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  1. The game got postponed till Saturday at 7. That's what I heard
  2. TheRedMan

    Hendo @ Mountain Heritage

    I've watched both Hendersonville and Heritage. I think it's going to be a good game. Hendersonville is good but they ain't that's good like in the past few years and there starting running back is hurt and that's what hurting them because he only plays RB and the one they have a RB right now is there starting LB and he get wored out I've noticed that last week when they played Burns. Heritage is good but they're not the same team in years past but they still have speed in RB and WR. I think there defense is better then Hendersonville. I'm going to pick Heritage by 14 because there playing at home. It's hard to be them at there place.
  3. TheRedMan

    WNC Week 4 Picks

    Erwin by 1 Asheville by 10 Tuscola by 21 NB by 1 Hendersonville by 28 Brevard by 21 Pisgah by 21 Franklin by 10 East by 1 McDowell by 1 Heritage by 35 Cloudland by 10 Cherokee by 17 Murphy by 35 Towns by 1 Chirst School by 14
  4. I told agree with you Knigh. Me too. I don't understand how Shelby still that high with 1-2 record that beat got to Burns by 18 and lost to ACR by 3. Heritage lost to Erwin by 10 but Heritage should of have won that game if they blitz Erwin's QB when they did it the second half Erwin QB couldn't do nothing. I understand that they have one state in the past.
  5. TheRedMan

    WHC Week 2 Predictions

    Heritage by 8 Mitchell by 1 NB by 14 McDowell by 21 NCA by 21
  6. TheRedMan

    Mountain Heritage at Erwin

    Who's all going to the game this Friday?
  7. TheRedMan

    Mountain Heritage at Erwin

    I remember 10 years ago Heritage beating Erwin by 1 that team was pretty good. This team kinda reminds me of that team but there defense is alot better then that. Because we played them in the 3 round and we beat them. If they had the defense this on that team 10 years ago they would of beat us and won state
  8. TheRedMan

    Mountain Heritage at Erwin

    I think this is going to be a really good game this year. From I heard Heritage is still good as they were in the years past. They lost Robinson but Robinson wasn't the only reason they was so good they had a lot of athletes and the defense was really good. I've watched them play in the past few years and I watched that QB they have now his going to be good passer but they have the RB's to run on you like Robinson could do and there line is strong from what I heard. From what I heard there defense is really good this like last year. My pick is Heritage 28-24