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  1. Retired Warhorse

    2A West: Mountain Heritage 56, Hendersonville 34

    It's not in Joey's nature, but I wish he'd hang 100 on em!
  2. Retired Warhorse

    Lincolnton searching for a new head coach

  3. Retired Warhorse

    Owen vs Reidsville

    They look pretty darn good on film!
  4. Retired Warhorse

    WNC PLAYOFF PICKS (1st Round)

    4A McDowell at Mooresville by 30 3AA Ashbrook at Watauga by 28 AL Brown at AC Reynolds by 30 Alexander Central at Erwin by 14 Asheville at W-S Parkland by 7 3A Tuscola at Jay Robinson by 7 North Buncombe at NW Cabarrus by 21 2AA East Lincoln at Pisgah by 28 East Henderson at Hibriten by 40 Franklin at Bandys by 21 Smoky Mountain at North Lincoln by 7 2A Owen at Reidsville OWEN BY 100 😂 Providence Grove at Mountain Heritage by 40 Hendersonville at North Surry by 14 Eastern Randolph at Brevard by 3
  5. Retired Warhorse

    #15 Kannapolis @ #2 A.C. Reynolds

    I think you guys do well this week.
  6. Retired Warhorse

    Owen vs Reidsville

    Appreciate the feedback... I guess perhaps their weakest link is youth, that means they'll be around for awhile... That Heritage game will be a good one of that's how things pan out!
  7. Retired Warhorse

    #15 Kannapolis @ #2 A.C. Reynolds

    I agree, they just have a lot of weapons, their rb is back, hopefully healthy and they play defense well!
  8. Retired Warhorse

    Owen vs Reidsville

    Happy the Warhorses made the playoffs, good first step for a rebuilding program. Reidsville looks stout in all phases. Watched some clips on MaxPreps and it would appear that they have speed and size. Not familiar with their program but they look like a great team! Best of luck to the Warhorses as they travel, I won't be in attendance due to being out of state, so someone post some scores throughout the game.
  9. Retired Warhorse

    Eastern Randolph at Brevard

    Brevard is strong o the edge. #7 is a beast and brings some speed with his size. Defense is Brevards strength!
  10. Retired Warhorse

    ADM's Are out!

    Your wife is going to mad at you if you don't pin these plans down!😂
  11. Retired Warhorse

    Updated 2A/2AA Bracketology with new ADM numbers

    Appreciate all the effort and input!
  12. Retired Warhorse

    Is bear grass guaranteed to make playoffs?

    Heard you can re-class as well!!!
  13. Retired Warhorse

    NCHSAA Adjusted MaxPreps Ratings 11/6

    You have it made!!!!
  14. Retired Warhorse

    NCHSAA Adjusted MaxPreps Ratings 11/6

    Booking your hotel for the championship game ehh?
  15. Retired Warhorse

    Adjusted Max preps Ranking 11/6/18

    Isn't Mt Pleasant the team that knocked the Jager team out of contention in 2014?