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  1. Western highlands is wide open this season in my opinion. This should be mitchell year, but still think heritage has more athletes . Heritage, mitchell or even owen can take it.
  2. Joey Robinson in my opinion did his best coaching job with this team. I have follow him since he has been the coach at heritage, he has got better every year, notice last 2 seasons he is getting good at making halftime adjustments, 90 percent high school coaches suck at that.
  3. Coming in the season quarterback for heritage was big question mark. Got to give Randolph credit, he played great, got better every week. After watching his performance against reidsville kid is a baller.
  4. Should be 25 percent for all.
  5. ford2018

    Likely State Champion

    Remember last season on here you was saying reidsville would kill mh lol. We got cheated on the 2 point conversion, we would have won . How good is andrews lol
  6. Reidsville did not win the line of scimmage last year. Heritage has very athletic linemen.
  7. The mtn 6 top seed pisgah got beat by 16 seed powerhouse conf lol
  8. The reason stampede knows you dont attend games because you talk about missing games on here. Remember you did not attend the last mh and hendo game. As for stampede no one supports their team like him, win or lose he always backs them. Stampede come out to the pit and watch whc champs give hendo a beatdown?
  9. Stampede is right, kis has been off the team for couple weeks it's old news. Dont believe the hendo fan even keeps up with the team lol. As for the game it's going to be a major beatdown
  10. East will be able to move the ball on the rams defense. Would not be surprise east wins. Going with the rams 35-28
  11. ford2018

    1st round scores

    Not surprise pisgah got beat.
  12. ford2018


    Just dont see hendersonville making any noise in the playoffs. Sure hope they can Make a run.