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  1. I can't figure out for the life of me why Mcdowell is not more competitive in football .the only thing I can figure is they can't get the kids out. I know for sure McDowell countie has athletes .I'm wishing coach Brewer and the Titans the best of luck..now they may be more to it than getting kids to play.but I hope they get it figured out..it would be good for western Carolina to have a good 4a team...
  2. Ya Travis should be on the list of young coaches .he will be soon enough .I trust Chris on his list because he sees alot more coaches, than I ever will. ialways bring Joey Robinson up ever time Chris makes a list of top coaches just because what he has accomplished at Mountain Heritage you Mountie know how hard it is to win at Mountain Heritage it's not much easier at Mitchell. thru the years Mitchell seems to have a little more talent and usually have more kids come out for football. I often wonder if Mt Heritage and Mitchell were in better locations how many kids would want to move so they could play for one of our programs now we have had a couple kids come to Heritage from Mitchell could you amagine how much better Mitchell would have been if Zeb Vernelson had went to MItchell he was a beast..
  3. I agree about coack Teague from Readsville his team's don't beat then selfs and there defense is nasty and there offence is one of the most balanced I've seen .they play hard and the sportsmanship Readsville plays with is what inpressed me the most Mountain Heritage got beat to Readsville last to years by 7 points both games and both teams were coached about as good as you will see at the high school level .Reidsville never turned the ball over in neither game and Heritage only had one turnover late in the game in 2017 and one in the red zone in 2018.its almost impossible to beat Readsville if you can't force a couple of turnovers they just find a way to win and that's good coaching..
  4. What about the kid at Reidsville he has all the tools to be really good if he's the same QB Reidsville had last when they played MT Heritag last year he made 3 of the nicest throws you will ever see and could move well in the pocket .I can't remember his name but he was one good player.
  5. Im sure Joey Robinson is a little over 40 but he looks like he's about 35 .I've never seen a coach get as much as he does out of his players what he's accomplished at Mountain Heritage is a miracle this is not a easy place to win games we don't have the athletes that schools like Reidsville has but we sure did give them all the wanted last to season's losing by 7 both games..we as a community are proud to call Mr Robinson our coach and leader of out young men .Joey teachs these kids how to be secsesfull in life and how to be leaders our small little community are blessed to have Joey Robinson represent our community..He's a winner and plays the game to win its going to be interesting to see if we can keep our standard of being one of the top 2a teams again this year if you ask some of the players they expect to be really good .I would not bet against them..
  6. Mavrick69

    Hardest Hit

    I got knocked out twice in one game against Owen both times I was returning a kick and the next thing I remembered was being on the sidelines with the team doctor putting ammonia or whatever they used back in 1981up my nose. we Mt Heritage won the game and it was the first time Heritage had ever beat Owen winning that game was one of the best feeling I've ever had nothing no better than going to war with your teammates and winning..
  7. Mavrick69

    WNC Top 20

    I understand what you saying ,but just because you team is in western NC doesn't mean your going to get any media coverage from what I've seen a team such as Mountain Heritage was never heard of until we started coming down the mountain and winning some ball games .the bottom line is if you can field a great team no matter where you come from you will get the attention of media all over the state. even these blogs the teams that have the most support are programs that can win or at least be competitive in the playoffs .there is a team or two that pops up ever year I've never heard of and that's only because they have had a great season .look at all the teams from the Charlotte area that never get any media getting beat 40 to 0 to Mallard Creek sure want get you any coverage but bad coverage and that don't help a program. winning is all that matters in sports when it comes to the media.now that's just my opinion, not that it matters.
  8. Mavrick69

    Top 20 Preseason Power Rankings

    This is going to be an interesting season there is a lot of teams like Pisgah Heritage and Brevard that were very good last year, but lost a lot of talent especially in the trenchs where most games are won if these teams are going to be good this season they all better have some big boys stepping up. I'm wondering what kind of team Brevard will field this season they sure played some Damn good football down the stretch last season winning 3 strait road games and went to Reidsville and had them on the ropes, if not for a turnover that Reidsville took back for a TD they could very well been in the 2a title game..
  9. Mavrick69


    Well to be honest Heritage lost a lot of talent on both sides of the ball , but I do think this years team will still be strong up front and our defence should be solid .Neil at middle linebacker is healthily. he got hurt last year in our game against MItchell and it hurt us in the playoffs the only concern I have is who's going to carry the ball if we have and answer to that question we should be fine.I was thinking the same thing this time last year and it worked out pretty good for us ,but this is a new season and nothing. is guaranteed I'm expecting a dog right when the Warriors come to Burnsville this year as a Heritage fan .it feels pretty good to at least know we have a decent chance to competitive vs the Warriors .We sure did get out ass kicked for along time in this series and I hope we can keep on being competitive against Erwin all us Heritage fans have the upmost respest for the Warriors for keeping this Series alive it's really helped our program to strive to get better and Eriwin has the kind of athelites that we see in the playoffs and it really helps our program to play Erwin even if we get out butts kicked it makes our team better.good luck to a the Warriors this season us Heritage fans wish you the best...
  10. Hey Erwin fans and anybody else who wants to comment ,what's the outlook for the Warriors this fall ? I'm sure Erwin will have lots of athletes.they. always do ..I'm looking forward to seeing Erwin come to Mt Heritage this year I'm hoping it's a competitive game like last year .anyway I hope Erwin has a good year .last year's Erwin team was really good and I expect this year's will have a lot of potential ,but I would like to hear from some of you people that are Erwin fans and anybody else that has a opinion on the Warriors....
  11. Mavrick69

    Basketball State Championship games

    The future should be bright for Mt Heritage girls basketball we do lose some good players off this years team ,but we have a 5" 11 freshman that should start next year and we will not lose any of our guards too grarduation also our incoming freshman class next year could be overall one of our best we also have a youth league and travel ball that really have our kids prepared when they get to highschool and the support our little community gives our athletes is tremendous not to mention our great coach Susie Shelton she's a home grown gal that played 4 yrs at Mt Heritage I belive this is the 8th consecutive season with at least 21 wins for our Lady Cougars .I believe we have a good chance over the next few seasons to get another state championship but at the same time I know how difficult it is to win 6 strait playoff games.Thanks for all the support our gals received from all over the State.us as fans had a great year and got to witness some really good lady's basketball..
  12. Mavrick69

    Basketball State Championship games

    If Hanna Tipton grows a few inches she will play at a big College she scored 25 26 and 29 the last 3 games you can't keep her from getting to the basket and she never gets tired great athlete. I do belive that junior Hanna Ray has a very good chance of playing at a big School also she is taller and faster and her ball handling is great one thing some people don't know is just how good Farmville Central Girls were, man they had a good team and they were tall and athelitic Mt Heritage played a great game and was not intimidated Farmville coach said that most of the Girls on this team had never been beat before much less been behind by 15 in the 3rd quarter.the first half was some of the best Girls basketball I've seen in a while Mt Heritage wore there big players out in the 2nd half..Great Ball Game...
  13. Mavrick69

    Basketball State Championship games

    I watched the2a and 4a girls championship games and I believe Mt Heritage is ever bit as good as West Forsyth not trying to take anything away from West Forsyth Mt Heritage has a deep team .the team that impressed me the most of the 4 games I watched was South Center damn they are good...
  14. Joey Robinson ..words can't describe the job he's done here at Mt Heritage glad to see him get a little recognition from someone as knowledgeable as you Chris...
  15. Mavrick69

    Fourth round games

    My Heritage got down by 17 and rallied back to win 71 to 66 vs East Burke what a great game