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  1. NWWatchdog

    Playoff scores

    Are you implying that many at the NCHSAA have negative feelings towards charters/parochials/non-boundaried schools (or at least are sympathetic to the legitimate competitive imbalance they have created)? The NCHSAA and their board have a responsibility to look out for the best interest of their membership. No one is saying kick charters or non-traditionals out of the association - many are simply calling for them to either have their own playoff classification or to use a more fair model in determining their placement in the current playoff settings (like a multiplier based on population density). Let's be honest, a charter or an open enrollment magnet in an urban setting (or very close to an urban setting) may only have 300-500 kids, but the number of kids they are drawing from is SIGNIFICANTLY larger. I'm not even going to get into the recruiting aspect of it - not all non-traditionals recruit. The ones that do are good enough at it that they don't leave an evidence trail with enough substance for the NCHSAA to be able to take action. Just as the 4A playoff disparity needs to be addressed (schools with 1500 kids competing against kids with 3200 kids), the non-traditional v. traditional disparity needs to be addressed. As for the politics of it, the legislators may try to get heavy handed and overstep into the NCHSAA business. The NCHSAA is tasked with doing the right thing. If the elected officials act beyond that, that's on them (and could start drawing enough attention to cause voters to rethink some of their ballot choices in the future). I'm a firm believer in doing the right thing, even if others don't. Control what you can control - and the NCHSAA can control whether or not they address the obvious problem at hand.
  2. NWWatchdog

    Playoff scores

    We all know that there's an obvious problem in 1A but the NCHSAA doesn't want to address it. I honestly don't think they will touch the issue when they begin the "5th classification" discussion next year. There are 24 total championships that 1A schools compete in (both men and women). If I'm not mistaken, traditional 1A schools only won 6 of those championships (Tarboro in 1AA FB, Murphy in1A FB, Pamlico in Women's BB, Holmes in Indoor Men's Track, Murphy in Indoor Women's Track, and North Stokes in SB). A few of those 24 championships feature combined classifications due to low numbers - Women's Golf (1A/2A), Swimming (1A/2A), Men's Lax (1A/2A/3A), Women's Lax (1A/2A/3A/4A). Still, when only 25% of your state champions are coming from traditional schools and 75% are coming from charters/parochials/expanded-boundaried schools, there's a clear problem.
  3. NWWatchdog

    baseball preview

    In the Northwestern part of the state: Mountain Valley 1A/2A West Wilkes are the returning champs, dominating the 2018 conference season with a 13-1 record (21-5 overall). They should be the preseason favorite for the MVAC. The Blackhawks will be challenged by Wilkes Central, led by ECU commit Skylar Brooks. In the 1A teams from the conference, Starmount and East Wilkes look to be the top returning teams. East Wilkes advanced to the 3rd Rd of the state playoffs last year, but must replace Bryce Vestal. Starmount was junior dominant last year and should be very competitive with a senior led squad this season. Western Piedmont 2A Forbush are the returning champs, winning a very competitive conference with a 11-1 record (22-6 overall). They were challenged by North Surry (9-3) and Walkertown (9-3) last season and this season looks to see those same 3 teams battle for the conference title. Forbush returns Tallon Flynn (UNCA commit) while North Surry features Mason Gwyn (UNC Charlotte commit). Also keep an eye on Walkertown junior Corbin Lanowitz and West Stokes junior Jacob Mabe. Northwest 1A East Surry are the returning champs from 2018 (7-1 in conf, 23-3 overall). They will be led by returning senior AJ Wilson (ECU commit). The Cardinals will face strong challenges from North Stokes led by Jake Craddock (Belmont Abbey commit), South Stokes led by Shemar Dalton (NC A&T commit), and Mt.Airy led by Alex Hall (NC A&T commit) and Luke Welch (North Greenville commit).
  4. NWWatchdog

    baseball preview

    Looks like once again the CPC will be one of the best (if not THE best) 4A baseball conferences in the state. No off nights in that league. Reagan looks good for this year - but can you imagine them in 2020 with Hartle, Beal, and Boyd on the mound?!?! Unreal talent!!!
  5. NWWatchdog

    1A Boys Teams in the West

    Prep is good but they aren’t as good as they’ve been in pst years. You may want to give Bishop McGuinness a look as they will give Prep a legit challenge in the NW1A this year.
  6. NWWatchdog

    What Goes Around Comes Around

    No one EVER said losing a key player didn’t hurt. It’s not 40pts worth though. Boaz injury hurt ES, but it wasn’t the reason they lost by 40. If he finishes the game they still lose to Tarboro. The score difference could possibly have been 1-2 scores less or it very well could have ended up the exact same. Since the season is over you may want to take some time over the next few weeks and watch the movie Frozen. Pay attention to one of the songs in the movie...”LET IT GO, LET IT GO!!!”
  7. Wait, I thought you were done posting things this year? Oh well, Congrats on your “revenge” TD. Glad you will finally be able to get some rest.
  8. Definitely not a Bear hater. Pretty sure anyone who has viewed my posts here or on the other site know better. Just stating how uncalled for it is to say injuries are the only reason ES won last night. It is what it is though. Everyone is sorry that you’ve had a rough week, but don’t start with the “everyone is out to get me or pick on me” stuff. That’s what got folks riled up on the other site. Just because someone offers a different opinion or disagrees with you doesn’t mean they are out to get you. Hope you have a good Christmas and New Year. Good luck to your Bears in basketball and as they start preping for football next year.
  9. One player not playing and one playing at about 60-70% do not account for a 40 point difference. Surely you can’t honestly think he’s a 40pt player. Did Greene’s absence help ES? Absolutely. He’s very good, but he isn’t 40 points good. Heck, go back and look at game 1 when he only had 10yds receiving. The Bears only scored 31pts in that game and had to score at the last second to come back and win. My main point was that your “praise” of ES was ingeniune...saying it took Swain injuring 2 Bears in order for ES to beat MA. If you can’t offer praise without implying that ES couldn’t have beaten MA otherwise, then keep your “praise” to yourself.
  10. Don’t start that crap about Swain giving ES a win by injuring 2 players. Did it impact MA’s performance - absolutely. Is Donovan Greene worth 40 points??? NO!!! MA still had plenty of weapons and the Cardinal defense played excellent last night. In your other post you commented that ES was only up 7-0 at halftime...they should have been up more. Their offense missed on several open plays and couldn’t start clicking until the 2nd half. When Edwards took the MA fumble 70+ yards for a score to put ES up 14-0, the game was over. MA’s body language showed it all, they were dejected and the Cardinal momentum kept getting bigger and bigger. If you want to give ES a compliment they deserve, that’s fine. But don’t come on here with backhanded compliments, implying the Swain injuries are the only reason they won by 40 points. It makes you look ignorant.
  11. NWWatchdog

    North Rowan Closing

    Any idea if this will go into effect for 2019-2020 or will this be a longer process?
  12. I understand what you're trying to say, but if you don't have a winning record how can you legitimately be considered the #2 seed for the entire western bracket of the playoffs??? Starmount's losses to ES, MA, WS, and Ashe are legit...they shouldn't have lost to EW or Forbush. Win both of those games and no one has an argument - you're 7-4 with your only conference loss to 2A Ashe (who is 10-2 and moving on to Round 2 in the 2A playoffs). You bring up the Forbush loss - Forbush is bad. East Wilkes also isn't very good. Plain and simple, a team with a losing record should never be on the "1 seed" line hosting a home playoff game. It makes the entire system look like a farce.
  13. Really like this idea...it makes solid 2A conferences with the MVC, WPAC, and Central Carolina. This would also allow a solid NW1A Conference of MA, ES, Elkin, Starmount, East Wilkes, Alleghany, and probably Millennium Charter. 1A Stokes County schools (N.Stokes and S.Stokes) would get the shaft being stuck with Prep, Carver, Bishop, NCLA. I don't see the Davidson Co. folks wanting to give up their County Conference, but you never know. Over the past 10-15 years the state has tended not to break up conferences that were happy with their arrangements unless absolutely necessary, so if the Davidson folks protested then I doubt this would happen.
  14. The problem with the split conferences isn't that they give automatic bids to each classification, it's HOW they seed them. Look at the 1AA west bracket where a 5-6 Starmount team is seeded #2 overall only because they were the top 1A from their conference. There needs to be some sort of rule in place that if you don't have a winning record you can't receive a #1 seed from the conference. You can be an automatic qualifier, but not a #1 seed (which places you above teams with better records, including head-to-head wins).
  15. It’s not realigning the 1A’s that’s the problem, it’s realigning the 2A’s. If you make the 1A conferences that you suggest, you would have to make 2A conferences with the remaining MVAC 2A members & WPAC members + possibly N.Forsyth (could be dropping to 2A). I’m sure N.Surry, S.Central, & Forbush would rather combine with W.Wilkes, N.Wilkes, Ashe, W.Central rather than Atkins (could be 3A), Walkertown, N.Forsyth, and West Stokes. If the state combined the MVAC 2A’s with the Western WPAC members, that would leave 2-3 Winston Salem schools with no where to go. Most likely scenario is keeping MVAC as 1A/2A, WPAC as 2A, and adding Carver, Millenium Charter, and possibly NCLA to the NW1A to make a horribly weak conference in most sports!