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  1. 71K

    Blurred lines

    That's correct.The 3rd year of realignment is the year that the ADM's are used to determine the new classification of teams.So next years ADM's are very important.
  2. 71K

    #15 Kannapolis @ #2 A.C. Reynolds

    If Kannapolis stays away from the penalties and turnovers they have a chance.They will have to play their best game of the season if they expect to advance in the playoffs.It's probably a longshot,but I have seen crazier things happen.
  3. 71K

    Simmons Ratings - Bracket Projections

    Looking at the new ADM's......Kannapolis may be heading back to 4A in a few years.Not a good thing for the Wonders.
  4. 71K

    ADM's are out!

    Yep....The 3A West is going to be loaded with NWC dropping back to the 3A LOW bracket this year
  5. 71K

    ADM's are out!

    Northwest Cabarrus looks to be going LOW 3A.They actually lost 53 students this year which really blows my mind.1325 last year to 1272 this year.I thought that area of Cabarrus county was really growing fast.The 3A West bracket really looks tough with Catholic,Hunter Huss,and NWC. Then you have Havelock down east.This makes for some great games in the coming weeks.
  6. 71K

    Northwest Cabarrus at Cox Mill

    That's true,but Kannapolis was not in the SPC during Robinson's 1st title.Kannapolis was playing in 4A in Charlotte during Robinson's 1st title.
  7. 71K

    Northwest Cabarrus at Cox Mill

    Most playoff projections have NWC playing in the 3A bracket this year.Of course that is based on last years ADM's.NWC had 1325 students last season which put them in the 3A bracket last year.They were very close to being pushed up to 3AA last season.The Northwest part of Cabarrus county is growing very fast.Look for NWC student numbers to increase this year enough to push them up into the 3AA bracket.Hopefully the ADM's will be released in the next few days.
  8. 71K

    Kannapolis (5-5) at Concord (1-9)

    Ok.....I might make that one.Have to pull for Mount and coach Johns.Coach Johns is a class act.
  9. 71K

    Kannapolis (5-5) at Concord (1-9)

    Who is Mount playing Monday?
  10. 71K

    Kannapolis (5-5) at Concord (1-9)

    Kannapolis has been pretty dominate in the series as of late.Since 1978 the Wonders have a 28-13 record in this series.If you figure in the three playoff games that the two teams played during the 90's then Kannapolis leads 30-14 since 1978.
  11. 71K

    Kannapolis (5-5) at Concord (1-9)

    Hey..No problem. Good luck broadcasting the playoff games the rest of the year.
  12. 71K

    Northwest Cabarrus at Cox Mill

    Congrats to Northwest Cabarrus...SPC champs!
  13. 71K

    Kannapolis (5-5) at Concord (1-9)

    That's wrong! Starting in 1931 this series is tied 42-42-4. David Stancil did some research and said a few years ago that he found a game that was played in 1925 between Concord and Cannon High that Concord won.If you count that 1925 game then Concord leads by one game 43-42-4. Kannapolis has a 2-1 record all time against Concord in the playoffs.So if you count all games played between the two schools including the playoff games then the record stands at 44-44-4.It can't get no closer than that.
  14. 71K

    Kannapolis (5-5) at Concord (1-9)

    Jnaz Jordan,Darion Milborne-Lott,and leading tackler Justin Holsclaw were all out for the game.
  15. 71K

    Northwest Cabarrus at Cox Mill

    27-27……….Cox Mill and NWC are in overtime for the SPC championship.