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  1. You make your self look like a fool dude. You have zero knowledge on JHS that. Matters. Your Cinderella season ends Saturday there fan boy. Put the bottle down, go back to the barracks. JHS offense is decent not that great. Can't throw to save their life. Run two backs quick not blazing fast as you say. You swear they run 4.2 more like 4.7 4.8. CC by 24+
  2. Bout time you started talking the truth. Small slow linemen is right on key. JHS will get blown out CC by 24+
  3. LoL what? Did you just blow a head gasket. You just made zero sense. I've said many times jhs has a good team just playing a great team Saturday. It's okay to make it to the title game and lose. It's been 24 years for JHS so glad you made it. SWO has been to seven in last 20 years so glad you got your first. I love when JHS is decent compared to everyone's homecoming team
  4. LoL what dude. Put the bottle down. Weddington and Sun valley and Christian would be JHS by 20 as well. JHS offense is not very good. Just didn't play anyone all year besides Havelock period. Lost once and Cinderella comeback for one. This high octane offense only scored 7 on havelock first half? What happen
  5. Swo05

    West Iredell Alum

    Very confusing LoL
  6. You just predicted 42-28 score in my eyes that's a blowout. Then the next sentence you said won't be a blow out. Which is it? Just trying to understand, your confusing
  7. Congrats to this young man. Great player and better young man. He will sign with Oklahoma in a few days, during early signing period. First player from SWO since Kendric Burney (2005) to play in this game. Couldn't be more proud https://www.jdnews.com/sports/20181210/southwests-green-named-to-shrine-bowl
  8. Swo05

    1AA East Regional: Tarboro 48, Holmes 7

    Very true. Thought you were Holmes fan???
  9. Swo05

    2A East Finals: Northeastern 47, SW Onslow 36

    LoL good luck scoring that much on SWO. SWO Will bring the house and some more as for the fans. Should be packed and should be a good one
  10. Swo05

    3A East Finals: Jacksonville 41, Havelock 34

    JHS getting no love on here either. Will JHS get to their first title game since 1994 or will Havelock make their annual trip to the hill. Should be a good one. Good luck to both an hope Injury free game
  11. Swo05

    2A East Finals: Northeastern 47, SW Onslow 36

    Seeems like NE already went into hiding. Seems about right this time of the year Hope for injury free game and hope my long drive is worth it. Should be a barn burner. Can't wait Go Stallions. Put up or shut up time
  12. Swo05

    2A East Finals: Northeastern 47, SW Onslow 36

    LoL showing your true colors dude. Get a clue, NE won't blow out SWO promise you thats. I've got SWO winning in close battle
  13. Swo05

    2A East Finals: Northeastern 47, SW Onslow 36

    He has been backpedaling all year long. The guy is clueless to highschool football. He said northeastern would beat Mallard Creek early in the year, if that gives you an idea about his knowledge LoL
  14. Swo05

    2A East Finals: Northeastern 47, SW Onslow 36

    He won't be around after SWO wins this game. NE has been hyped for then last 15 years and never won anything. Their time will come Friday night, promise you that. NE team dad and water boy say it won't be close LoL it's the Eastern finals dude, SWO has been here done this. They will be ready to roll and smashmouth football at its finest.