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  1. Vikingpride

    1A costal plains preseason predictions

    Pamlico had some good young pieces last year. Would not be surprised to see them compete for second in the conference again.
  2. Vikingpride

    Tarboro Quarterback

    They’ll get a great test out of the gate against rocky mount
  3. Vikingpride

    Tarboro Quarterback

    Believe he’ll end up d1 as an athlete. Tremendous speed
  4. Vikingpride

    Top 1A teams

    Should be a good one for sure. Tarboro qb won a track state championship yesterday. His future seems to be very bright. Believe he’ll go D1 as an athlete.
  5. Vikingpride

    Top 1A teams

    I know it’s early but I’m hearing Tarboro is looking strong again. Lots of folks are excited about the week 1 match up against 3a rocky mount.
  6. Vikingpride

    The Super Bowls

    Saw him play against us (Tarboro) in 2013. We won the game but he was the best player on the field. Wish him nothing but success
  7. Vikingpride

    Final CP 1A Power Rankings of 2018

    Smc, yours looks good. I can tell you having seen them all, North Stanly, edenton, and East Surry are better than pamlico. Thanks Chris, for all of your hard work and all that you do. Love this site.
  8. Vikingpride

    Tarboro 2019 and 2020

    Super excited about this one!!
  9. Vikingpride

    Tarboro -V- ????

    South central winterville was 4a and went undefeated and lost a close game in the 2nd round. We were definitely better than them. Not pretending we would dominate 3 and 4a but we could definitely compete.
  10. Vikingpride

    Todd Gurley Pays Off Layaway (Tarboro Walmart)

    Amazing player, better person
  11. Vikingpride

    1AA State Finals: Tarboro vs. East Surry

    The boys seem really focused . We’ve had back to back champs before but we’ve never had back to back undefeated champs. This group really wants to be the first to accomplish this.
  12. Vikingpride

    1A State Finals: Murphy vs. Pamlico

    Qb, and a sophmore back who can really play. Going to say Murphy wins by 14, but I’ll be pulling for our conference in this one.
  13. Vikingpride

    1AA State Finals: Tarboro vs. East Surry

    Our seventh title game in the past 11 seasons. What an honor!!