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  1. That sounds all well and good, but there are some districts that give NO money to their district school's athletic budgets. Some districts only cover coaching salaries, with the schools held responsible for raising all revenue to cover all associated costs for running a program: uniforms, travel (mileage), officials, police/EMT, balls, etc. I don't understand why Endowment Fund money couldn't be used to help out schools. They provided money for an AED for each school several years ago. If an economic crisis/pandemic situation doesn't warrant a payment to schools, what on earth does? Why in the crap do we even have that massive fund if they are not willing to use it for member schools in a time of crisis?
  2. NWWatchdog

    Almost Baseball Time

    Take early polls with a grain of salt - 4A Reagan (which is loaded and return most everyone from their Western Regional runner-up finish to Mooresville) isn't even listed in that HSOT poll. Uwharrie will be a very good 1A team, returning most of their players from a State Championship team...but I just can't see them being better than some of the 4A and 3A teams they are ahead of.
  3. NWWatchdog

    Almost Baseball Time

    Several teams should have a chance in the 1A West. Uwharrie Charter is at the top of the list after winning last year's state championship and returning a ton of talent. North Stanly and South Stanly should be very good also. North lost several folks but return a stud pitch in Lowder. South returns most of their squad and most of their pitching. Cherryville and Lincoln Charter are always in the mix from the Southern Piedmont conference. East Surry and South Stokes should both have decent teams from the NW1A. Polk has had good teams the past few years and should be in a similar situation this year.
  4. I'm interested to see how the votes turn out when they release the actual results. We don't know if this is the case but IF the votes failed because of a lack of participation then a change in the process is needed. If that is the case, the NCHSAA should look at doing a quorum of votes. Only count the actual votes submitted rather than absentee votes automatically counting as a no. You would have to set a minimum percentage - normally 2/3. As long as 2/3 of the schools vote, then count the votes and base the outcome on only the votes that were submitted. If fewer than 2/3 of the schools voted, then don't count the vote - but automatically counting an absent vote as a "No" is wrong. If you don't care enough to vote, then you should have no right to B$#%&% and complain if things don't go the way you want them to.
  5. NWWatchdog


    Reclassifying mid-year would be horrible and cause a ton of complaints. Can you imagine having a football team play in 1 classification and have basketball or baseball get moved to a different classification? Whether right or wrong, there are already those who feel the NCHSAA has a lack of transparency on some things...this would cause even more consternation. I don't have a problem with reclassification on a year to year basis or even bi-annual instead of waiting 4 years. I hope that at least the 1st proposal passes, but I'm afraid it won't. Remember, any school who does NOT submit a ballot is an automatic "No" vote.
  6. NWWatchdog

    1AA State Championship: East Surry 56, Tarboro 28

    Thank you for the apology. Yes, there are other schools that probably do it and get by with it, but that isn’t the case here. I definitely wouldn’t want anyone unwarrantedly tainting the great accomplishment of those ES kids and coaches (whether intentionally or inadvertently). As for baseball, those in our community that know the new coach know he runs a clean program too and is above board like Coach Hall. Not sure where your contacts got that info from, but it just isn’t true.
  7. NWWatchdog

    1AA State Championship: East Surry 56, Tarboro 28

    Friend of yours is wrong, although as a lawyer I’m sure he’s used to telling his version of the “truth.” East Surry isn’t dragging anyone in. There are 2 football players who transferred in on their own, one 3 years ago and one 2 years ago. The one 3 years ago played little league basketball and baseball with all the ES kids for years and years growing up. On his own he left N.Stokes (who happened to drop their varsity Football team during that time). He sat out his entire sophomore year per NCHSAA rules and didn’t get to play anything at ES until his junior year. The other kid moved into the district and has played the past 2 seasons. All the other FB starters from this championship team have grown up in the ES community and have had significant success all along the way (little league football, middle school football, now high school football). As for baseball, East Surry has always had a strong program dating back to years that Barry Hall coached and continuing through the present. The only starter/significant baseball player in the program over the past 10 years who DIDN’T come through the ES community is the aforementioned kid who transferred in from North Stokes 3 years ago (who, again, sat out as a sophomore) and he didn’t become a regular starter until 1/3 of the way through last season. The other starters on those teams were all East Surry kids. You may want to get your facts straight before you start throwing out those baseless claims.
  8. NWWatchdog

    1AA State Championship: East Surry 56, Tarboro 28

    2nd time in this thread you’ve said that...first time you specifically called out ES football and baseball and put them in the same category with Uwharrie Charter’s recruiting and others. Care to elaborate and enlighten us Surry County folks with your insights and facts on this?
  9. NWWatchdog

    Thursday Night Western Final Scores

    If WSP were to get a decent defensive coordinator, watch out. Their offense and athletes were good this season. If the defense catches up they could have a very good year next year (pretty sure most of the offense is returning).
  10. I would respectfully disagree that there's a competitive balance at the 1A level (and it's creeping into the 2A level). Check out the state champions from last year at the 1A level - between all men and women's sports all but 6 were won by non-traditional schools (charters or private parochials). If there are not enough charters/privates to play FB then make them bump a classification. For all other sports they need to have a separate playoff for them.
  11. How about using the Charter&Private/1A/2A/3A/4A model. If that doesn't do enough to assuage the disparity between large 4A and small 4A, then have 6 classifications...but either way, the charters and privates/parochials need to have their own playoffs.
  12. NWWatchdog

    Playoff scores

    Are you implying that many at the NCHSAA have negative feelings towards charters/parochials/non-boundaried schools (or at least are sympathetic to the legitimate competitive imbalance they have created)? The NCHSAA and their board have a responsibility to look out for the best interest of their membership. No one is saying kick charters or non-traditionals out of the association - many are simply calling for them to either have their own playoff classification or to use a more fair model in determining their placement in the current playoff settings (like a multiplier based on population density). Let's be honest, a charter or an open enrollment magnet in an urban setting (or very close to an urban setting) may only have 300-500 kids, but the number of kids they are drawing from is SIGNIFICANTLY larger. I'm not even going to get into the recruiting aspect of it - not all non-traditionals recruit. The ones that do are good enough at it that they don't leave an evidence trail with enough substance for the NCHSAA to be able to take action. Just as the 4A playoff disparity needs to be addressed (schools with 1500 kids competing against kids with 3200 kids), the non-traditional v. traditional disparity needs to be addressed. As for the politics of it, the legislators may try to get heavy handed and overstep into the NCHSAA business. The NCHSAA is tasked with doing the right thing. If the elected officials act beyond that, that's on them (and could start drawing enough attention to cause voters to rethink some of their ballot choices in the future). I'm a firm believer in doing the right thing, even if others don't. Control what you can control - and the NCHSAA can control whether or not they address the obvious problem at hand.
  13. NWWatchdog

    Playoff scores

    We all know that there's an obvious problem in 1A but the NCHSAA doesn't want to address it. I honestly don't think they will touch the issue when they begin the "5th classification" discussion next year. There are 24 total championships that 1A schools compete in (both men and women). If I'm not mistaken, traditional 1A schools only won 6 of those championships (Tarboro in 1AA FB, Murphy in1A FB, Pamlico in Women's BB, Holmes in Indoor Men's Track, Murphy in Indoor Women's Track, and North Stokes in SB). A few of those 24 championships feature combined classifications due to low numbers - Women's Golf (1A/2A), Swimming (1A/2A), Men's Lax (1A/2A/3A), Women's Lax (1A/2A/3A/4A). Still, when only 25% of your state champions are coming from traditional schools and 75% are coming from charters/parochials/expanded-boundaried schools, there's a clear problem.
  14. NWWatchdog

    baseball preview

    In the Northwestern part of the state: Mountain Valley 1A/2A West Wilkes are the returning champs, dominating the 2018 conference season with a 13-1 record (21-5 overall). They should be the preseason favorite for the MVAC. The Blackhawks will be challenged by Wilkes Central, led by ECU commit Skylar Brooks. In the 1A teams from the conference, Starmount and East Wilkes look to be the top returning teams. East Wilkes advanced to the 3rd Rd of the state playoffs last year, but must replace Bryce Vestal. Starmount was junior dominant last year and should be very competitive with a senior led squad this season. Western Piedmont 2A Forbush are the returning champs, winning a very competitive conference with a 11-1 record (22-6 overall). They were challenged by North Surry (9-3) and Walkertown (9-3) last season and this season looks to see those same 3 teams battle for the conference title. Forbush returns Tallon Flynn (UNCA commit) while North Surry features Mason Gwyn (UNC Charlotte commit). Also keep an eye on Walkertown junior Corbin Lanowitz and West Stokes junior Jacob Mabe. Northwest 1A East Surry are the returning champs from 2018 (7-1 in conf, 23-3 overall). They will be led by returning senior AJ Wilson (ECU commit). The Cardinals will face strong challenges from North Stokes led by Jake Craddock (Belmont Abbey commit), South Stokes led by Shemar Dalton (NC A&T commit), and Mt.Airy led by Alex Hall (NC A&T commit) and Luke Welch (North Greenville commit).
  15. NWWatchdog

    baseball preview

    Looks like once again the CPC will be one of the best (if not THE best) 4A baseball conferences in the state. No off nights in that league. Reagan looks good for this year - but can you imagine them in 2020 with Hartle, Beal, and Boyd on the mound?!?! Unreal talent!!!