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  1. Mavrick69

    Final CP 2A Power Rankings of 2018

    I know Brevard played one more game than Mountain Heritage and they did play well in the playoffs but there not better than Heritage and I do understand why Chris has them ranked higher but that's ok both teams had good years and I'm glad to see Brevard make a comeback when I played for Heritage back in the early 80's you did not want to play Brevard hopefully they can continue to have success in the future.does anybody know if Heritage and Brevard will play each other in 2019..
  2. Mavrick69

    Final CP 3A Power Rankings of 2018

    Good to see Erwin make the top 20 they had a great season if they can improve on how they play defense they will be a team to reacon with in the future..
  3. Mavrick69

    2A State Finals: Reidsville vs. Northeastern

    WMYA ON CHARTER is broadcasting this game at 11am.tomorrow is going to be a good day to watch football..
  4. Mavrick69

    Delano Little retiring

    Delano has done a great job and will be missed..
  5. Mavrick69

    4AA State Finals: Vance vs. Wake Forest

    Big defensive tackle for Wake Forest can really move to be well over 300lbs this is a good ballgame.
  6. Mavrick69

    3A State Finals: Charlotte Catholic vs. Jacksonville

    Remember Buster Douglas a 42 to 1 underdog to Mike Tyson its all about matchup and you don't know how you will respond to you get hit in the Mouth. good luck to both teams
  7. Mavrick69

    2A West: Reidsville 21, Mountain Heritage 14

    I agree 100 percent Joey is a great coach I don't think anybody expected MT Heritage to be an elite team this year but our boys played some damb good football I don't believe many people that post on here have a clue how hard it is to win ball games at MT HERITAGE we don't get the special kind of athletes like some schools do we have some really tough kids at Heritage I'm proud of what these boys accomplished this year and yes Joey Robinson is one of the very best high school football coaches I hope and pray he stays at Heritage I'm sure he's getting offers from other Schools could you amagine Joey coaching a team like Erwin with all the talent they have.I will say this about Joey you never here any fans saying he should have done this or should have done that nobody in Yancey Countie ever Questions what Joey Robinson does on the football field he is backed 100 percent by the people in Yancey Countie I've never heard a bad word said about the man and when we do lose a football game I've. never heard anybody blame Joey we all as football fans are lucky to have a man like Joey as our coach thank you Joey for what a damb good job you do as our football coach..
  8. Mavrick69

    2A State Finals: Reidsville vs. Northeastern

    I don't know much about Northeastern.but if I was betting. I would say Reidsville defence will be the difference in this game going to say the Rams win 30 to 26
  9. Mavrick69

    2A East Finals: Northeastern 47, SW Onslow 36

    I havnt got a dog in this fight but what is it about Northeastern that drives so many crazy ,it's not to bad here but the other site it's nothing but a pissing match not hardly one word about the matchup real football fans get tired of hearing the same carp over and over I'm thankfully that Chris don't let that nonsense go on here
  10. Mavrick69

    2AA West Finals: Shelby 28, Hibriten 21

    Nothing against Noter Dame but they will get the crap beat out of them las Vegas has the Irish as a 12 point underdog Clemson defence line will be to much
  11. Mavrick69

    2A West: Reidsville 21, Mountain Heritage 14

    Our quarterback was outstanding he touched the ball 71 times and did not make one mistake I wish we would have came out throwing the ball I was hoping for a shootout I figured we would lose a low scoring game also was Aumiller healthy I did hear his name called he had been one of our best receiver this year it also hurt us not having Mashburn but anyway I'm proud of our boys they played like men Friday night
  12. Mavrick69

    2A West: Reidsville 24, Brevard 21

    I agree 100 percent with your commit.the 2 best 2a teams played last Friday night and anybody who thinks just because Reidsville did not blow MT Heritage out that they are down this year is going to be in for a rude awakening .I like Brevard ,but they can't score enough points to beat Reidsville..I'm going Readsville 42 Brevard 13 now Brevard go prove me wroung
  13. Mavrick69

    CP Top 20 2A Power Rankings Following Round 3

    I totally get how Chris does these ranking at this point, but at the same time I don't see Brevard beating Mt Heritage and I also believe South Point should be ranked higher but I understand it's hard to rank a team a head of at team that's out of playoffs.Thanks Chris I appreciate all you do and I trust your ranking over any other ranking I've seen if you had got to seed these teams we would not see teams such as Pisgah and Randleman getting no1 seeds how in the real world is Randleman seeded above Reidsville or Pisgah above Hibriten..it don't make much sense to me...
  14. Mavrick69

    CP Top 20 1A Power Rankings Following Round 3

    Only complain I would have is how is My Airy ranked about Mitchell after losing to East Surry by 40 points ,and Mitchels only loses by 4 to the 4th ranked team, but I'm sure Chris knows more about it than me..
  15. Mavrick69


    High school football is the greatest of all sports and we all as fans need to keep doing what we can do to support our programs let the coaches and players know how much they are apperiated a simple thank can mean a lot...