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  1. Would love to see Andy's friend Scott Brewer follow him up to Kannapolis. What a coaching duo that would be.
  2. Poplin is one of the best high school basketball coaches in NC. It's a grand slam hire for Kannapolis! I see Kannapolis winning the SPC and making a deep run in the state tournament next season. Only thing that can stop that from happening is Covid-19.
  3. Thanks Don. I guess you saw where Coach Klutz is stepping down as head basketball coach at Kannapolis.
  4. Don....Where do these teams play at next?
  5. 71K

    Daytona 500

    Glad Ryan is out of the hospital and doing well. He will skip Vegas and Ross Chastain will replace him in the #6 Ford.Hope he is back on the track soon.
  6. Our current enrollment will land us in 4A in the next realignment. Hello Charlotte again.
  7. 71K

    UNC basketball

    The NC Tar Heels lead the way with 4 McDonalds All Americans recruited for next season. Duke has 3 and Kentucky has 2. Look for a big turnaround for the Heels next season.
  8. 71K

    UNC basketball

    Anthony will be gone to the NBA next season.He is a guaranteed lottery pick in the June draft.The Tar Heels lost their top six scorers off last years team...three were 1st round picks in the NBA draft.I expected some rebuilding this season,but not the numerous major injuries to key people that have hit this team.This season is now a wash.Next season will be a complete turnaround.With the five recruits they have coming in next season along with the injured players returning I feel the Heels will be a contender for the final four next season.
  9. 71K

    UNC basketball

    Anthony will be a lottery pick in the June draft. Heels will go from not making the NCAA tournament this year to a final four contender next year.Roy has one of his best recruiting classes in many years coming in next season.Tar Heels will be back on top next season.Count on it.
  10. Kannapolis boys will play in the finals after winning over Davie County 69-54.
  11. Correct. With no senior class West Cabarrus will struggle to play above .500 next season. Now 2021 will be a completely different story with the entire team returning.
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    Huge win for Vance. Congrats
  13. Looks like Mount Tabor is leading Dudley in the 4th quarter. So it might be Mount Tabor heading up the mountain next week.
  14. Vargas gets TD pass to end the game. Game over. Wonders do not attempt the extra point. Final: Watauga 55 Kannapolis 27 Wonders finish the season with 8-4 record.
  15. Pioneers score on 13 yard run. Watauga 55 Kannapolis 21
  16. Pass to Vargas gets Wonders down to 5 yard like. TD pass for Wonder TD. Watauga 48 Kannapolis 21. 8:28 left in game
  17. Watauga QB Castle rushes it into the end zone from 3 yards out. Watauga 48 Kannapolis 14
  18. If Dudley wins tonight that should be a great matchup next week.
  19. Watauga gets the ball back and are driving again. Castle runs it down to Wonder 10 yard line.
  20. Pioneers QB Castle with four rushing TD's tonight so far.
  21. Watauga scores on 56 yard run by QB Castle. Watauga 41 Kannapolis 14
  22. 55 yard TD pass to Black. Wonders cut the lead to 34-14.
  23. Watauga scores on 4 yard run by Castle. Watauga up 34-7