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  1. Cassie

    2A State Finals: Reidsville vs. Northeastern

    If Freshwater keeps playing the way he has been then we'll at least have a shot. He's playing some inspired fb right now. ECU has hit the jackpot with him
  2. Cassie

    2A East Finals: Northeastern 47, SW Onslow 36

    Backpeddling? Does a bear $#!+ in the woods? There's your answer, spin it how you want to. Go Eagles
  3. Cassie

    2A East Finals: Northeastern 47, SW Onslow 36

    It's called confidence. Let's be straight, there is no love loss between these two teams or fan bases. Northeastern will be respected after Friday night. I stand firmly behind what I posted, Northeastern is that good. Win by one, win by 21, doesn't matter to me. I believe in this team and I believe in our coaches.
  4. Cassie

    2A East Finals: Northeastern 47, SW Onslow 36

    SWO beat a down WRH team and struggled to win against S Columbus. Just stop, your making yourself sound foolish
  5. Cassie

    2A East Finals: Northeastern 47, SW Onslow 36

    NHS is playing on another level, if there's a more fun team to watch play then someone would have to prove it. The Eagles limited undefeated Kinston to less than 40 yards of total offense. Kinston was moving backwards most of the game. The duo of Freshwater (ECU)and Baum (ODU) reaked havoc on the Kinston qb all night. I lost track of all the sacks and interception's we had. I do know Freshwater had 2 interceptions and he proved why he was so highly recruited and one of the top players in the state.
  6. Cassie

    2A East Finals: Northeastern 47, SW Onslow 36

    There's hardly any posters up here from the East. I'd post more frequently if there were other area posters. It's a shame because these moderators put a lot of time in on this site, more so than they do on ncpreps in my opinion. I post over there all the time because there's a bunch of Northeastern posters and our area teams such as Edenton and Bertie.
  7. Cassie

    2A East Finals: Northeastern 47, SW Onslow 36

    Northeastern played better than I've ever seen tonight. Freshwater took it to another level. I actually felt bad for the Kinston qb. He took a beating tonight. This definitely wasn't a repeat of 2015. These Eagles looked like champions out there.
  8. Cassie

    2A East: Northeastern 40, Kinston 0

    Great post, really nice read. I'm an Elizabeth City guy and believe me we owe Kinston one from 2015. The Eagles will hold serve and play the winner of WRH SWO next Friday night right here In Ptank county. This year's team is even better than last year's in my opinion. That's even after the loss of 4* Walker. Going to be a great game tonight. The stadium will be packed, crowd size will probably be around 3,000.Weather is perfect minus a slight chance of rain tonight. Let's go Eagles!!!! and my boys from Gates County as they play at Pamlico County tonight. Very good chance of the Red Barons taking out Pamlico tonight. Gates is flying under the radar but they are talented.
  9. Cassie

    1A East: Pamlico 47, Gates County 13

    I noticed Pamlico struggled against South Creek only to win by 3 while Gates County blew them out in convincing fashion. By looking at their schedule it doesn't look like Pamlico had that hard a road to go during their 1 loss season aside from Tarboro. I like Gates County chances a lot better now, and the advantage goes to Gates in a close game. I believe the winner of this game will represent the East.
  10. Cassie

    Call Your Shot: 2A East Playoffs Round 2

    Not sure we can beat Reidsville, but we are the best team in the East. That doesn't mean I don't think we cant lose because I know we are beatable if we have an off night. It happened last year when we played WRH, no way would should've lost but it happened.
  11. Cassie

    2A East: Northeastern 40, Kinston 0

    Northeastern 28 Kinston 24
  12. Cassie

    2A East: Kinston 21, Clinton 13

    You said Clinton by 21 and that Clinton would run the ball down their throats. That's what you said, not someone else. What happened? How'd that Smashmouth football work out,lol. Just like you said, it was a bad Kinston team.I'd hate to see how much a good Kinston team would've beat them by. Clown
  13. Cassie

    1A East: Pamlico 47, Gates County 13

    I will also go with Pamlico by a td just because they're playing at home. Earlier this yr Gates beat Hertford County who's in the 3rd Rd of 2aa now so they can play
  14. Cassie

    1A East: Pamlico 47, Gates County 13

    Gates is very well rounded team. They have a senior qb that likes to throw. They have a really good rb in Crandle. They have a 6'2 jr TE in Kalab Logan that has really come on strong and is making a name for his self, and like the previous poster stated their kicker Caleb Brickhouse is one of the best in the state. They both went with me to the Northeastern game the other day and had a great time watching the Eagles play Fairmont in the 1st rd. Caleb told me he was confident at 50 yards and was hitting from 50 plus in practice earlier that week.