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  1. Swo05

    Ashley football

    No hire yet that I've heard. Great school and city, but let's be real, never will be a football school. Most athletes in the area will go to Laney or New Hanover. Ashley is going out towards Carolina beach, which is 10-15 from most of the housing and neighborhood's that produce good football players, just the way it is. Whoever is hired will have their hands full to produce above average team.
  2. Huge risk with this hire
  3. To many candidates, I'm guessing. Def not staying in house to take this job. Maybe top five jobs in NC
  4. Swo05

    Hibriten ???

    NC will never be able to pay the coaches the way they do in SC. Congrats to hibriten coach, a lot will follow every year. NC has so much more money then SC, but for some odd reason never pay football coaches even close to SC. Will always blow my mind. NC builds coach's just to leave for SC when offered. I was trying to figure out how many NC based coach's have left for greener pasture in SC in the last ten years???
  5. Swo05

    Keion Crossen

    Northeastern part of the state is prob the worst part of the state for highschool football LoL I believe your correct, kids need to be helped more within the school system throughout the state. But talent in NE is not very good
  6. Just stop dude. You sound dumber and dumber every message. Chazz was done after his highschool injury. Coaching will be 10000000 times better. Hall of fame coach. One of the top assistant in the nation at DC and super bowl winning coach. Simple as that there young one
  7. Hall of fame coach there genius. All pro and super bowl winning coach. One of the top assistant in the nation as DC. Are you this crazy?
  8. Your correct state is terrible Horrible coaching, first off. Havnt won a big game or conference title since God knows when. Told their best player ever Russel Wilson he couldn't play so left. Simple, state fans are crying and pissing themselves as we speak!!! Mack is back
  9. How there young one. Everything is facts. UNC has always been the top school in the state, NOT IN FOOTBALL but education. You guys will see soon enough
  10. LoL what is the world are you even talking about there young buck. Who cares about Florida State? They hired a no body and wasted away a good 5 years. Back to UNC, yes state fans are crying and pissing themselves as we talk. Get off the couch and view their message boards LoL. Mack attack is back and will be a force in a year. UNC is the premier school in the state and will always be. They are top 15 for 2020 in recruiting. But okay keep talking about last year lol. Had no QB and no coach, can't win many games like that. Btw UNC all time record vs state is lopsided in UNC favor. Keep drinking that koolaide young one
  11. Mack is making some noise. He will own the state in a year. State fans are pissing them selves and crying on every message board around. Good time to be a heels fan!!!!
  12. First off congrats... I've been up here since 06 as well cowboy. What is bruh??? Not sure what your getting at?? SWO will always be in the mix for the title year in and year out.
  13. LoL what clown?? SWO beats NE 9 games out of 10. So would have SWO ranked 5 or 6. You do the math team dad
  14. Who was crying??? We win and lose with class. Something NE knows nothing about. Hence dumb ass fans on the visitor side at a home game chirping all game longggg. Get a clue there team dad. NE choked hard goes for players and coaches. NE will never be in the same conversation as SWO clown
  15. Asses handed to them? Damn dude act like you won a game before, oh forgot NE hasn't and won't for a long time SWO has won more titles then NE has been to eastern finals clown boy. Just stop, leave the bar, and go home to your toothless wife