 38-21 win over Hoggard. Last week, I went 4-0 in this bracket and am 7-1 for the playoffs. This week's predictions are below. Wake Forest 38 Leesville Road 22 Hoggard 29 Pinecrest 24 QUOTE
  12. Mr. Honda

    4A West Predictions Round 3

    Last week in this bracket, Grimsley looked impressive in their win over Mooresville. And Porter Ridge pulled through as they were one of my two upset alert picks who went on to win. Porter Ridge pulled off something that's very difficult to do. They went on the road to Page and pulled out a win. East Forsyth again looked impressive in their 42-6 win over Glenn. Last week, I went 3-1 in this bracket and am 6-2 for the playoffs. This week's predictions are below as I have another upset alert in this bracket. No, it's not against East Forsyth. East Forsyth 41 Grimsley 14 Porter Ridge 31 West Mecklenburg 29 QUOTE
  13. Mr. Honda

    4A East Predictions Round 3

    This is a very interesting bracket to watch. We have a number 3,5,8 and 10 seeds remaining. It'll be interesting to follow Scotland as they've secured two one point wins in these playoffs. Congratulations to Scotland. Will they move on as a 10 seed? We'll see what happens this week. So, needless to say there are very interesting matchups here. Last week, I went 3-1 in this bracket and have gone 7-1 for the playoffs. This week's predictions are below. South View 38 Seventy-First 34 Pine Forest 24 Scotland 17
  14. Mr. Honda

    3AA West Predictions Round 3

    The Western North Carolina teams continue to impress as these playoffs progress. But both of those teams will get strong tests as we move into this third round. We have two great matchups as 5 seed Weddington travels to Boone to face top seeded Watauga. Then we have #3 seed Mount Tabor travelling to Asheville to meet #2 seed A.C. Reynolds. Last week I went 3-1 in this bracket and am 9-3 for the playoffs. This week's predictions are below. Weddington 31 Watauga 24 A.C. Reynolds 31 Mount Tabor 21
  15. Mr. Honda

    3AA East Predictions Round 3

    This is an interesting bracket to watch. A couple of good matchups here, including a battle of Greensboro teams. Last week, I was 3-1 in this bracket and am 9-3 for the playoffs. This week's picks are below. Cleveland 34 Hillside 21 SE Guilford 34 Dudley 21 QUOTE