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  1. 2013 Hendersonville at Mountain Heritage.It was Trey Robinson Freshman year.To this day I've never watched a more intertaing football game.Heritage blocked a field goal on last play of game to beat the Bearcats 46 to 43.neither team lead by more than 8 points .Also that was my first time getting to see Trey play.I thought this kid is tough as nails. My son and I set on Hendersonvilles side line they had brought a big crowd and it was fun to trash talk with there fans, you can meet some cool people at highschool football games
  2. They played the first game and Owen barley had a 130 yards for the whole game .You want to talk about injuries Heritage for the last 3 games have been without 3 of our best players and have several more starters that are playing with injuries .we lost our center for the year plus Shehan played tonight less than 3 weeks after having his appendix removed .we gutted out I could work and heard about it and you were traveling our last 3 wins.also this year's team is the youngest team I can remember at Heritage .non of us Heritage fans have even hardly talked about it,one thing us Heritage fans know is the furture is bright .We have a bunch of Sophmores on this year's roster and a bunch more that played jv only because Joey felt like they would benift more by playing jv insted of getting some playing time on JV there's not another team in our conference that can match that situation.So this crap about Heritage demise in the new future is nothing but wishful thinking.Our Freshman class and 8th graders has and abundance of good fast running backs and that's the one position that has overall been our weekest position compared to our line over the years were getting ready to have both positions on the same level and what we're going to do is line up and run it right down your back and they want be a damn thing nobody is our conference can do about it but make excuses.Plus we have the best coach and it's not even debateable.This years team was not one of our most talented teams we have had but they sure as hell are one of the toughest.these young men don't quit they grind and I'm as proud of this team as any team we have had at Heritage .These kids have worked hard and gutted our a successful season .we did not blow many teams out but we won all but one game so far and that's all that mattered plus we did absolutely shout down a good Mitchell team .That stomped ever body eles in our conference..Not being cocky just stating facts .you might not like the truth but I'm so tired of all the excuses of why we lost to Heritage.you lost because your team was not good enough to win.i don't have no axe to grind with any other teams fans I actually enjoy reading ever ones opinion everyone has there own beliefs and facts and that's a good thing nobody might not believe a word I wrote in this post but I believe it and that's all that matters to me.
  3. Not forgetting anything l played on the first Heritage team to beat Owen that was my junior year in 1982 .I believe it was Owens homecoming . There is one thing about this year's heritage team that's never decussed, is how young this year's team is only 14 seniors our of 43 on roster .I did not expect more than 7 wins this year,but my Cougars won some games on pure grit and toughness we have played about 4 games at a high level and 6 that we killed our self's with mistakes .that's what you get when you have a young team we lost all our starting linemen except for 1 from last years team not thats hard to replace.but if Owen has a chance beating us in the next 4 or 5 years they better do it friday night if not it for sure want happen for a long while.one of the teams over the next 5 years has a good chance to be our best team ever and our future line and especially running back position will be very good this is facts .I don't see Owen getting a bunch of transfers that would be there only hope and your problem Friday night will be a lack of depth and no running game .goodluck with that .I also seen on Max Preps where Owen gave up 550 yards to Avery how could that be
  4. Mavrick69

    No Class!

    To me it don't make sense to pay someone with an advanced degree more money for being in administration.It looks to me like we would want the teachers with advanced degree teaching our kids and getting more money to do it. I've not got no education ,but I can't think of a job at my old school, that I could not do . Expect for one and that is teacher.What ever it is these high paided administrators do it could not be as inportant as giving our children the best education the can get.If that's not the mission,were throwing our tax dollars away just like we do on most any government agency,
  5. Mavrick69

    Brevard 24, Smoky Mountain 6

    I think Brevard has a chance in this game .If you go by what's been going on all season ,just about ever time a team wins a game vs a really good Team .that same team turns around and loses to a good team the very next week.One thing that don't get much decussion is it takes a lot out of a team playing good teams ever week ,your team may be a Little better than the teams you are playing but it's hard to bring your a game every other weekend. week..I think besides AC Reynolds ,there is about about 10 teams in western NC that can beat one another plus ,you can't account for injuries that could happen earily in this game.I do believe Smoky is the favorite in this game,but they better not overlook Brevard...
  6. Mavrick69

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Coach Randolph gave the stats over the radio.he said Mitchell had 146 yards on 42 plays.. 3.5 yards per play .... 1 for 8 on 3rd down.. 2 turnovers......5 Penalities for 55 yards...Time of possession 16.09 Minutes Heritage' 336 yards on 65 plays for 5,2 yards per play..... 10 for 15 on 3rd down....1 turnover.....5 Penalities for 57 yards.....Time of possession 31.51 minutes......I could have sworn coach Randolph said Heritage' had 436 yards but he did say Heritage had 5.2 yards per play.i could have misunderstood him because 336 yards ÷ 65 plays = 5.2 yards per play...,, Great ballgame to all our young men from both teams ,I'm proud of how well both our Counties were respersented.. I heard someone say there was a little trash talk before the game.To me that's how your suppost to act.It gets the fans fired up,and it shows you got confidence.If our boys read these blogs, I'm sure that's what they think there suppost to do.we all do it.Kids learn good and bad from us. I guess at least some of us that post here are grownups..It's like everything else we all got and opinion..
  7. Mavrick69

    Hendo @ Smoky Mountain

    Thanks Redscare..The games at Heritage..Good luck to the Bearcats .I've got a feeling, your team wins this game..
  8. Mavrick69

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Bonecollector some of my very best friends are from Mitchell Countie.Some of the best times in my 53 years of living were in Mitchell countie..I have nothing but respect for the good folks of Mitchell Countie.but I have to admit I've enjoyed the last 4 years for no other reason than I can remember the time when we lost at least 7 straight to you guys.
  9. Mavrick69

    Hendo @ Smoky Mountain

    Redscare your sophomore #4RB is one of the best young backs I've seen in a while. Do you think we could negotiate a trade. Damn I would love to watch him carry the ball 30 times a game . We might could throw in a couple of our best kickers to seal the deal,, No joke that kid is going to be special. Good luck to the Bearcats Friday night ..
  10. Mavrick69

    Hendo at Polk County

    I'm taking the Bearcats 38 to 17.Now if Polk wins this game I would have say there program is getting back to we're it used to be..I sure don't dought Coach Ollis he's one of the best..
  11. Mavrick69

    Mtn. Heritage at Hendersonville

    Good luck to the Bearcats .If anyteam in the mountain6 over look the Bearcats based on this one game they will be in for a rude awaking.We just played a great game it's over with and on to next week..I hope Heritage can play close to the same level on defence this week.Our offence for sure has some work to do.
  12. I Think Chris has Mountain Heritage ranked in the right spot. If we can keep riding our no name defense the Cougars will have a great season. I did not expect our team to play this well this year just because we lost all our starting linemen,but one on offense. This years team is young but there playing some good football right now.
  13. Mavrick69

    East Surry at Reidsville

    I’ve seen Reidsville play last 3 years. I will tell you East Surry fans what it will take to beat the rams. 1st thing you got to bring a loud hell raising crowd to get behind your team. 2nd you have to be able to run the ball if you can average over 5 yards a carry and have around 200 yards on the ground you have a chance. 3rd you got to get major pressure on the rams OB. I’m saying you will need at least 3 sacks and make him rush his throws. 4th you got to win the turnover battle. 5th you will need some luck the rams are almost impossible to beat on there home field. Now I’ve not seen East Surry play as far as I know the Cards my be good enough to win this game. But if I had to bet I would take the Rams 30 to 21. I’m basing my prediction on Simmons rankings before Friday nights games. Brian has Reidsville at 24th in the overall state ranking and East Surry at 37.
  14. Mavrick69

    Mtn. Heritage at Hendersonville

    To be honest I was worried about this game. I thought we would win but I figured it would be close Hendersonville has a very good team this year plus this Heritage team is young on the line both offense and defense so that being the case I figured we would have trouble scoring. But a football game never goes how you think it will. Our defense controlled the game I think we forced 6 turnovers. This was a really good win for Heritage we beat a really good football team last night on there field. I’m proud of our boys and good luck to the Bearcats I would just about bet we will see you guys again in the playoffs
  15. Mavrick69

    Mtn. Heritage at Hendersonville

    Redscare I don’t know of anybody that thinks West Henderson is a bad team. When Heritage and Hendersonville plays it’s going to be a war. I think this has become one of the best rivalries in the mountains.I think the team that has the fewest turnovers wins. I was impressed with Hendersonville's skill position players,but if your line plays like it did vs Asheville your Quarterback will take a beating in this game.